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Removing Tree Sap from Your Pet's Fur

A dog sitting near pine trees.

Tree sap can be tough to remove from your pet's fur. This is a guide about removing tree sap from your pet's fur.



Here are questions related to Removing Tree Sap from Your Pet's Fur.

Question: Tree Sap in Cat Fur

I built a cat run under pine trees that ooze sap after pruning. How can I get the sap out of the fur without having to shave the cats? Will the sap stop after a time?

By G. Grant from eastern shore MD

Most Recent Answer

By Cheryl07/24/2012

Peanut butter is your best bet. Rub it all in the sap covered fur, then wash that out with Dawn dish soap. The fur should then be clean and soft, with no sap and no grease. Good luck!

Question: Sap In Dog's Fur

I have a yellow lab that constantly gets tree sap in her hair. I can usually get the big chunks out with a comb, but there's always a residue that is left behind and collects dirt. She has sensitive skin. What can I use to remove it? Anyone?

Tammy from Sisters, OR

Most Recent Answer

By Tahloolabelle10/23/2008

I read the suggestions, grabbed my dog, olive oil & a comb. The dried sap was out in about 8 seconds! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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