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Bamboo is an evergreen tropical or temperate grass that grows easily and spreads quickly making it a good choice to grow as a money making enterprise. There are many products made from bamboo. This is a guide about selling bamboo.



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Question: Can I Sell Bamboo?

Can I sell my cut bamboo stalks? Who can I sell them to? How?

Hardiness Zone: 7a

By gloriabree from Tulsa, OK

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By Cyinda [214] 08/25/2009

Yes, cut them all the same size or into 2 or 3 different lengths (at different costs) then put them into bundles of a dozen & take them around to florists, plant nurseries & hardware stores. Florist's use them in arraignments & gardeners do to. they use them to stake up plants etc. Your bets luck will be selling to "ma & pa" type nurseries & florists, not the big chain stores. You won't get much money because you are competing with Chinese imports, but you have an edge because are Local! (& maybe even better!)

* Better yet, get yourself a booth or share a booth-fee with someone else at your local Farmers Market! You may have to wait until next your to get a space (booth fees usually cost under $30 per day) but if you have to wait until next spring then that will give you time to stock up! You'd make more money if you could either make something out of them or selling the live shoots in water as starters so people can plant their own. I'm wondering if when they are young if you can "train" them to grow in a corkscrew shape (like lucky bamboo) because then you'd have a real eye-catcher!

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Question: Selling Bamboo

I am clearing some property and need to cut down bamboo. Is there any money in selling it?

By Richard G.

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Question: Selling Bamboo

How do I locate a market for bamboo? Also, does anyone know the current market price for bamboo?

By Rudd from Raleigh, NC

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