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Saving Money on Milk

This is a guide about saving money on milk. Depending on your family's needs and your storage facilities, there are a variety of ways to save on milk purchases.


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October 10, 20080 found this helpful

Tips for saving money on milk as suggested by the ThriftyFun community.

Organic Lasts Longer

If you don't use much milk, try paying extra for organic. The shelf life is incredibly long!

By Chris

Buy From The Source

For me here, we just go to the farm, and pull a five gallon pail out of the bulk tank. We pay the farmer once a year and just keep record of what we take.

It is MUCH better than any store milk. And if the dairy is clean, there is little or no danger of getting sick. Much less danger than getting powdered, watered down and tainted with Melamine.

By Damian

Buy Milk On Sale And Freeze

This money saving tip saves me so much money. My family doesn't like drinking powdered milk. So to save money. I have a big freezer and when milk is on sale. I buy a LOT. I pour a little off each gallon into the milk bottle in the fridge and then I freeze the rest. when the milk in the fridge is getting low I just go to the freezer and pull out what I need. It takes about 24 hours for it to thaw. I just set the bottles in the sink and when they are almost completely thawed I put them in the fridge. I am never out of milk this way. Try it, you'll save lots of money on milk.

By Suzanne

Freeze Portions In Freezer Bags

We rarely use milk, it usually goes sour so now I freeze 2 cups in freezer bags, so I have it when needed. The milk is fine, not watery at all and I buy the 2% in the least expensive brand.

By Minymont

More About Freezing In Jugs

I was raised on frozen milk. The plastic jug expands. You do not have to open it and pour any out. Just freeze it, set it in the sink until it starts to thaw. Be sure to shake well and don't drink until completely thawed. ENJOY!

By Pinkribbonfloris

Freeze Other Milk Products Too

I do the same with Fat Free Half and Half. I buy about 10 at a time from Target, who has it the cheapest, and freeze. It takes 48 hours to defrost in the fridge and then you have to shake it up but it is fine.

By DorothyNYC

Use Little Milk On Cereal

When you eat cereal, put less little milk in it! To make it wet, stir the cereal around to get it wet!

By Lilly - Paris, France

Buy Bulk Powdered Milk for Baking

I use dry non-fat powdered milk in my baking and cooking and save the expensive stuff for the family. I really have saved a lot since I have been able to buy the dry in bulk now.

By Toolgirl

Use Instant Milk For Cooking

Use instant milk for such things as scrambled eggs, casseroles, scalloped potatoes, white gravy, mashed potatoes and anything else which you need milk. Mix it up with a little water, stir and add it as you would store bought. It actually tastes better to us here because it can be made as strong or thick as you want or need it.

By Melody_yesterday

Make Soy Milk

You could try making soy milk. The machines are about $100.00, and sacks of soybeans are not too expensive. The machine does most of the work. You are left with fibrous stuff you can throw into your compost.

By Mulberry204


When my children were small, I always froze the milk, and it was never watery later. I always cook with powdered milk and also pour a little hot water onto weetbix or breakfast cereal to soften it before adding milk. That way, I do not use as much milk. Over a year, that saves a surprising amount!

By Sohuru

Buy Bargain Milk

My picky husband won't drink milk once it's been frozen and rarely will drink powdered. We just tend to shop at places like Save-a-Lot and Wal-mart where milk is cheaper. He drinks so much anyway, it never spoils!

By JustPlainJo

Mix Whole Milk With Water

If you take one half gallon of whole milk and mix it with one half gallon of water, it will save money and taste like 2 percent milk. The difference is not recognizable.

By Lucyaaa

Do you have any more tips to share? Feel free to post them below.

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August 31, 20140 found this helpful

Watering down milk is the worst. The others are not much better. Isn't there some other place you can save money and leave the milk alone? How about cutting out soft drinks entirely? And absolutely no smoking. And by the way there is no such thing as fat free half and half. They can call it that but half and half is half milk and half cream. It cannot be fat free. It is a synthetic product containing artificial ingredients.

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February 2, 20170 found this helpful

A bottle of fresh milk.

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This is a guide about stretching fresh milk. Sometimes, you have less milk left than you need for a specific recipe or purpose.



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Ideas for saving money on milk. Post your ideas!

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August 22, 20040 found this helpful

here's another way to save $ I make my own evaporated milk and condensed sweetened milk from powdered it's much cheaper then buying the canned stuff.

Evaporated Milk

1/3 cup instant nonfat dry milk powder

6 tablespoons water

1. Mix well.

2. Equivalent of 1/3 cup canned, evaporated milk.


Sweetened Condensed Milk


1 C. nonfat dry milk

2/3 C. sugar (granulated)

1/3 C. boiling water

3 Tbsp. softened butter

Preparation Instructions:

Combine dry milk, sugar, water and butter in blender until smooth. Refrigerate until chilled and slightly thick.

*I use my hand blender for this recipe it's much easier.

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August 22, 20040 found this helpful

If you have any friends or know of any in the military our families get special deals as part of a package for sending our husbands to war and paying us less than the outside world. What this means is we get fantastic deals on food at military run grocery stores called Comissary's. If you know of anyone who has a military ID and can access base priveldges you stand to save a HUGE amount of money. I'm talking filet mignon, which I bought today for my husband's coming home after 6 months, for $3.50 for 3 pounds. My milk cost me $1.75 for a gallon. See if you know anyone. Pay them a small commission if necessary, it's well worth it. We don't pay taxes on base.

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August 23, 20040 found this helpful

If you are diluting your milk, you don't have to worry about Vitamin D deficiency if you get five minutes of sun every day. The body synthesizes Vitamin D from this method. Five minutes isn't enough to worry about skin cancer and it is very healthy. If you don't get ANY sun, then you definitely need to supplement your diet with Vitamin D through milk or pills.

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October 6, 20040 found this helpful

I just got 2 1/2 gallons of milk the other day at the commissary for only 50C each ! When I do that - my mind races to the next few meals of bread & white gravy- cold cereal -- I made a big pot of potatoe soup yesterday ! Yum !

When you make instant mashed potatoes use powdered milk ! You can't hardly even tell - to make it a little more rich add some coffee creamer !

When the milks sold the day before the expiration date for 50c a 1/2 or 99c a gal - take advantage of that !

Milk shake time !

Hot cocoa !

WoW !

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December 4, 20040 found this helpful

To make milk go further, buy 1 gallon of whole milk and split the milk up into 2 jugs, add 1/4 of a gallon of water to each jug and you have 1-1/2 gallons of 2% milk.

By Kim

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December 4, 20040 found this helpful

Please do not dilute milk with water that is served to children. As someone already mentioned, you're diluting vital nutrients as well. Whole milk and 2% both have the same amount of protein, vitamins, etc. Whole milk diluted by 50% will only have half the nutrients, regardless if it tastes like 2%. (the percentage refers only to the amount of fat). Also, in northern climents, it takes more than 5 minutes of sunlight daily for the body to synthesize vitamin D (I asked my doctor - he said at least thirty minutes with the sun hitting a larger area than your face. In other words, you would have to wear short sleaves). I'm not belittling anyone for their ideas - I have a genuine concern for the welfare of children. It is better to skimp elsewhere than on nutrition.

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December 4, 20040 found this helpful

Believe it or not, you may want to check out your local gas station! We buy our milk in half gallon bags that came with a free special pitcher to put the bags in and they are cheaper then even Wal-mart milk. A lot of people around here buy their milk that way.

Otherwise, our Wal-mart has a good price for milk, and this a regular Wal-mart, not one with a grocery store.

When money is tight, I mix 1/3 regular 2% milk and 2/3 powdered milk. I always mix it at bedtime, so it can get good and cold overnight. I find you don't need the vanilla this way. But it does end up more "watery" than 2%. More like skim. So next time we buy a new bag (and we get 2%), it always seems thick and indulgent!


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July 7, 20050 found this helpful

Definitely check the prices per gallon before overstocking the dry milk.(it is good to have some no matter the price for emergencies). I had to search and I did end up finding dry milk at Sams is about .50 less per gallon than the commissary. Just shop around.

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February 22, 20080 found this helpful

We pay 7.00 a gallon for milk in Nova Scotia. You have to think of ways to economize.

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April 24, 20080 found this helpful

Before the price increase on gas and food, I did not really pay attention to the amount of food wasted on a daily basis in my household. Many families encourage their children to drink milk at dinner even when they do not like it. Simply do not serve the milk if it is not wanted, serve water or juice instead. Also, make the servings of milk smaller. I have used this method an no longer do I have half full glasses of milk on the table when dinner is over.

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