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Removing Permanent Ink (Sharpie) from Metal

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Permanent Ink

The good news with regard to removing permanent marker from a metal surface is that it is easier to remove Sharpie from nonporous surfaces. This is a guide about removing permanent ink (Sharpie) from metal.



Here are questions related to Removing Permanent Ink (Sharpie) from Metal.

Question: Removing Sharpie from Metal

How do you remove red Sharpie from a brass doorknob?

By joshnoodle from Mauldin, SC


Best Answers

By Lisa [1]10/18/2009

I haven't tried it myself, but read recently that if you go over permanent marker with dry erase marker, then rub it off with the dry erase brush both marks will be removed. Good luck.

Best Answers

By Cajun [55]10/06/2009

Alcohol or denatured alcohol should do it.

Question: Removing Sharpie from Old Tin Lunchbox

How should I go about removing Sharpie from an old tin lunch box without removing the paint?

By trinityk


Most Recent Answer

By Michael C.07/22/2015

Just a suggestion try clean the marks off from the inside. Tin should be thin enough for the derutent hot water wax. Which they use for cleaning spray paint off walls. Thanks for your hits and tips.

Solutions: Removing Permanent Ink (Sharpie) from Metal

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