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Recycling Shredded Paper

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Waste Bin Full of Shredded Paper

Now that you have shredded all of you important papers, you may be wondering how best to recycle all of those bits and shreds. This is a guide about recycling shredded paper.



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Question: Getting Rid of Shredded Paper

What do you do with your shredded paper? Do you recycle it? Compost it? Burn it?

By Donna


Most Recent Answer

By Krista Shackleford08/07/2011

If you have babies, use it in the stinky diapers. It may make it stink a little less. Get the smallest shred cut available. That way no one would want to try to reassemble it.

Question: Recycling Shredded Paper

Can shredded paper be put in with regular recyclable paper? Maybe put in a paper bag and stapled? Or does it need to be thrown out with regular trash?

By Peggy Jean


Most Recent Answer

By HerkDia [28]05/03/2012

We can put shredded paper in with the recycle items in a plastic bag just that they request a large X placed on the bag (we use the black garbage bags) so they know it is to recycle and not for the regular trash.

Solutions: Recycling Shredded Paper

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