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Removing Super Glue From Granite

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Kitchen with granite countertops.

Granite is a durable and attractive stone used in many modern homes today, and while it can stand up to most anything, removing super glue without causing damage can be challenging unless done properly. This is a guide about removing super glue from granite.



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Question: Super Glue on Granite

I was helping my daughter with a project for school that involved pasting a bunch of stuff to a paper pumpkin. Well, I decided to go with Gorilla or Super glue to make sure it stuck. We put the paper pumpkin on the granite countertop to dry for a few days and when we picked it up, we saw spots where the glue seeped through the paper. It looks as though it actually dried out the granite. How do I get this out? Please help!

By Stacey from Merritt Island, FL


Most Recent Answer

By Jayme Morrison- P.01/08/2014

Steamer! Hand held steamer will work safely and quickly.

Question: Removing Super Glue On Countertop

What can I use to remove super glue from my granite composite countertop?



Most Recent Answer

By jellybeans64 [1]09/29/2014

Test a small spot with acetone on a cotton ball. This may do the trick. Just be sure you test a hidden spot firsthand.

Solutions: Removing Super Glue From Granite

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