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Repairing Scratched Eyeglasses

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Eyeglasses That Need Repair

Scratched eyeglasses are a real nuisance and make it hard to wear the glasses you need. Repairing the scratch will help you see better and your glasses will look nicer also. This is a guide about repairing scratched eyeglasses.


Solutions: Repairing Scratched Eyeglasses

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Tip: Armour Etch For Scratched Eyeglasses

My glasses (polycarbonate lenses with anti-glare coating, no other coatings) were ruined when I got brake cleaner on them. They looked like they had tiny scratches and dots all over the lenses (like shiny spiderwebs), to the point that I couldn't drive at night with them.

I found out about Armour Etch, printed out a 50% off coupon, and went to Michaels craft store for a 3oz bottle - $6.50 total. After removing the lenses from the frame, I put a nice thick layer on both sides of each lens, just gently dab with a Q-tip. The goo is abrasive so don't rub and scratch your lenses.

It took 2 times at 5 minutes each. I don't see why you couldn't leave it on for an hour or more. After washing them off, they are like new, other than a couple deep scratches. This will not magically get rid of deep scratches. It only gets rid of the scratched/crazed coating on the surface.

By Dude

Tip: Repairing Scratched Eyeglasses

If your eye glasses get scratched, take them back to the place where you got them and have them buff the scratch out. Why spend money on something that you really don't know will work. Worse you might ruin an expensive pair of glasses. Chances are your shop will not charge you or if they do it won't be much.

By Lilac from Springfield, MA

Tip: Aluminum Polish for Removing Scratches On Plastic Lenses

I think the use of Armour Etch to remove the antiglare and scratch resistant coatings has been said enough about. Plus it's on YouTube. It worked for me on my PLASTIC prescription glasses with metal frames. It did not hurt frames and will not damage plastic frames either, from what I've seen on YouTube.

But if your glasses or sunglasses are all scratched up and they DON'T have any of that antiglare or scratch coating on them, here is a good way I got rid of all the scratches (not gouges). If they DO have the coatings on them, dont use this!

Buy a buy a little jar of MOTHER's MAG and ALUMINUM POLISH from most any hardware. I found mine at AutoZone Auto Parts about $5.00. Sounds scary but believe me, it will get scratches off not only eyewear but radio displays, watches, just about any plastic.

Just wash your glasses with warm soapy water. Make sure they don't have any grit on them to scratch them worse. Use a very soft damp cloth and get some polish on it and rub it on. You might want to stir the polish/paste first if it looks like it needs it. Keep plenty of it on your cloth and just keep rubbing hard for awhile then wipe it off with clean soft cloth.

You may have to repeat this several times until the scratches are gone. And mine were shiny as new and scratch free. I don't post anything that I have not tried myself. Does sound strange that a Mag or Aluminum Polish would work on glasses but it worked great for me and theres lots of other uses for it too.


    By Raydioed [1]

    Tip: Buffing Scratches out of Polycarbonate Eyeglass Lenses

    I've read most of the suggestions, but here is what worked for me. I got my polycarbonate lenses with the AR coating at Walmart. As most of the tips suggest, the most likely cause of your scratches are due to scratches in the AR coating. Deciding I could live without the coating, I went whole hog and attacked the problem with gusto!

    I have a Dremel tool with a polishing disk. I had some Mcguires cleaner/wax which I assumed had a small amount of abrasive as part of the "cleaner" part of the formula.

    I cleaned the lenses with dish soap and water several times and dried them with a clean cotton cloth. Next I rubbed a liberal coat of the wax on the lenses with my clean finger tip. Set the dremel tool to a medium speed and began to buff the lenses with a circular pattern. The scratched area cleaned right up and I could tell it was the AR coating that was the problem. Once the scratches were gone, I just continued to buff the lenses, applying more wax as I went until I could tell all of the coating was gone. Presto, no more scratches and I actually liked the lenses without the coating better!

      By Jeff K L. [1]

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      Question: Removing Scratches from Prescription Eyeglasses

      I spilled super glue on the lens and tried to clean with warm water and soap using a sponge. This made it worse. Can I remove this scratch easily?

      By Joey


      Most Recent Answer

      By Ace [4]01/23/2014

      I had heard to try white toothpaste. Apply it in circular motion. Couldn't hurt to try.

      Question: Removing Scratches from Glasses

      My cat got to my glasses since I left them out of the case (the one time) and I have only had my glasses for barely a month. I am a bit annoyed because I can actually notice the scratches and it's just bothersome. (I have learned my lesson, do not leave glasses out of glasses case before going to bed, I know now). I have read a few posts on the internet:

      "Lenses that have a protective or non-glare coating cannot always be buffed enough to remove the scratches without also removing the coating."

      "Some scratches may reside in the lens coating, not on the lens; these cannot be buffed out."

      "Buffing with anything abrasive means removing material surrounding the scratch(es) to level the surface. This can change the shape of a lens, making it less effective."

      I really love these glasses (they are from Walmart) and the thing is, we don't have the kind of money to go buy another pair and besides, that would be a waste of money anyway. So should I just deal with the scratches or is there a way to get rid of them without having any of the above happen? Advice is very much appreciated and thank you for reading, sorry for this being so long.

      By Rachael G.


      Most Recent Answer

      By Ann [1]05/28/2011

      Did you try taking them to Wal-Mart & asking them? Lots of times they will fix minor problems for free. If it's not minor they could at least tell you how much to fix them.

      Question: Repairing Scratched Eye Glasses

      Has anyone ever used "Scratch Out" (a product to remove scratches from CDs) on plastic lenses?

      By Barbara

      Most Recent Answer

      By MsKitty09/27/2015

      "Scratch Out" hasn't worked for me on anything I've used it on...including Eye Glasses!

      Question: Repairing Scratched Eyeglasses

      How do I repair scratches on eyeglasses?

      By Kathy from Haleyville, AL

      Most Recent Answer


      I have only had my progressive glasses for 3 months, but they already have some scratches on the lens. I believe that I scratched them by using a t-shirt to wipe them clean. : ( I do have the non glare coating. I have noticed a big difference with the non glare coating, I really like it. If I use the ideas posted here, will that take all the coating off?
      As to the warranty, Binyons offers only 30 days.

      any ideas?

      Question: Scratch Repair Product Left Lens Streaky

      A scratch repair product made my lens seemed streaked or like they had lines in them. Is there anyway they might be saved now?

      By Suzie

      Most Recent Answer

      By Chelsea A.06/30/2015

      I used cpr lenses on my glasses and they are ruined. What can I do?

      Question: Removing Scratches from Glasses

      I am looking looking for info regarding how to remove scratches from eyeglass lenses. I read about it, but do not remember the name of the product. I think it came from Michael's craft store. Any info or help would be greatly appreciated.

      By saving4me

      Most Recent Answer

      By Christie [4]03/30/2012

      Try white tooth paste, just a tiny bit rubbed in a circle. The optical places should sell a spray that will cover mild scratches.

      Question: Removing Scratches from Plastic Sun Glasses

      I have plastic UV sun glasses. They were very costly ones, so I would like to know about how we can remove the scratches.

      By M.G. Karunanidhi

      Most Recent Answer

      By Doxielvr307/10/2011

      It is possible that white toothpaste (not gel) if rubbed in circles on the lenses may help.

      Question: Coating Coming Off of Sunglasses

      Coating Coming Off of Sunglasses

      I borrowed my boyfriend's sunglasses, but the tint is coming off. They are the type that look like cop glasses. Is there anything I can do at home to fix the tint? I really need to know. He is getting them back tomorrow and he can't know about the damage.

        By vtorivix [1]

        Question: Repairing Scratched Eyeglass Lens

        My glasses lenses are badly scratched. How can I repair them?

        By Sandy from FL

        Question: Fixing Scratched Glasses

        How can I remove scratches from my glass eyeglass lenses?

        By Susan W.

        Question: Removing Scratches from Sunglasses

        How do I get those pesky scratches out of my good sunglasses?

        By Rusty

        Question: Scratched Eyeglasses

        Is there a repair for scratched eyeglasses?

        By L Blake


        Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

        Archive: Repairing Scratched Eyeglasses

        How do you repair scratches on eye glasses? I have scratches in the glass and they are deep. Can I get a home remedy? Maria


        I use cigarette ashes.Cover scratch with ashes, rub in good with fingers, for a few minutes. Then wash good water. May need to repeat. I have used this method for years. Cigar ashes do not work. (02/21/2007)

        By Jan, Suring, WI

        Archive: Repairing Scratched Eyeglasses

        Does anybody know how to remove scratches from eye glasses?


        Archive: Repairing Scratched Eyeglasses

        I just read here that Armor Etch will remove scratches on eye wear. I have just a plain pair of glasses (no anti-glare coating). But they do have transition lenses. They're only three months old, but already have a couple scratches on one lens. Will Armor Etch work on these scratches, or is it just for lenses that have the anti-glare coating?

        By jmju from MN

        RE: Repairing Scratched Eyeglasses

        Amour Etch is a cream to add frosting to glass, permanently. You may be thinking of Amour Coat that is for tires and dashboards, that is pretty oily. Don't take a chance, go to the place where you purchased your glasses to get them looked at, they can fix them. If you aren't near the original place you purchased your glasses, go to a near one, even a mall usually has a Lens Crafters or such. Replacing a lens that you ruined from trying something that can't be reversed is too expensive. (06/19/2009)

        By OrahLee

        RE: Repairing Scratched Eyeglasses

        Here's something you probably already have: rubbing compound. Remember when we used to do our own cars. The polishing compound (the white stuff) doesn't work as well, but the ocher colored rubbing compound with a little bit of rubbing takes it right off. I'm assuming we're talking plastic lenses, that the scratches are in the anti-reflective coating, and that you can get along without the coating. You can get along if you can now see again. (06/21/2009)

        By H.L.Taylor

        RE: Repairing Scratched Eyeglasses

        After reading many of the postings here and noting the reference to hydrofluoric acid as the active ingredient in Armour Etch, I remembered that automobile wheel cleaner had HF in it as well. I looked at the current ingredients in several bottles of wheel cleaner I had in the garage and did not find HF; the current active ingredient is ammonium bifluoride and/or ammonium fluoride, both of which are somewhat safer than HF. I removed both lenses and sprayed the wheel cleaner on them, using a plastic container lid to keep the liquid contained. I let it soak for about 5 minutes, rocking the lenses occasionally to maintain liquid on all of the surfaces, then rinsed them with water and dried them. It worked very nicely at removing the myriad of minor scratches I had. (09/11/2009)

        By 68Bevr

        Archive: Repairing Scratched Eyeglasses

        Can toothpaste be used to remove scratches from eye glasses?


        Archive: Repairing Scratched Eyeglasses

        How can I fix scratches on my plastic eye glasses lenses?

        By Michael from Hyattsvilee, MD

        RE: Repairing Scratched Eyeglasses

        If your eyeglasses are less than two years old most optometrists will fix them free. Good luck. (09/29/2010)

        By yoder178

        RE: Repairing Scratched Eyeglasses

        I too suffered from annoying and clouding scratches on my eyeglasses. Reading these posts motivated me to believe that the coating was the culprit. I also read a post saying that headlight repair compound (Auto-Sol) could help. I happened to have some of that stuff for headlights, and I tried it. My lenses were much worse, and they had much more scratching in them. Then I bought some Armour Etch, figuring that I had nothing to lose at that point. The Armour Etch worked really well, and now my lenses look like new again. I recommend it! (10/02/2010)

        By hudgek

        RE: Repairing Scratched Eyeglasses

        Finding myself with scratched lenses and damaged frames, I was resigned to buying a new set of glasses. I couldn't find my prescription, so it looked like I was in for the whole nine yards (to the tune of about $400). Looking around for an alternative, I came across this website and decided to try Armor Etch. Result: my lenses are vastly improved (not perfect, but almost). On the frames, I bought a new exact replacement titanium set online for under $100. So now I have the equivalent of new glasses for less than 1/3 the price! (02/17/2011)

        By cessna182b