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Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas

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Cupcakes for a sweet 16 birthday party.

In some cultures a girl's 16th birthday party is traditionally a very special occasion. This is a guide about sweet 16 birthday party ideas.


Here are questions related to Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas.

Question: 16th Birthday Ideas

Okay, I'm turning 16 in November. But, having a party requires inviting the people I call friends who in the end will not show up and put my parents out a butt load of money. I want to do something with 5 or 6 people that is Halloweenish (apparently that's not a word). Haunted houses are a bore though. I have drawn a complete blank and my parents want me to figure out what I'm doing. Please help?

By Alexis C.

Most Recent Answer

By mcsllrs07/25/2013

Ooh, I just had a thought, what about a limo/bus and a driving tour of the haunted houses in your area. We are in Denver and there is a lot and then a sleepover with scary movies!

Question: Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas

I'm turning 16 at the end of August and I have no idea what to do for my party. I either want just a few of my close friends or some of my guy friends as well, I'm not sure yet. I know I want a sleepover at the end of the party. (Guys have to go home of course.) I am kind of sporty and I love sweets! Any help?

By Meg

Most Recent Answer

By Makaykay J.09/17/2013

Well your theme cpuld be Candy Crush cause you like candy n crush 2 show ur sporty side.I add a link off a pic i made for u to ues on the front off your invitations. And u could have candy n cupcakes with sporty wapers on them.

Well good luck!!!!!!

Question: Sweet Sixteen Birthday Ideas

I turn 16 in two weeks and I need ideas for a girl's sweet sixteen?

By Whitney

Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

I turn 16 in December, but I'm thinking to have my party early cuz it's a week before Christmas and when I have parties in December no one shows up cuz they are too busy. What type of party should I do for my 16th birthday?

By Brittany

Question: Sweet 16 for a Boy

How do I plan for a boy's sweet 16th birthday?

By Zolani N. from Cape Town, WC

Question: Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas

So my sweet 16 is coming up really soon. I can't have a really big dance party or anything, so I want to do something with my close friends, maybe like ten people. I really want to get dressed up and feel special. I am also a twin so it has to be something we could both agree on. Any ideas?

By Brooke

Question: Sweet 16 Party Ideas

I'm turning 16 in exactly one week, but I'm going I have my party at the beginning of April because my birthday is during Canadian spring break and lots of people are away. I have no ideas for themes or food. I am planning to have my whole class (21 people other than me), some girls from the grade 9 class (about 4 or 5 of them) and some outside friends. What should I do?

By Ash M.

Question: Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas

I'm trying to plan an inexpensive sweet 16, for late August. It is a co-ed party and most of them are soccer player like me. I want to be able to run around, but at the same time be able talk with my friends. The downside is that there aren't any parks within 30 minutes from me. Someone please help!

By Kaitlyn S.

Question: Hiring a Motorbike for Birthday Party

I would like to surprise my daughter for her birthday by hiring a motorbike and rider to pick her up to take her to her party. How can I find one?

By Rose

Question: Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas

My name is Kelly and I turn sixteen at the end of April. I want to have a small gathering of about 18 of my closest friends. I am also super preppy, I was thinking of either a luncheon, or tea party. The problem is I have no idea where to have one, or what to do. I don't want any of my friends to get bored. Most of the girls will be sophomores with a few seniors. Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

By Kelly N. from OH

Question: Ideas for Girl's 16th Birthday Party

I'm turning 16 in a month, I am having about 40 girls around to my house. We would have pass arounds, but we need something to do, or something to entertain us for 2 hours or so! All of my friends are really different and enjoy different things.

By Eliza H from Melbourne, Victoria

Question: Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

I will be turning 16 in July and I have no idea what I should have as my theme. I had a couple ideas, but everybody else turned them down. I also am on a budget.

By Jakeyra M.

Question: Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

I am turning 16 in early March. I am having the party in the basement of my house. I invited about 15-20 people. I am gonna have Spotify playing with some music and eat pizza and wings. Other than that I have no idea what to do. I don't want it to turn dirty, not in my house haha. I went to a christian school for the past three years and just started back at public school so there is gonna be a little mix of people. I don't want people just sitting around either. Help!

By Anna Joy

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [4]02/21/2014

Would your friends like a tournament of board games or card games? Clue or monopoly or something like that? What about that Twister game? That is hilarious without being off-colour. Charades? Maybe discuss ideas with one or two of your girlfriends. Your arrangements sound good so far.

Question: Sweet 16 Party Ideas

I am also having a sweet 16 in December and my theme is like black lights and glow in the dark stuff. I am trying to figure out some things to do. It is going to be a mixture of people. It's going to be boys and girls from ages to 14-17.

By Alexis

Question: Planning My Sweet 16th Birthday

I am planning a 16th birthday party mid August. I don't have a lot of money and I only have about 3-5 people in mind to invite. Do you have any ideas?

By Maddy

Question: Sweet 16 Party Ideas

I am turning 16 in less than a month and I want to have a party, but I have no clue what I want to do. I'm thinking about inviting about 3-4 people. I'm not a girly-girl. Usually for my birthday, I have a slumber party, but I kind of want to do something different. But I don't know what to do to keep my friends occupied/interested/talking, since we're all kind of on the quiet side. Some ideas that I have come across that sounded kind of cool are going to Disneyland and a cooking party. Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated. =)

By Sarah B

Question: Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Ideas

My best friend and I both have birthdays in March, so we decided that we should have our sweet sixteen together. We can't decide on a theme. We don't want anything too immature, because we have lots of older friends. We also want it to match our birthday month. Help us please. We don't want a St. Patrick's day theme, we don't want anyone to dress up in a costume. We just want a nice simple theme thanks :)

By Allie G.

Question: July Sweet 16 Party Ideas

I have a sweet 16 coming up in July. I need it to be inexpensive and cool. I am not sure how many people I want to invite, but I want to have a few girls and maybe a guy or two. I live in a small town in Texas and do not have a pool. I want to have a sleep over and also eat spaghetti for dinner. I have no clue on what theme. Any ideas?

By J.B. from Big Sandy, TX

Question: Sweet 16 Birthday Party

I really need some ideas for a January birthday party. There will be 10-12 girls there. I know I don't want anything super, duper girly. Please help!

By Brittney

Question: Sweet 16 Birthday on a Budget

I am turning 16 at the end of February and I have no clue of what I want to do. I only have a couple friends that I want to invite (3-8). We all play volleyball, but that's not really a winter sport. Any interesting ideas?

By Lynn-Marie S.

Question: Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Ideas

I know it's a few months away but I'm trying to think of a few ideas for a sweet sixteen party. I live in Alberta, Canada. My birthday is in April, so there will probably still be snow on the ground. Therefore an outdoor party isn't really an option.

I'd like to have a party where I do some sort of activity such a scavenger hunt at the mall, and then go home and watch The Notebook with my friends. Any ideas to expand on this? Money isn't a problem.

By Susan U

Question: 16th Birthday Ideas

I'm turning 16 in February and I don't know what to do for my birthday party. We live in a small town so there is nothing really to do. I'm looking to have maybe four or five girls around the ages of 15/16. I feel like most theme parties are too cheesy and overused, such as a spa night or something like that, and no one will have any fun. I would like a party that everyone will remember.

By Cathrine B. from Bath, NY

Question: Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas

I am looking at having my sweet 16th party at my house and it's coming up in about two weeks now. There will be both guys and girls coming. What kinds of things should I do to keep everyone entertained? If maybe you could just walk me through the whole "party planning process" because I've never hosted a house party this large before.

By Cristina

Question: Sweet 16 for Twins - Girl and Boy

In May I'm having a sweet 16. I have a twin brother and of course, we have to have it together. We are having trouble with a party theme appropriate for a boy and girl. It's going to be a big party with our friends and family. Money is not a big deal. If you know any good themes for a girl and boy sweet 16, it would mean a lot. Thank you.

By Alexis S

Question: Small Sweet 16 Party

I will be turning 16 soon and I have no idea what to do. I want to have a great party. I'm only inviting like 8-10 friends, so it can't be too big. We are all around the same age, and I want to do something memorable for all of us. My birthday is in March so the weather should be good. Please if anyone has any good ideas, or even just a theme to base my party on? Help!

By Lileya H.

Most Recent Answer

By Janine12/03/2013

We just had my daughter's Sweet 16 party.. it was on a larger scale. She did a "glow party" with glow sticks, necklaces, cups and anything that glowed in the dark. It was pretty cool and everyone had fun. The dollar stores usually have glow sticks... a few for a dollar. Just a suggestion.

Question: Sweet 16 Party Ideas

I'll be turning 16 in about 3 months, and wanted to have an idea of what to do. Anyone have any ideas?

By Jasmine N.

Question: Sweet Sixteen Party

I don't know what to do for my birthday considering I live in the middle of no where and it will most likely snow! I want to have the party at my house and need really cool ideas.

The economy is suckish so I'd say we have a small budget for this. Also I don't mean to complain, but I'm not the girly girl type. I like older things, I like the things girls my age probably hate like the old dresses! If it helps I like acting, cooking, singing, sewing, and playing basketball. My friends are very different than me. Help please!

By Nicole

Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

I'm having a sixteenth birthday party in three weeks and I don't have a lot of money. I'm nervous because I want a party to remember in a good way of course, lol. I live in a really small town and there's not a lot of places at all where I could have it. I don't know if I want it at my house either though. So I'm a lil stuck. Ideas would be great and remember it's in December so I can't really do anything summery. Please answer back.

By Brina from PA

Most Recent Answer

By coville12311/25/2013

Have a spa day using cheap stuff you already have do pedicures facials and face masks. Have sandwiches and some snacks. Then do each others make up. You could also do a craft for Christmas. Like jar snow globes you only need a few supplies.

Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

My birthday is February 10th and I'm going to be 16. I am going to get a car for my birthday, but if I get a car I can't have a big party. So I decided just to get a car and have a little party with close friends. My problem is I don't know what do that's cheap and indoors.

By Janayia

Question: Sweet 16th Birthday Ideas

I am turning 16 in January, it will be nice and hot weather. I want this birthday to be something to remember. Whatever I do I am not allowed alcohol. However I am allowed up to 40 people (mixed gender). People have suggested Amazing Race or Limo/dinner But other then that, I have no idea.

By Shevaun

Question: Sweet 16 Ideas

I'm turning 16 in May and I still have no clue what kind of party I want to have! I don't plan on having a big party with 40 people there. I want a small party with at least 15-20 people there. My mom said to start planning now so that she can start saving up money. If y'all have any ideas, please leave them as a response! Thanks

By Emily D.

Question: Planning a Small Sixteenth Birthday Party

I am not a person who tends to invite a lot of people because I feel more comfortable only with my close friends. So I need an idea of what to do during a birthday party with around five people. It is during January so I guess that means cold weather.

By A

Question: 16th Birthday Ideas

My 16th birthday is 3 days after Christmas, so the budget has always been low, especially this year with the fall in the economy. However, my 16th means loads to me and I'm very fussy. I can't have it in my house; it's too small. Outside is impossible due to Ireland's unpredictable weather. I have a lot of friends I feel would have to come (including boys). Cancelling the list as low as possible it would be to about 40 people. A disco party kind of thing, won't work either because my parents are very hung up about underage drinking and that leading to fights. The age group doesn't range much, it's from 14-16. I'm completely stuck and really want a party that's different and that no one has done before. I understand it's very particular, but any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you:DxXx

By Laura from Tipperary

Most Recent Answer

By Casey Eckert11/11/2013

Do you have similar facilities like we do in the States: bowling alleys, indoor swimming facilities, wall climbing adventures, miniature golf, etc.? In lieu of bringing gifts, each attendee could pay their own fee (if money is an issue for your folks).

Ask someone to take photos of each person doing the activity, then share them with everyone afterwards, maybe while eating pizza and having cake or cupcakes. Candy "awards" could be given for "Most Skilled", "Goofiest Technique", "Highest Score", etc. The main thing is to plan something fun for everyone to do, but always remember they want to be with you and celebrate you! Have fun!

Question: Planning Sweet 16 Party

I'm having my sweet 16 in August of 2014. I know it is a while away, but I want to plan ahead. We don't have a big house, but I really want my party to be memorable. I'm on a $850 budget, because I'm paying for it. Any good ideas?

By Ashley C.

Question: Small Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas

I'm living in Canada and I only want a small sweet 16. The thing is I turn 16 on the 18th of this month. I normally only invite one friend to my party and the rest is family. Please help; I'm lost for ideas.

By Victoria G from Halifax, NS

Question: Ideas For A Sweet 16

I am just clueless right now. I want to have a hotel party, but I also want to go out of town. I don't want to spend a lot of money. I just need some ideas because my birthday is coming up on Dec. 10th. I want to have a special day. Any suggestions?

By Stacia

Most Recent Answer

By Joan11/04/2013

I don't see how you can go out of town and have a hotel party without spending a LOT of money. Maybe it's time to re-think your "wants". Happy birthday!

Question: Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas

My birthday is in January and I am having a lot of friends over, but I have a low budget. I am not super duper girly and none of my friends are either. I like music and tennis. I also need food stuff ideas if anybody can give me some.

By Annika

Question: Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas

I need help planning my 16th birthday. It's not going to be a huge party but I want it to be very special and amazing. The price is flexible. My parents are very flexible because I only get one 16th Birthday. I am very big into theater, and so are my friends so it would be cool to do something involving theater. I am also in love with TV and film, some of my favorite shows consist of PLL, Once Upon a Time, Ravenswood, Bunheads (off air now), Twisted, Switched at Birth, The Fosters, F.R.I.E.N.D.S (All time favorite show), Smash, and Dancing with the Stars.

By Amelia

Question: Sweet 16 Ideas

I have about 3 months till my sweet sixteen. Honestly I have no party planning experience. I was thinking of something along the lines of a glow-in-the-dark or some other neutral theme for both boys and girls. Entertainment and activities are definitely something I am having trouble with. The party will most likely be at my house. My budget is under $200 and the guest list will probably be about 20 people. Your advice is greatly appreciated.

By Emily

Question: Sweet Sixteen Theme and Party Ideas

I am having my sweet sixteen on May 28th and am totally lost on what I should do. Any theme ideas or anything? Anything will help.

By Cassie R.

Question: 16th Birthday Ideas

I'm 16 this year and it's the first year I will be seeing my bf, as he lives a long distance away. My parents don't have much money, but I want to make it a weekend to remember. Any ideas?

By Shannon

Question: Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

I need help picking what to do for my sweet 16. It's in February and it's on a weekday so I planned on doing something on the weekend. I want to do something very memorable and special, but I can only invite around 3-4 friends. I want to do something creative because I always do big things for my birthdays. I live in New York.

By Scarlett F.

Question: Sweet 16 Party Ideas

My mom wants me to plan my 16th already even though it is in March. I don't know what to do for it at all. My mom won't let me have it at the house and we can't spend a lot of $, but we have like $200. I want to have it like an open invitation to all the people in my school, or at least all the freshmen to juniors. I don't think I want the older ones. I just need to know what to do because I am lost. Please help.

By Marlena from Jacksonville, FL

Most Recent Answer

By robertmatheka09/28/2013

Sixteen birthday party can be exciting.Throwing a birthday party is the in thing. But what is important is to know your tastes, likes and dislikes so as you plan the party. You should start thinking of what theme you would like.Then start working on it according to your budget. Happy birthday and planning.

Question: Ideas for Girl's Sweet Sixteen

I turn 16 in April and I know it's kind of soon to be worried about that, but when the time comes I want to be prepared! Anyway, I don't want to spend a lot of money, but I have no idea what to do. I only want a couple of friends and I'm into anything pink and girlie! Please help. lol

By Sierra

Question: Where to Go for Sweet 16

I'm going to be turning 16 at the beginning of January (about 3 months away) and my parents are fine (in fact, encouraging) with making this really big and special. My ideas so far are one of the following:

  • a cruise (to who knows where and back)
  • trip to Europe (to Germany, and stay at my uncle's military base for a few weeks)
  • trip to San Diego Comic-Con 2014 (I've always wanted to go to SDCC, but when I saw how much more you had to do to get your tickets than regular cons, I got iffy.

Those are my only ideas. I do not have to have my party during the few weeks around my birthday, because, well, school and Christmas are basically squishing it. I love foreign places such as South Korea and Japan, (not for their famous animes and dramas). I love their cultures, and would probably spend each minute on the streets eating all sorts of everything and going to cute stores.)

I need ideas for where to go, but other than that I could use ideas on like themes and such. I believe I can think of on my own, but your suggestions are more than welcome!  Thank you in advance!

By Jess P.

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb09/23/2013

So are your folks going to pay for this extravagant trip?

Question: Sweet 16 Ideas

I'm trying to convince my parents to have a party for me since I'm turning 16 at the end of September. However, my parents don't have too much money and there's a budget I have to follow. I know that a BBQ would be a fun party at my house, but I've kinda been doing that for the past couple of years for my birthday, and it's now really boring. My parents would never allow me to have a sleepover. I just really need some help getting some ideas of what I can do for my 16th birthday. Please someone help me.

By C. L.

Question: Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas

I'm turning 16 in February and have no clue what to do! I want to start planning early so I have everything finished and won't have to worry about it when it gets close. I have always had a pool party, but I want something amazing for my sweet sixteen! Any ideas?

By Skylar Rose

Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

I'm turning 16 this November, but I have no idea what to do. I was wanting to go to the mall, but there won't be enough room for me and my friends to all squeeze into one vehicle. I want something for about 6 people, that isn't too expensive though. Thanks (:

By Rachel E.

Question: Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas

I am turning 16 in October, and I want my party to be Halloween themed. I cannot think of a place to have it, nor can I think of anything Halloween related to do at my party. Please help!

By Rani B.

Question: Sweet 16 Party Themes

I'm having my sweet 16 in November with about 50 people. I want to have some kind of a dance party with a great DJ. I have been looking at tons of themes, but nothing strikes my interest. What is a super, amazing theme that both guys and girls would love for a sweet 16 party?

By Joanie S.

Question: Sweet 16 Ideas

I don't know what to do for my sweet 16. I want to plan it, but I don't know who to invite or what to do. My birthday is in January and I am just kinda weird. What should I do? Ideas?

By Elizabeth R.

Question: Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas

Does anyone have any ideas? My birthday is in November and I have yet to pick out every little detail! Do you have any ideas for me? I am a girl and hate the color pink.

By cookiesluvthat

Most Recent Answer

By Makaykay J.09/17/2013

Hi I think that you could do a ball like party but with a touch of danger to it to get people excited. I think can help here's my facebook name Makaykay Jackson. Look me up and tell me more about how you want your party and I'll tell you some well great ideas. My blog email is MissRubyRed7 @ and I'm not some creepy. I'm a freshman in high school and love to plan parties.

Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

I am turning 16 this October and I don't know what to do at all. I can't afford to have big sweet 16, but I don't want to do anything too plain. Everyone does a movie and dinner kind of thing or spa day so that's out of the question. I live in an apartment so my options are limited. So please help.

By Maya

Question: Sweet 16 Party Ideas

My birthday is in November and I want to invite somewhere around 20 people. I don't want to make it a big thing and spend a lot of money, but I don't wanna just go to the movies or something either. I was thinking maybe going to New York City cause its not very far away from me, but what would we do? It might be co-ed so I'm not sure if a sleepover will work either.

By Celina D

Question: Ideas for 16th Birthday Party

I am turning sixteen in December. The thought of my party is just overwhelming. We are a low income family, but I want to have a really nice party. I have no idea what theme to go with or anything. I'm so lost :( . There's going to be around 30 people there, all family. If they all come, I want to do something unique and fun not only for me but my family, because I don't get to see them that often.

By Santana M.

Question: Sweet 16 Party Ideas

I want to have a sweet 16 in September. Maybe something with a limo or something, and either all my close girlfriends or a bunch of people. I have no idea where the limo could go or stuff like that, and I want it to be a fun memorable night. I live kinda near DC, but have no idea what to do!

By Hanna from DC

Question: Sweet 16 Party Ideas

I'm turning 16 on Halloween. I've always had a sleepover type party in the past so I want something kinda different. I love history, books, and music. I would love to have like a mini ball, but I'm open to anything.


Most Recent Answer

By Makaykay J.09/17/2013

Your idea of a mini ball would be great you could have something like a Masquerade Ball and it could have a history like touch to it.

Question: September Pool and Dance 16th Birthday Ideas

I'm trying to plan my sweet 16, but am having trouble deciding how to make it fun for everyone. I also haven't decided if I want to go with a theme or not. I like the luau idea, but it's gonna be from like 7-11 and idk if that is a day time theme or not? I'm going to rent a DJ and the pool is pretty big and we also have a spa. Also, I plan on renting a photo booth, but this is why I'm having trouble finding a theme. I will have 40-50 people coming, boys and girls. If there's any advice you could give me to help that would be awesome.

By Julia J.

Most Recent Answer

By Makaykay J.09/17/2013

Just go with thing like (Summer Fun, Lula Lula). Sorry that's all I can think of but good luck!

Question: Sweet 16 and Golden Birthday Ideas

So I've been reading all about different themes for sweet 16s, but mine is also my golden birthday, as I will be turning 16 on January 16. I'm hoping to have about either 4 or 5 girls. Since I live in Minnesota, we have lots of snow, and it's really cold in January. I absolutely love swimming, but I'm not sure if I should do that. I love the Baltimore Ravens, singing, and country. But, I don't know what I want to do exactly. I've seen lots of things on princesses and proms. I don't have a lot of money, so a low cost budget. I'm generally not a girly person, but I want dresses and sparkly things and a tiara for myself.

So I need help on how to have a girly party, but have it still be fun, but not super girly. My gal friends aren't very girly either. A few are, but not overly girly. I need ideas for a sweet 16 that allows it to still be girly. I want to do something that maybe they could spend the night, but I have a room that could hold 3 girls max, with me. I was also thinking my garage, but I'm not sure if my friends want a sleepover, party in a garage in the middle of January in the middle of Minnesota. I also have a lot of heaters and rugs (my parents liked to have rugs, and wanted one to match and things) and was wondering about that. What do you think for most of us either being 15, 16, or 17? Can someone really help me out, I'm pretty desperate!

By Rach B.

Question: Inexpensive, Barely Girly Sweet 16 Party Ideas

So I am not super girly. I play hockey and love superheros. I want to have a really cool sweet 16, but I am lost on themes. My birthday is in July so if I want to have more than 10 people there (and I do), ice skating is out of the question. I want boys there too so I don't want it to be too girly. Our budget is not super low, but it is an issue. Please help me! If possible I'd like food ideas too. :)

By Emily

Most Recent Answer

By Makaykay J.09/17/2013

Hi ya Emily I'm only 15 but I've planned many great partys for people older then me but your choice to not like what I've got. Ok, your theme can be "Calling All Heroes" and can decorate the place your having it at with female/male pictures of super heros and you can have a photo booth with a box fulling with capes and stuff for people to wear in the picture. Then for food you can have superhero cupcakes and Barbque foods! If you any question on what else you can do, here's my email that I use for my blog (MissRubyRed7 AT
Oh and good luck Emily

Question: Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas

I'm trying to have a sweet 16 party, but my friends at my school are the type to party and twerk. My theme is red carpet and some people just don't understand that I don't want any fighting at my party.

By Alicia

Question: Ideas for 16th Birthday Tea Party

I am throwing a summer tea party for my 16th birthday, but I'm not quite sure what to even do for it. I don't want people to get bored and there will be an almost even amount of boys and girls there. I am just looking for general ideas.

By Melanie

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi08/08/2013

Have a different kind of tea. Have a "Tee Party" and have everyone bring a tee shirt they like. Then swap them back and forth and whoever gets to keep the one they end up with.

Have Tea, for sure, but also Ice Tea, Soda's, and such.

Make build-your-own sandwiches so the guys can go big and the gals can go small or vs.vs. Pick a video both might like or have music going.

You are all a bit old for games, but something like "That 80's game" where you all get photos of things from the 80's or even the 70's and who ever names it first wins.

Make cupcakes and have a variety of flavors so no one gets bored.

And like booze parties where everyone checks their keys, maybe have them check their cells. Nothing screams "I am bored and don't want to be here" like texting while they are suppose to be having fun with you.

Happy Birthday when it comes!

Question: 16th Birthday Party Theme

I'm turning 16 in January, which in Australia is summer, and I have no clue on what to do with my party. I know I want a theme and I don't like beach themes or beach parties. Every site I look at has kiddy ideas for 16th birthday parties. I want a party that both girls and guys would enjoy, but it's really hard. I originally thought of having a 1950s themed party, but I know now-a-days guys wouldn't really want to dress up for that. I saw one idea about having a crazy photo booth thing where you would have a black backdrop and have cool/random/crazy props and just pose weirdly and have fun. I want to include that in my party for sure as a fun thing, but I'm more concerned about what to theme my party to suit girls/guys. I need help finding a really good, cheap party theme for my 16th and have heaps of fun!

By K.J.

Question: Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas

How do I plan a sweet 16 birthday party for my daughter in the back yard?

By Annibel

Most Recent Answer

By Makaykay J.09/17/2013

Omg you are like the first person I'ved seen that wants to do that. Well this is how you do it. If big backyard you could setup a tent and get 5 seated tables and put them around with the color favorite of the birthday girl. Then you can decorate with ballons or lanterns and streams and a banner with her name on it.

If small backyard you can do the same thing but no tent and tables. For food you could have to tables 1 filled with foods like barbque foods like (grilled chicken, shrimp, hamburgers, salad, fruits, mac n cheese, coleslaw) - 2 table filled with treats and drinks (pop, lemonade, cupcakes, chips, cookies, candy) - You can make all of these look cute with just the right decorations.

Good Luck!

Question: Sweet 16 Trip

My birthday is coming up (Novmeber 13th) and I was planning on travelling (from Florida) to NYC with a couple of friends. The thing is, I have no idea what to do while there. I was thinking of staying 5-7 days since it's a school week after all.
Anyway, the question is: What hotel should we stay at? (Not too expensive, but not too cheap. I'd say 4-5 star hotel). What to spend my day doing? (Going shopping, dinner, spa day, etc?) Should I rent a limo to take us places?

By Mariana F

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By Sandi08/02/2013

It might be that you have tons of money, you didn't say. But if you expect to do all you described, you will need it. Here are a few reality checks for you. that start at 79.00 for two hours.

And I tried to find a 4 star hotel that would give me rates but I have to reserve a room, first. You have time to talk to people who have seen the city on a budget and plan ahead. Good luck!

Question: Sweet 16 Party Ideas

I am turning 16 in February and I am having probably about 15-20 boys and girls going to my party. I want to rent a party bus and go somewhere fun, but I don't have any ideas. Please help. It is a co-ed party so I don't know where to go. I want it to be lively and fun and a great party to be remembered. Thank you so much!

By Lexi J.

Question: October Sweet 16 Birthday Party Theme

I'm turning 16 in October. I plan on having a party, but I can't find a theme that will save me some money because my parents also want to go to Italy. Please help me.

By Adrianna M.

Question: Sweet 16 Plans

My 16th birthday is in May and I need help on ideas. I'm generally not a girly person, but I want dresses and sparkly things and a tiara for myself. Also, I have a lot of guy friends so I need help on how to have a girly party, but have it still be fun for guys. Most of my guy friends are the nerdy type or gamer, not many jocks. My gal friends aren't much girly either. A few are, but not overly girly. I need ideas for a sweet 16 that allows guys to enjoy themselves and it can still be girly to where I can wear a sparkly dress and a tiara.

By Kathryn C.

Question: Sweet 16 Birthday Theme Ideas

I turn 16 in December, but am not having my party till January. I want not a huge, but not a small party I have a lot of family and not a huge number of friends, but I have no idea what the theme should be.

By Gina A.

Question: December Sweet 16

Well I'm turning 16 in December on a Saturday. I have ideas and it's going to be about 50 - 70 people ( I hope). I want a big party, but I'm not sure it's going to happen. I have no decorations or arrangements set yet. I usually plan very much ahead, but nothing is coming up so far. I would really need help for what I do. (My fave color is purple btw.)

By Camri

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By Sandy07/10/2013

I'm picturing a deep purple, silver and white winter wonderland. Get some visual ideas from Pinterest. You still have time to do the decorations yourself and splurge on a DJ or good food. What about a masquerade ball? I wish it was me, I have so many ideas.

Question: Sweet 16

My sweet 16th birthday party is coming up in November and I have yet to figure out what to do. I live in a small town and there is not really a lot to do and is pretty far from cities and places to have fun. I also have to make it very inexpensive. What to do?

By Chey S.

Question: Sweet 16 Help!

I'm turning 16 in only 17 days, but the days I want to have a party are either in 21 or 22 days, so that gives me a little more time. I don't have much money to spend on this so I want to keep the cost somewhat low. I live in Florida so I was thinking, go stay at a hotel on a beach with about 5-7 of my friends. Another idea I had was to go to this big, nice hotel that's in a big city about 30 minutes away and go to the spa there and a fancy dinner. My mom gets a good discount there as well. I'm also exploring the option of renting a boat for a day or taking everyone jet skiing, paddle boating, or something fun and adventurous. Please help me with ideas or choose one of my ideas. Thanks!

By Madi from FL

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By Makaykay J.09/17/2013

I think you should do the whole hotel thing and good luck!

Question: Sweet Sixteen Party Themes

I'm turning sixteen in December and I need help figuring out what to do for my party.

By Amber

Question: Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

I turn 16 in December and I want to have a big sweet 16. But something that includes me riding in a party bus and doing it really big. (Money is not a problem.) I just need ideas.

By savannahsamflood

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By Audrey H.06/27/2013

Do a roadtrip to the one place you ever wanted to go (if you haven't gone before). Have a booming music system with the best party snacks and party bags no one will forget! Good luck and happy early 16!

Question: Sweet Sixteen Theme Ideas

I am having a sweet 16 in December and I want it to be big, but I can't think of a theme. I live in Texas so it's not really cold around this time, we rarely have super cold weather. But I need help so I can let the people when I book the venue know what all will be put up. Help me please.

By Katera

Question: Sweet 16 Ideas

I have been wondering what to do with my friends. I only have a couple 5 or 6 friends that I would like to invite to my birthday party. My birthday's in July and I can't think of anything to do that everyone would enjoy and have a good time. If anyone could help please! Thanks.

By Savannah

Question: Sweet Sixteen Birthday Ideas

Okay so I am having my sweet 16 soon and I am not sure what to do. I am sick of people arriving in a limo with their boyfriends and then just dancing in some random hall. I want a party that people will remember for a long time and talk about, but how am I gonna do that? Alcohol is "not" in the question!

By C.A

Question: Ideas for Sweet 16 Party

My birthday is in August and I just have no idea what to do for my sweet 16. I'm a country girl, but also a girly girl so I wanna be able to look good. We're on a fairly cheap budget. I don't need anything too girly because I plan to invite a couple of guys. Can anyone help?

By MelissaJoAnne

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By Honey06/22/2013

Dear MelissaJoAnne,
Firstly Happy Birthday sweetie. I hope that you have a lovely day. You might want to have a roses or lavender and lace theme, cup cakes with paper lace around them, tack some lace to a table cloth use some coloured ribbon to decorate it. Maybe some neighbour has roses or lavender growing in their garden that they would let you have for a small price.

You can make paper flowers to decorate the chairs and make a wall garland if its inside, or around the garden if outside. This won't put the guys off really. They secretly like flowers to but are not going to tell the world at your age.

My niece had a garden tea party for her 18th birthday with pretty china. Everyone loved the difference. Don't be woried to have your birthday the way you want it, its your day after all. I hope that you just enjoy what you do.
Take care,

Question: Ideas for Sweet 16

My birthday is in August and I just have no idea what to do for my sweet 16. I'm a country girl, but also a girly girl. My papa wants me to have it in his shop, but he lives out in the country. So I don't think people wanna go out that far. The main, most important thing is: I don't have a theme! We're also on a fairly cheap budget. I don't need anything to girly because I plan to invite a couple of guys. Can anyone help?

By Melissa

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By Anna L.07/04/2013

You could go horseback riding.

Question: Themes for Sweet 16 Party

I am planning my sweet 16 for late July and I have no idea what to do. I want it to be girly and stuff, but money is kind of an issue. Thanks for the help.

By Rebecca

Question: Ideas for Sister's Sweet Sixteen

My mom and I are planning a surprise sweet sixteen for my sister. We want it to be amazing and for everyone to be talking about it till my sweet sixteen. I want some ideas for a theme that will blow people away! Any ideas please?

By SB.

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By Makaykay J.09/17/2013

I think that it would be great to go with super star as a theme, you could star shaped cookies and everybody dress like the movies stars. When she get there everybody say surprise then u take her to change to her dress.

Oh and good look!

Question: Sweet Sixteen Birthday Ideas

I really don't know where to have my sweet sixteen. I was thinking about renting a pool (since I do swim team and love swimming). I know many girls in my grade for their sweet sixteen are having pool parties and I want mine to be different and better. If I rent a pool I though I should like to do a tropical theme with sunglasses and leis. I don't know if I should hire a DJ or just make a CD with songs I like and play it at the pool. I also am gonna have a lot of food. I don't know if I should stick with the tropical theme for the food too or just bake yummy food. I'm also scared since I live in a small town maybe not that many people will come and I don't know how I can make people want to come. I would just like tips or advise on how to make my Sweet Sixteen fun and something everyone enjoys.

By Heather

Question: Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

I'm planning on having a sweet sixteen, but I don't know where to start. I was thinking about inviting 10 friends boys/girls, but don't know how to entertain them. It will be in October. I will have people aged between 15 and 18. We live in a very small town with not much to do. Does anybody have any ideas? Please let me know.

By Ina

Question: Idea's for A Girl's Sweet 16

My 16th birthday is in 20 days! I am trying to throw together a party. I decided on having it behind my house in a clearing in the woods. I am going to have a bonfire. But other than that, I am clueless on what to do. I feel people will get bored just at a bonfire. I want it to be fun and packed with people. I need things to do and ways to keep people busy while having fun. Nothing too childish. I also need food ideas.

By Sienna R.

Question: Ideas for Inexpensive 16th Birthday Party

I have never had a birthday party in my life and am now turning 16. My mom told me I am going to have a party, but I have to plan it and it needs to be very cheap. I have no idea of what I want to do. My birthday is in the beginning of September, but my older sister is leaving for college at the end of August and I don't want her to waste gas driving 6 hours for me. Anyone got any ideas of what I should do?

By Taylor

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By Casey Eckert04/16/2013

There are TONS of ideas on the internet (Pinterest is a GREAT resource), and most are very do-able and inexpensive. You just need to narrow down the list of themes you like and pick one (western, spa day, dance party, karaoke, makin' crafts, backwards party, etc.) and then decide who you will be inviting (guys and gals or just gals). It's sweet of you to think of your sis' long drive, so plan the party before she leaves or on a weekend you know she'll be home (before Christmas, of course!). Hope you have a GREAT and memorable 16th Birthday!

Question: Sweet 16 Party Ideas

I'm turning 16 in November, but I'm having my birthday party in September or October. I want to have a country themed party. There's gonna be a bounce house, a kissing booth, a crazy photo booth, and dancing, but I just don't know what other activities or games to do?

By Tyra

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By Paula Summerlin04/16/2013

Hi Tyra!
I found some games I hope you can use and will enjoy for your Sweet 16 party! :) For the first one, you will need 20 balloons. It is called Balloon Truth or Dare, you simply write out 10 "truth" cards and 10 "dare" cards. Now these can be written on small pieces of index cards or on small pieces of paper, just make certain that they are big enough to be read. Now put the slips of paper into the balloons and blow up the balloons. All during your party have you and your friends pop a balloon, then you or your friends must answer the "truth" card or carry out the "dare" card that comes out of the balloon.

Lie Detector is a game where you give everyone an index card or a piece of paper and ask them to write down three things about themselves. Two of them must be true and the other one has to be untrue. It can be as silly and ridiculous or as believable as you want to make it. After everyone has filled out their cards, have them read the cards, one at a time, to the group. The group must then guess which one is not true. This game is a great game to play to let everyone get to know each other.

Musical Chairs would be another game you could play. Just put on some dance music and dance around the chairs until the music stops. The one left without a chair is out. You continue taking away a chair until there is only one chair left and two people, the one that gets the chair when the music stops is the winner.

Charades or a Dance Contest are also good ideas for your party. If time allows, how about having a Scavenger Hunt? You wouldn't have to make it that large, you could just do something small where you're looking for "treasures" around the house or backyard.

You could also Bob for Apples, Pass the Orange, have a Pie Eating Contest, a Blindfold Feeding Game or play a Marshmallow Game. If you decide to bob for apples, you will need a large tub, water and apples. Fill the tub with water and add the apples, then have two people "bob" for an apple. The first one to catch an apple, using only your teeth, no hands, is the winner. Just continue playing until everyone has had a turn. Pass the orange is another great ice breaker game. You put a large orange under your chin and pass the orange from guest to guest using only your neck, no hands, to hold the orange. You cannot let the orange fall onto the floor.

The pie eating contest could get expensive if you let it. You could buy the cheapest ready made pies that your local grocer sells(approximately $3 each)and you will need several of them or you could buy the foil pie pans and fill with whipped cream(this would be considerably less expensive). Each contestant tries to be the first to finish their pie without using their hands. The price of this game just depends on the number of guests that you are inviting.

The Blindfold Feeding Game is hilarious! Have two people sit back to back, blindfold both of them. Give one of them something messy to eat(example: melting ice cream or spaghetti) and tie the other ones hands behind their back. Now, the one that has the messy food has to feed the one with their hands tied behind their back. It is so funny to watch them!

One more and I am done, can't think of anything else.LOL How about a Marshmallow Game? You will need several bags of marshmallows and eager participants! The object of this game is to see how many marshmallows you can put in your mouth and still hold a conversation with the group. That's it, just stuff your mouth full of marshmallows and talk! Be very careful and don't get choked though. Maybe some of these games will be of some help to you. I hope you have a wonderful and extremely awesome Happy Sweet 16!
Hugs, Paula

Question: Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas

I'm not sure what to do for my Sweet 16, in April. I'm really not a party type, but I feel like this is the only chance I'll get. (I'm more of a shy toned down type.) Around my birthday I'm going to see my cousins who are little princesses. I thought about doing a tea party and dressing up as Disney princess characters. Please help!
Sincerley, frustrated.

By Emma W.

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By karenlynn03/04/2013

I gave my daughter a brunch, she invited 4-5 close friends and went to local restaurant known for its brunch buffet. She used small pewter photo frames as place cards and they were favors for her guests. If your cousins or others are young or you are dealing with more than a few people, and if you want a princess theme, why don't you have a tea? Have everyone dress up, use nice teapot and dishes and serve finger sandwiches or other special tidbits. Enjoy.

Question: Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Ideas

I am praying for help planning my Christian daughter's sweet 16 party. We are 2,000 miles away from our home visiting family for the next 4 months, so none of my daughter's friends will be attending. It will only be family. There will be 60 guests. Please help!

By Gail from Cheyenne, WY

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By Deborah [9]01/08/2011

I saw a great Sweet 16 party on "The Cake Boss" program on TLC channel on cable. The daughter was a Catholic girl and they were proud Italian family. Nothing Risque was important. They made a Hollywood kind of theme with spotlights, movie markers, and stuff. Old movies were being played that the daughter liked (like old beach bingo movies, Sandra Day movies, and stuff like that) and the cake, of course, was absolutely beautiful.

My friend did more than that for her daughter on the same theme. There was dancing and musical games and other party games for the teens and for the grown ups there was a great time catching up with one another. Go to a recycled Auto Parts store and get a bunch of big van bench seats and make wooden things to hold them upright and space them out for the kids to sit on and watch the movies on a big screen TV or projector screen. There was a caterer on the TV show party, but my friend had just a home done buffet and had bought movie style popcorn boxes from Oriental Trading website and rented a big old popcorn popper and let the kids help themselves.

The TV show party had all kinds of great sweets, but I loved the cookies the best. They made star cookies with the girl's name on them and bundled them 6 to a mesh bag and they were not only a sweet treat, but a party favor as well. Both the TV program party and the party by my friend were excellent times and it all stemmed from the daughter's love of glitz and glam of Hollywood style. Hope this helps! Have a great time and enjoy yourself, too. This is, after all, a landmark for you as well as for your daughter.

Question: Active Sweet 16 Party Ideas

My daughter is turning 16 and she doesn't want to have a typical Sweet 16. I understand and I want to throw her something super original. Paintball is too much of a guy party, but she wants something active so all her friends won't be sitting around. She likes to have fun, but I need help on what to do. Any suggestions?

By Parkkk from Miami, FL

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By Leata10/27/2009

I will never forget the fun had by all those in attendance at my triplets sweet 16. They all have momentos to help them remember as well. I bought size 2X size t-shirts for each teen, decorating the front with the statement" I went to a rockin' sweet 16 birthday party and all I got was this totally awesome sleep shirt. They decorated the back of them while eating cake and ice cream in the middle of the party. Near the end of the party, we had an unbiased person (a neighbor who had no idea what t-shirt belonged to what guest), judge the teens' art work. A prize was given for the one chosen.

Some game ideas: a ladle race-carry a softball size water balloon, filled of course, from one corner of your street to the next. If the balloon is dropped and busted, that person is out.

Say cheese-pair off and blindfold each person. slather one persons face with redi-whip. Sit each pair in chairs, facing each other, about 3 feet apart. hand the dry faced member a small mixing bowl full of cheese puffs. The players have 3 minutes to make as many puffs stick as possible. directions can be given (only by the receiving partner) such as 'more to the left', etc. puffs that fall off no longer count. a prize is given to each member of the winning team. in the rare case of a tie, a small amount of puffs are put in a bowl and the tied teams guess the number of puffs. closest without going over, wins.

One last game. Cupcake races-best played on the porch or floor. The players are seated on their knees, with their hands tied behind their backs. Overly decorated cupcakes (still in the paper cups) are placed in front of each player. First one to finish their messy treat wins the prize. (hint: it will be nearly impossible to clean the cup, decide the amount that is acceptable to be left to claim a winner)

Memory jar-each guest writes a memory they have of the birthday girl/boy. The honoree has to read each, one at a time, and guess who wrote it. I prize is given fo those who bluff him/her.

Prize suggestions:
Gift certificates for a favorite fast food hangout, a gift card for a video/music store, a movie theater ticket, gift card for a bookstore or favorite clothing store, packages of cookies, 2-liter bottles of soda. These can be placed out all together so a winner can pick the prize that fits them, eliminating the possibility of, for example, a diabetic winning cookies.

Good luck and have fun!

Question: Planning a Small Sweet 16 Birthday

I am planning my daughter's Sweet Sixteen and trying to come up with some themes. Does anyone have any ideas?

Millie from Gary, IN

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By crystal wolfe03/15/2009

As the mother of seven, four of which are girls, I have thrown more than my share of parties. Each of my girls have very different ideas, hobbies, and passions. So the party themes are varied as well. Please keep in mind that I do not pick a theme on short notice and I am always looking for new and different ideas. Planning and fore thought make for the most successful parties. The longer you have to plan, the cheaper the event.
The following ten ideas have been tried and have all been repeated by others in our area. The greatest flatter is when someone else host a party with your original theme.

Prom Night
Raid the closets of your family and friends for old prom, bridesmaids, formals, and gowns. Thrift stores often have them for a few dollars. It is best to have at least three or four per girl. Various sizes and styles make for a more exciting fashion show. You will also need a great deal of safety pins and hundreds of bobby pins.
When the girls arrive let them go crazy trying on all the dresses. Some will require privacy to change. Once the gowns have been selected, the hair salon opens. Let the girls do each others hair. Once the hair is in place which generally takes an hour, make up is applied. I highly suggest that you not have heels for the girls to wear. Someone can get hurt. Plus the tennis shoes they have on, add to the look.

You could have a limo take the girls to a movie or a restaurant once the proper look has been achieved. But a limo is not needed. Everyone looks and stares at the girls in their finery. The girls will love the attention. Wraps, boas, and old mink stoles add to the glamor.

When you arrive back home, let the girls do a fashion show to strut their stuff. Dancing is often done after the show. One year, we even had corsages for all of them. They all had a flower to take home as a keep sake.

Backwards Party
The girls are greeted at the door with a good-bye and thanks for attending the party. All clothes must be turned wrong side out or worn backwards. The dining room chairs are placed on the table, and the tablecloth is on the floor under the table. The cake and plates are on the floor. The girls eat the ice cream and cake first and then sing happy birthday. Gifts are opened next. Make sure the birthday girl thanks each person before she opens the gift.
Games are played. Do immature younger games, but play them backwards. After games, the girls will change into their pajamas, backwards or course. While the girls watch a movie, fix them breakfast food. Served under the table of course.

In the morning, serve chips and soda pop for breakfast. Added bonus, you do not have to deal with the sugar rush, their parents do. When it is time to leave. Welcome the girls with a hello and how wonderful they look. Since you have not seen them in forever.

We write the invitation backwards to get the party started right.

Cooking Night
I write on cheap rolling pins from the dollar store for the invitations. Tie ribbons on the ends for flair. I collect ugly aprons from thrift stores and garage sales for this event. I also collect paper chef hats.
When the kids arrive, have them each make their own pizza dough. It will need time to rise. While the dough is getting ready have several bowls of white icing ready. Let the kids use food coloring to make several different colors with the white icing. Make sure each child gets to make a color. Have at least three cupcakes per child made before the party begins.

Now let the kids pat out the dough, make crust, apply sauce, cheese, and toppings for their very own creation. They will use three times the amount of cheese that is needed, so stock up or explain that less is more. While the pizza pies are cooking, have them decorate their cupcakes.

After the pizzas have been admired and eaten, the real fun begins. Take number 10 cans with lids, have each child measure out the cream, sugar, and mix in a three pound coffee can with lid. Insert the three can into the ten can. Add ice, and salt. The kids will then spend the next hour to hour and a half rolling the cans back and forth to make ice cream. Driveway or uncarpeted room is perfect for this.

The ice cream and cupcakes are the highlight of the event.

Scavenger Hunt and It Only Gets Bigger Party
We do this together as one party, but only one can prove to be as awesome as well. When the kids arrive they draw a number. We have team 1 and team 2. Each group will need an adult chaperon. Each team starts with a pen. They go from one house to another in your neighborhood asking for something bigger. But they can only trade up once at a single house. For example: they trade the pen for a comb, the comb for a brush, the brush for a stuffed animal, the animal for a roll of paper towels, the towels, for a bucket, etc. The teams have one hour to get the biggest item. It will amaze you at how much fun the neighbors have helping and what they trade for. One team brought back an old ten speed bike and the other a two wheeled cart. The winning team must serve the losing team ice cream and cake. Let the kids rest and open gifts.
Now it is off to the mall. Once again, teams are drawn. Each team is given a list of 50 things that they need to scavenger for. The lists must be the same items and one paper sack to hold their items. Each team has an adult chaperon. They can ask people walking in the mall, people working in stores, etc. Each team has an hour to collect the most items. The bags are collected and it is the perfect time to watch a movie at the mall or go home to watch a movie. The items are counted in front of all the kids when you arrive home and a winner is declared. The winners must make the popcorn, chips, and drinks for the losing team.

Items on the list can include a paper clip, green stamp, a milk jug lid, straight pin, gas receipt, stamp, Q-tip, etc. Make sure the items are small and hard to find.

Jewelry Party
This party theme is a huge hit with the pre teen set. I buy any and all beads, craft jewelry, old unique jewelry for the pieces, costume jewelry pieces, and craft sets. I only buy at thrift stores, garage sales, and the after Christmas sales for this items. Cross stitch yarn is a must and can be bought on clearance at all fabric stores.
The girls make necklaces, bracelets, and rings for themselves and for the birthday girl. Friendship bracelets take hours to make and the girls can watch movies while they make their unique color designs.

Spa Day Party
Collect shower caps for this event. Most hotels will give you a dozen if you ask nicely. The things you will needs on hand are: cotton balls, nail polish in many colors, cuticle sticks, nail polish remover, cucumber, oatmeal, honey, bath salts, nail files, scented lotions, dish soap, small bowls, and large pans for soaking feet, flip flops, and fabric strips.
Pour dish soap is small bowls for the girls to soak their fingernails in. Have them do this at the table so they can talk together as they soak. Show them how to correct and push back their cuticles. Have them paint each others finger nails.

Cake and ice cream before you soak their feet in bath salts. The birthday girl can open gifts in front of them as they soak. Now it is time to fill their toes with cotton balls and paint their own toe nails. Scented lotions should be applied now.

Flip flops can be purchased in September from Old Navy, Gap, Rue 21, etc. for 50 cents to a dollar. Buy most in your daughters size and a few larger and smaller. Have the girls make designer flip flops in their school colors. Have them cut stripes of fabric and tie knots to make a personal pair for each to wear and show off their pretty toe nails.

Pajamas are now put on and the shower caps are dawned. Have the girls make their own facial cream. I use oatmeal and honey. As the girls get comfortable for a movie, have them each lay down and put cucumbers on their eyes. This reduces puffy eyes and makes the girls tired. They laugh and talk for a few minutes and by twenty minutes they are fighting not to go to sleep.

Time for them to put on their facial masks and watch a movie. Twenty to thirty minutes later, let them wash the dried mask off. They can do each others hair as they finish the movie. In the morning, rave about how wonderful they all look.

Art Party
Messy, fun, and the kids get to make their own creations. I buy ugly long sleeve men's shirts at garage sales for the kids to wear over their clothes. Have four or five art projects ready. Sidewalk chalk gets a great mural started on your driveway and starts their creative juices flowing. We have painted flower pots, birdhouses, wooden bins, piggy banks, and even glass vases. Whatever you can find that all match and are not expensive. Brushes can be bought at the dollar store.
In April you can find plain sweatshirts for a dollar at Wal-Mart. Buy them in various sizes and try to get them all the same color. Iron double sided instant hem on the back of a floral fabric that matches the sweatshirt before the party. Letter stencils will help the girls draw and cut out their own names in the fabric. After you have ironed their names on the sweatshirts, have the girls use puff paint to outline the letters. Hint: the girls must use the puff paint on the shirts in a place where the shirts will not be moved till in the morning. It takes several hours for the puff paint to dry.

Buy flat sheets at garage sales. They become perfect canvases for the kids to paint on.

Finger painting is also fun.

Buy face paint at costume shops and mass merchandisers after Halloween. After the girls have painted their own portrait for the birthday girl as a keep sake, have them go crazy painting their own faces, and each others. They will laugh till they cry.

Make the World a Better Place Party
When the kids arrive have them draw numbers for two different teams. Explain to them that they are going to make the world a better place in the next few hours. Ask each one to think of one way that they could make the world a better place. Have them write it down on a piece of paper and collect them. Explain that helping others can be fun and make them feel better about themselves. To prove it, they are going to see which team can collect the most canned goods to feed those less fortunate. The winning team will get a prize.
As the teams are getting ready to leave with a chaperone, that has an empty trunk for all the food they collect, dare them to take it a step further. Tell them that you are not sure if they can do two things at once. Show them a single plastic shopping bag and ask them if they know what it is made out of. Some will be surprised to find out it is made of plastic or oil and even both sometimes. Explain to them that those bags that their groceries come home in, are filling up our dumps and hurting the environment. Dare them to see which team can collect the most bags as well.

Find a local food bank ahead of time that the kids can give the food to. Set up a time for them to meet you. Have them praise the kids and tell them how many people they will feed with the food they collected. If your party starts at 2. The kids should collect from 2:30 to 3:30. Set up a 4 o'clock appointment for the kids to help deliver the food. The arrange for the kids to take all the plastic bags to a recycling center. If one is not available or open at that time. Have them take then to a not-for-profit resale shop to be reused.

Be sure that the kids know the name of the food bank they are collecting for. You can even print a small flyer with the name of the food bank on it and ask for people to help their cause. You can get 10 on a single piece of paper for them to hand out at the door.

After the teams have collected and delivered their good deeds it is back to the birthday girls house. They will all be hungry and tired. After cake and food, read the ways they can help the world, that they wrote when they arrived. Tell them how proud you are of them and all that they have done.

We have made fleece blankets for nursing homes with the knot ties, drawn get well cards for those at the hospital, letters to soldiers over seas, and once we collected money for a local child with cancer. They raised over a hundred dollars going door to door in an hour. You would have though it was a million by the look of pride on their faces.

70's Party
Go to older persons garage sales and old thrift stores for the clothes. The uglier the better. It is disco time. You can not have enough polyester. Large wigs are a great hit.
Have them watch John Travolta shake his stuff in Saturday Night Fever. Teach them how to do the hustle. Dance to the Bee Gees and Donna Summers. It is a laid back theme that the kids love.

Costume Party
Have the kids come in costume, no matter what time of the year. Each one has a sports uniform, old Halloween costume, dance recital costume, or parents old clothes to wear. When they arrive have each one state exactly whom they are in costume of. It cannot be just a foot ball player, it must be a specific player. The other kids must call them by their characters name from that point on, plus they must talk, act, and do what their character would do at all times.
Then take them out for a fun evening. Go out to dinner, a movie, miniature golf, etc. They must stay in character the whole evening. Accents are a perfect addition to the charade. The kids will get tons of attention where ever they go. It is a winner every time.

These ideas can be done easily and cheaply if planned in advance. My children must have their theme by their half birthdays each year. It is their day and it should be celebrated. To make it more memorable, take tons of pictures. Plus, make sure all siblings are not a part of the event. A sitter or grandparent can take them during the party. Make your child feel like the only person in the world that day. Give them all of your attention. That is the best gift of all. Don't worry if it is not perfect. Accidents will happen, something will break, and your carpet is going to get stained. Just smile at your child and remember that they are what is important. The other things can be replaced, but your child can not. Now, let's party!

By Crystal from Branson, MO

Question: Planning a Surprise Sweet 16 Party

I need some ideas for a surprise sweet 16 party for my friend. I don't want to spend too much money and I've done some planning already. I really need ideas for food and stuff to do at the party. Thanks!


Most Recent Answer

By Sarah Leach03/14/2008

Tatpas are wonderful for a party... Or even just a bunch of appetizers. There's also the Tea Party Idea we did for my oldest daughter's 16th birthday.
We decorated with a lot of flowers, paper, silk, potted and fresh cut... added little two-bite-sized sandwiched of say... cream cheese and walnut with honey, butter and jam, etc, hot and iced tea, cookies and, of course Cake and Icecream.
Any combination of these would be good too.

Question: Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas

I am trying to plan my sweet 16th party for late august and I haven't got a clue. I don't have very much money and want to invite about 10 girls. There isn't a lot of places I can go with my budget and my house is really boring and my friends vary on what they find to be fun. I can't come up with anything that will be fun for all of them and that's really what I want. I just really need some suggestions.


Most Recent Answer

By arieanna.lebron08/09/2013

You could buy items from the dollar store and throw a spa day. I think that would be fun and very inexpensive. All you would need is to invite you friends over for a sleepover and have spa day and night. I think your house would be the spot for the day and evening.
You could buy the appliances at the dollar store. Maybe even a movie you could rent from the red boxes around your town.

You would need dish washing soap so you can soak your hands in before painting you nails , also nail polish in different colors and nail polish remover to fix and imperfections so you and your friends can paint one another's nails, also , cucumbers which could get picked up at you local supermarket so before you put the facial on you can slice them and put them on your eyes, for the facial you can put oatmeal and honey in bowls and rub on each others faces which is very affordable at your local dollar stores. The cucumbers should make the girls eyes not become puffy and make them tired, which would be a great time for movies. 30-35 min. After applying the facial mask should be washed off . Don't worry just pause the movie!

Question: December Sweet 16 Party Ideas

I am going to be 16 in December and I want ideas for my Sweet 16 party. I am going to have all girls ages 11 to 18 There will be about 18 to 20 girls. I live in a small town so there is not a lot to do here. I want it to be big and fun. We are all dancers. Money is not a big deal seeing that my dad is paying for it. I have no clue what to do so help me. Lor

Most Recent Answer

By Abby (Guest Post)06/20/2008

I'm also having my party in december and im going to have a glitzy fashion luncheon. Details are at they also have kool ideas. hope this helps some

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Archive: Planning a Small Sweet 16 Birthday

I'm going to be turning 16 at the end of February and I have no idea what to do! I want it to be a sweet sixteen and I was thinking of maybe 2 of my closest friends & I could go for makeovers after school in a limo, then go pick the other 8 girls up and come back to my house. That's where I'm stuck.

I don't have a theme and I don't want it to be a big party. Just something sweet and memorable! I could really use some tips in the next week because I need to have it planned by the beginning week of February.

Country girl 101 from Canada

RE: Planning a Small Sweet 16 Birthday

Congrats on your Sweet 16! When my daughter turned 16, she borrowed a karaoke machine and CDs, and everybody had a great time. Since you will be made up, you might want to set up a photo studio at your house, and take glamor shots of each girl. Have fun! (01/30/2008)

By Nance

RE: Planning a Small Sweet 16 Birthday

I would nix the limo idea...costs WAY too much and you can use the $$$ for a nice party! How about cashing in on the Valentine thing and have a few kids over for food, drinks (pop), and have the girls stay overnight. Parents will be on hand to keep things in control and just have lots of cool music, good food, and fun. Maybe make it semi-formal with dressy dresses and suits. (01/30/2008)

By Glenn'sMom

RE: Planning a Small Sweet 16 Birthday

We did a dance theme. Bought some black lights and screwed them into regular lamps. Made posters with markers that really showed off the black light..disco ball.. music.. and 16 kinds of each food, 16 different drinks, 16 posters, with games based on 16. The dancing took up almost all the time, and really fun! (01/30/2008)

By Debbie

RE: Planning a Small Sweet 16 Birthday

Hey. I understand your struggles. I'm having a sweet 16 in March and am wondering the same thing. I think that the limo idea is good and as for the should ask your friends what they like to do because along with having a memorable sweet 16 for you, you also want your friends to remember it too. If you all enjoy dancing, then have a dance theme. Keep your friends entertained as well as yourself because that's all that matters when it comes to your day. Have fun and happy birthday! (02/02/2008)

By Samantha

RE: Planning a Small Sweet 16 Birthday

This may sound corny, but how about a "Grease" the movie theme. Have a sleepover and watch both Grease 1 and 2. Then write love letters to your favorite boys like they do in the first movie and sing the songs in karaoke...Maybe I'll do that for my 36th! LOL, Happy Birthday. (02/06/2008)

By Mary

RE: Planning a Small Sweet 16 Birthday

I'm having a sweet 16 in September and I think it would be great if I went and picked up my 10 closest friends and we went to a skating rink. Then after that, we would go out to eat and go shopping. I would finish the night off with a sleep over at my house or a hotel with a pool. (03/27/2008)

By nelly

RE: Planning a Small Sweet 16 Birthday

I'm having the exact same dilemma. I want to go to The Arboretum with my three-five closest friends but one of them nixed the idea before I even said that it was for my 16th. I wanted to do a fun and quirky photo shoot type of thing (some black and white photos too!). My grandma has a pool and I want my friends to stay over. I'm sure if you packed the day with makeovers, showing OFF your makeovers to the world at the mall or just taking a walk at a busy place, and then a sleepover (with specially made foods by you and your friends), everyone would be happy :)! (05/10/2008)

RE: Planning a Small Sweet 16 Birthday

For my daughter we did a fairy tale theme, but not really like the kid (Disney) fairy tale. Little bit more elegant and with only a few of her good friends. We added some nice elegant touches. Here is where we got some favors from - - and then we ordered a castle cake from a local bakery. (03/05/2009)

By kasullivan

Archive: Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas

I am trying to plan my sweet 16th party for late August and I haven't got a clue. I don't have very much money and want to invite about 10 girls. There isn't a lot of places I can go with my budget and my house is really boring and my friends vary on what they find to be fun.


Archive: Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Ideas

My friend and I are planning to have a "Sweet 16" party together and are looking for any ideas on invitations, themes, and entertainment. Does anyone have any ideas to share?

By Anrich from Pretoria, South Africa

RE: Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Ideas

I did my sweet sixteen last year, so I could help you out. Now for your invitations just make it original. Use your two favorite colors and a beautiful designed that stands out like a flower designed or a you could just put a picture of your self as the background.

Your theme should be something you love like a butterfly theme, Christmas theme, candy theme, hip-hop theme, or anything. The entertainment is easy, you can choose to have any of your favorite bands/group, or a singer that you like. But if you don't have the money to do that than you can always go for the DJ or both of you can always be the entertainment by doing a big dance of hip-hop or something like that. (05/02/2010)

By Chula7

RE: Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Ideas

We had a sweet 16 party and it was a huge success. We had it out in our yard with a fire in a pit and put straw around it for seating. We had a DJ and the kids just came dressed casual. Had hot dogs, chips and soft drinks plus the cake and also some candy and cookies. The kids had so much fun they ask for another one. Invitations we just made up our self. (05/04/2010)

By Salbug12