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Removing Tree Sap from Your Pet's Fur

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A dog sitting near pine trees.

Tree sap can be tough to remove from your pet's fur. This is a guide about removing tree sap from your pet's fur.



Here are questions related to Removing Tree Sap from Your Pet's Fur.

Question: Sap In Dog's Fur

I have a yellow lab that constantly gets tree sap in her hair. I can usually get the big chunks out with a comb, but there's always a residue that is left behind and collects dirt. She has sensitive skin. What can I use to remove it? Anyone?

Tammy from Sisters, OR


Most Recent Answer

By Tahloolabelle [36]10/23/2008

I read the suggestions, grabbed my dog, olive oil & a comb. The dried sap was out in about 8 seconds! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Question: Tree Sap in Cat Fur

I built a cat run under pine trees that ooze sap after pruning. How can I get the sap out of the fur without having to shave the cats? Will the sap stop after a time?

By G. Grant from eastern shore MD


Most Recent Answer

By MJ in NH05/25/2015

I used a little bit of olive oil and rubbed it into the sap. It dissolved the sap in about a minute, and the vet said olive oil isn't toxic. Use a little warm water and Dawn dish detergent to clean it off.

Solutions: Removing Tree Sap from Your Pet's Fur

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