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Removing Tire Stains from Clothing

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bicycle tire

Tire and materials made of them can leave marks on clothes. This guide is about removing tire stains from clothing.



Here are questions related to Removing Tire Stains from Clothing.

Question: Clothing Stains by Tire Chips at Playgrounds

My daughters playground uses tire chips instead of sand or pebbles. My daughter comes home everyday with black marks all over her clothes, especially the knees of pants and even on her coats. I am not having luck getting these stains out. I've tried lots of items from the store! Any ideas? I am tired of all her clothes being stained!

Becky from IL


Most Recent Answer

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]10/29/2006

My daughter goes to a private school which uses shredded tires on the playground. I don't consider it to be a real bad problem but one day she did come home very dirty and the knees of her blue leggings were stained. I asked the teacher and she said probably it happened because the day before it had rained. What I find more aggrevating is how these little pieces of the tires end up sticking to her jackets, sweaters and sometimes are all over her socks as they seem to get in her shoes. It's not that easy to remove and I don't like spending my time doing it!

I don't know that I can do much about it other than to ask that they change her into old shoes and socks ea day for recess.

I buy a lot of my children's clothes at garage sales and altho I think they look nice and I look for the nicer clothing items, I don't feel as bad if clothes get stained, torn, etc. My kids are young and well kids will be kids. I do however understand what you are going through and that would make me mad to have so many nice clothes ruined!

Question: Removing Tyre Black from Cotton Pants

How do I remove tyre black from cotton long slacks?

By R Pringle from Sydney, Australia


Most Recent Answer

By jkwoodward01/04/2015

I used the customary method of removing oil based paint by applying mineral turpentine to polyester trousers using a cotton bud, but then needed to momentarily soaked the area with turps for the heavier fabric. When nearly dry sprayed with Sard stain remover and gave a warm machine wash, black paint was gone.

Solutions: Removing Tire Stains from Clothing

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