Removing Mildew from Carpet

A stubborn stain and odor on a carpet can be a challenge to remove. This guide is about removing mildew from carpet.

Cleaning mildew from carpet.
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I read suggestions on mildew removal and read that mildew is mold. If I treat the carpet area, (vinegar, baking soda, and antibacterial gel,) and the smell goes away, does that mean I am safe? Have I only deodorized or is the mold really gone? No smell, no worries?

By Jeff

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I don't know about the thoroughness of mildew removal in a rug. However, if you are using vinegar, baking soda , and antibacterial gel, none of these should be used at the same time. Vinegar and baking soda will neutralize each other if used together. And I have no idea what effect they would have on the antibacterial gel, but I wouldn't use them at the same time as it either. When I clean mildew off a shower curtain, for example, I just wash it in hot water and detergent. Usually that removes the mildew. I would start with a steam cleaning and shampooing of the carpet.

I also think that Deeli's suggestions about checking the floor and underlay are wise. If there is only mildew on the surface, shampooing might do the job on its own. Then I would go for the disinfectant. Either vinegar OR baking soda are good deodorizers.

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I spilled a bucket of water and Pinesol on the carpet. We have deep cleaned the carpet and it is still wet and now smells like mildew. How do I get the mildew smell out?

By Jennifer

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Pour straight white vinegar all over the affected area. Let sit overnight and then thoroughly dry the area by blotting with towels and blowing a fan over it until it's completely dry.

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We have a air conditioning unit in our window and it leaked water and we did not know it. Now we have mildew on our carpet, how can I get rid of it?

Gogo from Louisville, KY

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Nothing on earth kills mold, mildew, fungi, metal tarnish like good old olive leaf powder. Sprinkle it on carpet, let it sit a while, brush it in if you choose, and then vacuum it up! The olive leaf is one of God's greatest, all purpose creations, with a multitude of uses, far beyond just food!

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I would like to know how to remove mildew from carpet.

By Phyllis

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You can try using a vinegar and water solution in one of those rental carpet steam cleaners. The vinegar shouldn't affect the colour of the carpet but will kill the mold and the odor.

Use it instead of the shampoo they try to sell you, but do get the de-foamer and follow the directions if you have never used a steam cleaner on your carpet. Otherwise you'll be working far too hard to get the residue of the previous carpet cleanings out!

So you'll first do the de-foaming, then the vinegar and water (half and half), then the rinse. Should work, post your results, please?

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I had my shag carpet "professionally" cleaned 3 days ago. Some areas are still damp and now have a mildew smell. The "technician" hasn't returned my calls. What can/should I do?

The shag carpet was not my choice, we are renters.

By Wendy from Bay Area, CA

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You could go to the office and insist on talking to the owner of the business. Even if they make excuses why you can't talk to him, at the very least, once the technician heard what you were up to, he would probably call you and try to resolve the problem because he wouldn't want to get in trouble with his boss.

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What cleaning products can I use with my steam cleaner for my mildew carpet smell problem?

By Cheryl

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I received this information from a mold specialist. Best advice is to remove the carpet however if not sprinkle borax over your carpet. Borax kills mold. This is best to do before you have a problem but will help with controlling your issue and rid your smell. Let the borax sit for a while, walk on your carpet or whatever small particles will sink down into your rug and for those with out a problem keep you from getting one and those with a problem help to kill your mold problem. After at least 15 min vacuum it up, the more in your carpet the better. Still the best advice is to remove the carpet.

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I would like information on removing mildew odor from carpet. Thanks.

By divagirl50 from Holland, OH

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I would like to know how to remove the mildew smell out of my carpet. It was caused by a water spill. Thanks.

By Brian from Bakersfield, CA

Removing Mildew Smell From Carpet

Listerine and water in a pump spray bottle will disinfect the area and get rid of the smell! (02/26/2010)

By Monique63

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We moved into a brand new town home about 2 months ago. About a month ago, we started to notice a cat urine smell in one area of our lower level. The smell kept getting worse, but we could not find the source of it. About a week ago, it got so bad that we could not stand it anymore, so we sniffed around until we found it.

We have a one year builder's warranty, so I called him. They found and fixed a leak in the adjoining unit into our home and on the floor. The smell was coming from standing, stagnant water under the carpet and padding. They pulled up the carpet in the corner of the leak and cut out the wet padding.

We can no longer smell the odor around the whole house, but the carpet surrounding the area still smells. I am concerned about mold and mildew, but the builder thinks that it will be fine if we have the carpet cleaned, and does not believe he needs to replace it. Not sure what to do.

By Michelle from Kansas City, MO

Removing Mildew Smell From Carpet

Years ago I fought a similar thing and about lost all my hair before an old lady neighbor told me her secret for most smells in carpets and rugs. Baking soda solution sprayed onto the carpet till damp (not wet)! Use two tablespoonfuls in a quart of warm water, shake until dissolved. Place in spray bottle and treat carpet. Can be repeated weekly till smell is gone. DO NOT use on wool carpet as it will remove colors! Hope this works for you too! (01/15/2010)

By Anonymous

Removing Mildew Smell From Carpet

Take this builder to small claims court for the cost of new carpet. Likely it won't get that far and he will settle. It will only cost you about 30 dollars to file and when you win, and you will, he has to pay the filing fee. Don't wait. He thinks you will give up. Serve him with papers. (01/18/2010)

By Ann Parker

Removing Mildew Smell From Carpet

I am an installation manager at a carpet store. Your carpet will not get any better. You may need to contact a restoration company such as ServiceMaster to treat the sub-floor and carpet for the mildew. The existing pad needs to be replaced after the sub-floor and carpet are treated. If the smell remains, the builder should be liable for the repairs since it was caused by an adjoining unit. Do not let your warranty expire before you take care of this! Keep on the builder until it is taken care of completely! Take care of it ASAP. Good luck! (01/18/2010)

By vickster

Removing Mildew Smell From Carpet

I am voting for a call to the Better Business Bureau to see if they have any suggestions. You are going to eventually have to replace the carpet due to health reasons (black mold being one of them), so take care of it before more time passes. (01/18/2010)

By cookwie

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How do you get rid of mildew smell? Is it good to be inhaling it everyday? We have the smell coming from our carpet in the office. It rained and got soaked, so now it smells.

By Janice from HI

Removing Mildew Smell From Carpet

Nope, not healthy at all. If it smells like mildew it is MOLD and it will make you sick. Even if you don't have allergies, it can make you start to have reactions, such as burning eyes, coughing, headache, runny nose and fatigue.

The only solution is to rip the carpet up and throw it away and fix the leak. Let me guess, the building you are in has a flat roof? I cannot for the life of me understand why they build buildings with flat roofs. Why can't they put a slight slope? It surely can't be THAT expensive. School buildings are the worst. (11/19/2009)

By sweetie6116

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What can I put on carpet that has been wet and now stinks?

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We have fairly new wall-to-wall carpeting in our living room. It is thicker pile called "California Berber", it is only about three years old.

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