Remedies for Cat Allergies

If you find that you or a member of your family are allergic to your cat, it can be a big problem. This guide is about remedies for cat allergies.

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What do you do if you are allergic to cats and your neighbor has one?

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Don't touch it, don't let it in your house. If you visit the neighbour, sit on a wooden chair (not covered with fabric) and take your allergy pills with you, just in case. Some cat owners are very conscientious about the hair, others, not so much. If the owner visits you and has cat hair on hands, face or clothing, perhaps sit outside or ask that person to sit on a wooden chair and not touch your furniture. If you're the kind of person who likes to hug favourite people, avoid hugging your neighbour (and explain the reason). If the cat is let loose and prowls in your yard, first ask the owner to keep the cat on a leash and - depending on your relationship with the owner - if your neighbour refuses, buy yourself a water gun (the strong kind used by kids playing at the lake) and shoot the critter with water: the cat will get the message to stay away from your yard.

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If someone in your family is allergic to cats, you can still have a cat! Stop the allergies by bathing the cat once a month. My daughter is allergic to cats so we got a kitten and started bathing her once a week for several months, then we slowed down to every other week, then only once a month after a while. I've done this with several cats. If you start them out young, the kittens don't mind the water at all and will just relax and enjoy their bath. Believe me it really does stop cat allergies. This is backed up by research from universities.

It's usually the cat's "dander" that causes most allergies. Just make sure the water is warm but not hot (I used my elbow to gauge the temp like you would for a babies bath) and start at the cat's bottom and move to the front. Be extra careful when you wash their sweet little heads and keep the soap out of their eyes. I recommend a "no tears" shampoo for their heads. If you have a spray nozzle attached to your sink, it's a bonus, otherwise use a small pitcher or cup.


By Cyinda from near Seattle

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Removing the carpet from the house will take away the biggest problem with dander. My husband is pretty much cured since we removed the carpet a few years ago. We went from going to the emergency room very often, to using his inhaler only about once a year.

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Severe allergy where eyes water, throat affected can be helped with Pantothenic acid, a part of the B vitamins. Name escapes me but popular author who wrote "You are What You eat". O D a tad as it will pass off in the toilet if your body does not absorb all. Relief in 20 minutes. My neighbor had some really good response with her cat allergy. She had visited a home. Their cat was removed to another part of the house but my poor neighbor suffered an allergy attack that was pretty severe. I did not try this as I have not the allergy. what have you got to lose? Try it.

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I am in the process of buying a townhouse but the previous resident had a cat or cats in the home and my daughter is allergic to cats. How can I throughly clean the house so my daughter doesn't end up having allergy attacks or asthma attacks? I am wondering whether it is worth it to buy this home if I have to invest in a lot of money just to clean it before we move in. Thank you.

Maria from Las Vegas, NV

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My husband's allergist told us that cat dander can remain in a home up to seven years! I don't know if it is true; but I suspect if all carpets and upholstered surfaces were removed, and everything else thoroughly wiped down, (including ceilings), it might be OK.

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My daughter is a severe asthmatic and is highly allergic to cats. While she had a 6 week stay at National Jewish Hospital (which is an asthma research hospital in Denver,CO) I was told not to purchase a home where the previous owner had cats. There is no way to fully remove the cat dander from the residence no matter how well it is cleaned. They said that the dander lasts for years and years. ~Janette~

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Clean your ceilings and then paint them with a good quality paint. I have grandchildren that are allergic to cats and was told that the cat dander will settle on the ceiling. Hope this helps.

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I'm allergic too, and asthmatic, and I moved into a flat where the previous occupants had cats. And you could tell from the smell. :-(

I had to be very thorough in cleaning and vaccuming all the carpets and stuff, but I've been fine. It's a while ago now, but I think I just took Benadryl (the only allergy tablet that works for me, you can't get a generic) for a while until it was clean enough.

If you really want to do it properly, wipe down every surface you can. Do a room at a time so you don't get overawed with the task, start with the ceiling and work down, and keep the door shut.

You could build this in with decorating which would make sense as often you use a sugar soap solution to wipe down all surfaces before painting.

If you can afford it, rehome the carpets and buy new or varnish the floorboards and use rugs that you can stick in the washer. Give the old carpets away on Freecycle, there's always someone who will gladly rehome that type of thing. Then you don't even have to feel that guilty about throwing good stuff out!

Seven years here, and I've had more trouble with hayfever! (As I'm pretty much in the countryside) Don't give up hope!

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I have 3 cats, I can pet them no problem, but if I sit where they've sat I start to itch. I break out in little bumps that really itch. Please help me.

By Betsy

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Pantothenic acid. It is part of a B vitamin. In a book written by (I forget name at the moment) a very ahead of her time lady. She wrote "You are What You Eat". This works on severe cat allergy where throat closes, eyes swell and all that jazz. She says to O D just a little. It passes on through if your body does not grab it.

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I recently took in a kitten that needed a home. I have a best friend whom I love very much. But I didn't find out she had allergies to cats until recently. Now she doesn't want to come over anymore. Is there something she can take that is not a drug, so her allergies won't bother her when she stays over? Please help!

By Suhaylah

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The best thing for your to do if you want your friend to visit is to ensure that you vacuum everything and frequently. Make sure your cat is in the other room when she comes. Medication will help your friend for only so long. I find when I take allergy medication it seems to drive my allergy into my lungs. Making me sick with bronchitis or a chest cold. You may just have to visit your friend at her house. Just make sure you didn't touch your cat that morning as the dander on your clothes can affect your friend.

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