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Cleaning Ink on Microfiber Furniture

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Removing an ink stain on microfiber furniture is generally successful if you use the right product and method. This is a guide about cleaning ink on microfiber furniture.


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By 2 found this helpful
March 9, 2010

How do I get ink (black) out of my brand new microfiber sectional couch without harming it?

By Cody from Salt Lake City, UT



March 12, 20100 found this helpful

My daughter colored on my micro fiber sofa with a black sharpie, I got it out (all of it)with a tooth brush and 409 and blotting with paper towels. it took a little effort but it came out. Love my micro fiber there has not been a stain I could not get out. Only wish my carpet was the same way. Good Luck

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April 1, 20110 found this helpful

I want to thank everyone for their suggestions on how to get ink out of the microfiber couch. We just purchased a brand new set and while we're paranoid that the little ones will ruin it, I accidentally got ink on it. I knew my husband would flip (he wasn't home at the time) and I ran online and came across this website. I had read that rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer would work, so i was getting ready to try that until somebody suggested a baby wipe. I pulled one out and began rubbing the ink spot and it came right out!! So thank you, thank you, thank you! You're a lifesaver.

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January 10, 20140 found this helpful

On our medium brown microfiber couch, my son saturated(!) black ballpoint pen in several spots - probably about 8 inches in diameter total. It came right out with aerosol hair spray rubbed in with a dry white cloth. Amazing!

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November 5, 20140 found this helpful

I just made a 1/2 inch ink line on my micro suede (microsuede) couch. This page came up first on google. After reading the advice, I ripped a small square off the cleansing wipe I have in the bathroom and dabbed the ink line. It came out almost instantly with no effort. Looks like nothing ever happened.
Thanks Thrifty Fun. I'm going to browse your site now.

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December 12, 20150 found this helpful

thank you so much!!! i used the baby wipe
and it worked like a charm!

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January 18, 20061 found this helpful

How can I get ink out of my microfiber sofa?

Marjorie from Staten Island, NY


There is a cleaner just for microfiber that we received from Rooms to go when we purchased our furniture but you can also get it from bed bath and beyond. You just place the cleaner on there an rub it out with a towel, it should disappear. I wrote on the couch accidentally while writing thank you notes, it came right out.

Post by amy (Guest Post)
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December 20, 20090 found this helpful

I have a microfiber couch, my granddaughter got purple marker on it, the company I bought it from told me to use baby shampoo to clean it. I have tried that and also tried a small amount of alcohol, but neither of these is bringing the marker off, any suggestions? Please help.

Thank you.

Shar02822 from Cynthiana, KY


Ink on Microfiber Furniture

We spent $3000 on a microfiber sectional and recliner 9 months ago with our tax return. My 2 year old got up the other day and found his brother's pens for school and colored on every cushion of the couch, love seat, and wedge with a blue ballpoint pen. We tried the cleaner for heavy soiling that Sofa Mart gave us as part of the warranty and it didn't do anything. A baby wipe lightened it with a lot of scrubbing, but didn't make it go away. We didn't have any rubbing alcohol so we tried some Germ-x and that got rid of a line so hubby went and bought a bottle of 91% alcohol (probably works better than the standard 70% that used to be all you could buy, the 91% has a red label due to its flammability).


That got it up with minimal scrubbing. I gave all the cushions a once-over with the Sofa Mart stuff once I got all the ink up with alcohol and when everything was dry I couldn't tell where a single line had been and I was looking hard. Thanks to everyone for the info and tips, you have saved my furniture and possibly my marriage since hubby was sitting on the couch "watching" the 2 year old while he did it. The pic shows the difference in one of the cushions, you can even see a wet spot where we'd been trying to get it off. (11/02/2009)

By DixieKGirl

RE: Ink on Microfiber Furniture

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March 9, 20100 found this helpful

My son colored our cream microfiber couch. I heard Windex will remove ink, but how do I go about cleaning it? Scrub with a washcloth? Blot?

By Tonya from Spokane


Ink on Microfiber Furniture

Always blot. Spray and blot. Safest approach to remove anything. When you see progress, you might try rubbing a spot about half the size of a fingerprint and watch results. Rubbing can grind stain, ink, etc. into fibers which are twisted into thread and woven into fabric. Think about removing a stain from the middle of a rope or piece of yarn. (02/04/2010)


Ink on Microfiber Furniture

  1. Test your microfiber sofa for colorfastness first by dabbing a bit of either rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer onto an inconspicuous part of your sofa.

  2. Dampen a portion of the cloth with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer.

  3. Rub the stain with the dampened cloth, working from the outside in. When one section of your cloth becomes dark with ink, dampen another section with more rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer and continue until the ink is removed.

  4. Blot out the rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer with a dry portion of your cloth or a new cloth.

    Tips and Warnings

    You can substitute clear vodka for the rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer. The key is the alcohol, so any product containing mostly or all alcohol will do the trick so long as it's clear. If you don't work from the outside in on your ink stain, you run the risk of spreading the stain further.
    Good luck. (02/04/2010)

    By Robyn Fed

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February 4, 20100 found this helpful

How do I clean a spot made by a ball point ink pen on microfiber furniture? What should I use to clean that spot?

By Miri


Ink on Microfiber Furniture

I used the hand sanitizer, and my couches are now ink-free! My stupid guardsman 5-year warranty plan doesn't take ink out of the couches. What's the point of paying all that money? I thought that was disturbing.

My 21-month old daughter decided that paper wasn't enough to write on so she somehow got a pen instead and wrote on my couches. I used the hand sanitizer after being fed up with these warranties and it took it right off, with a little elbow grease though. At least I don't have to pay a fortune to do it. Thanks guys! (01/06/2010)

By gladia1985

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September 23, 20090 found this helpful

I have a microfiber couch, my granddaughter got purple marker on it, the company I bought it from told me to use baby shampoo to clean it, I have tried that and also tried a small amount of alcohol, but neither of these is bringing the marker off, any suggestions? Please help.

Thank you,

Shar02822 from Cynthiana, KY


Ink on Microfiber Furniture

My daughter got ink on our microfiber furniture and my mom told me to spray small amount of hairspray then rub it with damp cloth or dry one. It came right out. (10/11/2006)

By Becky

ink on microfiber couch

My boyfriend purchased a cream microfiber couch and chaise, our roommate's son got black ink on it. After reading that rubbing alcohol works I went to try it, but realized I didn't have any. So I grabbed my original Purell hand sanitizer and put it on a Q-tip and rubbed it on there. It worked like magic. (11/26/2006)

By Chelsea

Ink on Microfiber Furniture

My daughter somehow gets an ink pen sometimes and marks our microfiber couch. Baby wipes work wonders and have gotten many a stain out. You may have to scrub for a bit, but it will come out. Be patient. (02/24/2007)

By Theresa

Ink on Microfiber Furniture

My 3 year old niece and 2 year old nephew wrote all over my beige microfiber couch with an ink pen. I removed it with hairspray. I used a damp wash cloth and squirted the hairspray on the washcloth and it came right out. (04/18/2007)

By Rebecca

Ink on Microfiber Furniture

I read the articles on this site for removing a pen mark from a new sofa. I looked around and did not find any rubbing alcohol in the house. So I tried Sally Hansen's nail polish remover. I dabbed it on a paper towel and rubbed off the mark in gentle circular motions. It is like it was never there and the fabric is still the same at that area. This method is easy and affordable. (06/09/2007)

By simz

Ink on Microfiber Furniture

My Son drew a happy face on my chair with a black ink pen. Wife was not happy at all, we used "La's Totally Awesome" all purpose cleaner from the Dollar General. One cap full and no more happy face. (07/22/2007)

By Obou

Ink on Microfiber Furniture

Try carpet cleaner. (09/29/2007)

By Taylor

Ink on Microfiber Furniture

Anything is supposed to come off of a microfiber sofa with a basic alcohol solution. When we bought our sofa, the salesman wrote our phone number on one of the cushions with a ball-point pen and then cleaned it off with the solution in a spray bottle and a terrycloth towel. We were sold.

If alcohol solution does not work, try Mostenbocker's (can be found in the cleaning aisle at Home Depot). There are several different Mostenbocker formulas, I've used #3 to successfully remove dried, red nail polish from a white down comforter. It's a little labor intensive, but it's amazing. I've also used another one of their formulas (#7?) to remove melted chewing gum from the cloth upholstery in my car. Their cleaning products are second to none. (01/07/2008)

By Rebecca

Crayon & Ink on Microfiber Furniture

I used the Purell Hand Sanitizer and it took both crayon and ink stains off of our sage microfiber sectional. Thank you for whom ever discovered this. You saved me a lot of money by not having to call a company to come out and clean my sofa.

FYI: I have a friend who swears that a teaspoon of regular Woolite Laundry Soap mixed with a small spray bottle of water works too. She had Crayola Marker stains on her microfiber sofa. The marks all came out and her sofa looks brand new. She just sprayed a small area and softly rubbed the spot with a soft cloth. Hope this helps someone else. (07/23/2008)

By Courtney W.

Ink on Microfiber Furniture

Just any hand sanitizer will not work, I did not have any Germ-x or Purell, but did have some from Bath and Body Works and it did nothing, So it's off the the grocery store for the above. (03/29/2009)

By scubajoe

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March 12, 20060 found this helpful

I have a sage green microfiber love seat. I have some small blue ink streaks on it.

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