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Repairing Tears on Microfiber Furniture

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Microfiber Sofa

When furniture fabric is torn, fixing it can be a challenge. This guide is about repairing tears on microfiber furniture.



Here are questions related to Repairing Tears on Microfiber Furniture.

Question: Repairing a Rip in a Microfiber Couch

I have a microfiber couch that has a rip in the seat cushion. The hard part is the cushion is attached to the couch and won't come up so I cannot just put a piece of fabric under it. Any suggestions for what I can do? Also what should I use?

By Kristen


Most Recent Answer

By NINA [3]08/20/2013

Go to this website and see if it helps.
http://homemakersguidetothegalaxy.b ... ow-to-repair-tear-in-microfiber.html

Question: Repairing Tears on Microsuede Furniture

How do you fix a tear in a micro suede couch?

By Michele from Columbus, OH

Question: Repairing a Tear on a Microfiber Sofa

I have a microfiber couch which has two small torn places, close together. How can I patch it without it being noticeable?

By Ratmomma from Knoxville, TN

Question: Repairing a Hole in a Microfiber Couch

My dog chewed a hole in my microfiber couch. How can I repair it? The tear is a little smaller than a baseball.

By nlhargrave from Orange, TX


Most Recent Answer

By Joseph Weipert07/06/2009

Just wondering if you found out a way to repair your hole because our bulldog just did the same to our couch. Thanks either way for the help.

Question: Repairing Tears in Microfiber

I need help repairing small tears in a microfiber sofa.

Crystal from Lexington, KY

Most Recent Answer

By Elaine S. (Guest Post)01/23/2009

Nothing available that just told me what I wanted to know. Plenty of suggestions as to where I can purchase velvet and even how to sew it when making up a garment but NOTHING on how to repair a tear.

Solutions: Repairing Tears on Microfiber Furniture

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