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Starting Oleander from Cuttings

Beautiful pink oleander flowers.

Oleander shrubs can be started from cuttings if you follow a few simple steps. This is a guide about starting oleander from cuttings.



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Question: Starting Oleander from Cuttings

How do I start a new plant from Oleander cuttings?

Hardiness Zone: 8b

By Deanna from Mojave, CA

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By Sharyl 14 74 02/18/2010 Flag

The method I used is quite a long process so you might not want to use it. I took cuttings from fairly new growth and then put them individually into dark bottles with filled water, but not letting the cut edge touch the bottom of the bottle- you need to change the water frequently as it goes yukky and the cuttings rot.

After a while the cutting will sprout roots, I wait till the roots are a fairly good length and then transplant them into a potting mix. Then I leave them to establish a strong root system before hardening them off and planting them out. I've had fairly good success with this method. I did lose one through impatience though as I didn't give it enough time initially to grow some roots in the water.

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