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Replacement Parts for the Vadalia Chop Wizard

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Vadalia Chop Wizard

Finding parts for a kitchen tool can sometimes be a challenge. This guide is about replacement parts for the Vadalia Chop Wizard.



Here are questions related to Replacement Parts for the Vadalia Chop Wizard.

Question: Small Cube Cutter for Vidalia Onion Chopper

I ordered a Vidalia onion chopper (Vidalia Chop Wizard) when they were first on the market, but at that time, they didn't have the small cube part. Can I just order that small cube cutter?

By fbs


Most Recent Answer

By Nightsong [33]08/05/2012

I also got one with just the larger cutting grate. I found hat it does real well to cut the onions or whatever once. Put them in another bowl. then cut again . This gets the pieces real small. I once cut 20 pounds of onions for a church function and it didn't take much time at all. My sister had one with both grates an I tried to use the smaller one and found it hard to push down.

Question: Ordering Replacement Part On-line for Vidalia Chop Wizard

I purchased a Vidalia Chop Wizard at Linen N' Things. I am on my second base of the unit. I love it though. I broke the hinges off chopping cauliflower. I have ordered replacement parts before, my question is can I order on-line instead of mailing in a re-order form. It would be much simpler, and faster. It is a great tool for chopping veggies for pizzas and salads and I use it a lot.

By Kathy from WI


Most Recent Answer

By Judy Katsma12/29/2010

I had the same problem so I did a search on ebay and found a listing for parts

Question: Replacement Cleaner for Chop Wizard

I lost my little tool that cleans the groves on the lid of my Vidalia Chop Wizard. Where can I buy another one?

By Paula

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]02/08/2015

You might try to contact the company:

Question: Vidalia Chop Wizard Container

My Chop Wizard plastic container cracked. Where can I get another one?

By Stella R.

Most Recent Answer

By J'Marinde [5]08/17/2014

Go to Google and type in search Vidalia chop wizard replacement parts.

Question: Chop Wizard Replacement Parts

My small cutter broke. Where can I buy another one?

By Janet

Most Recent Answer

By lakshmidurga50012/27/2014

My small cutter broke. Where can I buy another one in India (Vijayawada)?

Question: Replacement Dish for Chop Wizard

I need to replace the plastic dish that holds the chopped items. The dish got cracked.

By Gary

Question: Replacement Parts for Vidalia Chop Wizard

broken partThe top portion of my Chop Wizard hook was broken while using. Where exactly in India/Bangalore it is a replacement available?

By Pcs rao from Bangalore, India

Question: Replacement Parts for Vadalia Chop Wizard

Can I get just the bottom part, on the second one? I need the bottom. The hinge broke off the bottom that catches the food.

By Pauline H.

Solutions: Replacement Parts for the Vadalia Chop Wizard

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