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Training a Dog to Use Piddle Pads

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A small dog.

Sometimes it is necessary to teach your dog to relieve itself indoors. This guide is about training a dog to use piddle pads.


Solutions: Training a Dog to Use Piddle Pads

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Tip: Where to Buy Puppy Training Pads

If you are house training a puppy, piddle pads are a great tool to help speed to process. Sometimes you can find the best deals online. These pup training pads are large, absorbent, and only $.50 each.

All-absorb Training Pads 100-count, 22-inch By 23-inch

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Here are questions related to Training a Dog to Use Piddle Pads.

Question: Getting Dog to Use Training Pads

I've had a Springer spaniel pup for 2 weeks now, but she is starting to drive me nuts! I take her outside in the garden to toilet after meals, sleep, and play, etc. and she always goes wee and poop if needed. During the night she was using her puppy pads for wee, but never poop. Then last night she did 3 wees and 2 poops, but none on the puppy pads! I'm getting frustrated and wonder what I'm doing wrong. Should I buy a crate?

By Gill from UK


Most Recent Answer

By Janette [87]01/14/2011

I bought the wee wee spray at the pet store and sprayed it on the pads. Worked great.

Question: Using Puppy Pads for Training

I have an Pomeranian puppy; she is 9 weeks old. Her name is Starr. I'm having a little trouble potty training my baby. She has the pee-pads. I don't take her outside to potty. I want her to learn to use the pads. Sometimes she gets it, but most of the time she will potty wherever she wants.

I try to keep an close eye on her to tell her "no", when she's not on her pad. Then I am placing her there on the pad to let her know its OK to go there. She always runs away or plays on the pad. How do I get her to stay and know that I am serious? I mean when I tell her to stay and go potty. Please help.

By Lawanda


Most Recent Answer

By erin [1]03/22/2010

One other thing that helped me was the use of treats when ever she went ( wet or messed) on the pad. She got they idea that going there was a great Idea

Question: Yorkie Started Peeing on Carpet

Little 5 pound Zoe was 7 months when I got her. She is one year old now. She was pretty easy to train to pee pads, but never poops on them. That isn't as much a concern as what I have now.

Her pads are in our utility room which is in the hall way to our bathroom. If I get up in the early morning to do my business, she also gets up and pees right in front of the utility door on the carpet. Since I'm half asleep I never catch it until morning, when I get up. She's good during the day so she knows to go on the pee pads (at least to pee) but just have this problem at night. She's a very sensitive dog and gets her feelings hurt very easy, but when I see that she peed on the carpet I really scold her. What is your suggestion? Help

By Betty

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]11/21/2014

Is it cold on the utility room floor in the early morning? You might try putting a runner down.

Question: Training an Adopted Dog to Use Puppy Pads

I am adopting a small dog. It is a Chihuahua and possibly Jack Russell mix. he is about 1-2 years of age. We live in an apartment. It would be ideal to train him to use a pad. How do I begin?

By mellykakez

Most Recent Answer

By Robyn [366]02/23/2013

You can get spray at almost any petstore that you can spray on the potty pad for a couple of weeks, the scent encourages them to use the potty on the pads.

Also, I am just reminding everyone not to buy store bought treats they are full of contamination. Get a little bit of chicken and cook it and give it little bits at a time or cut up a hot dog into little bits and give it as a treat.

Here is a link that tells how to do this training, it sounds like you are going to be very happy! Potty pads are great!

Robyn from Tennessee

Question: Dog Not Using Piddle Pad

I have a Maltese Yorkie mix that is 1 year and 2 months old. She's been great at peeing on her pee pad since she was 3 months.

She recently started peeing in front of me instead of her pee pad. I'm not sure what the reason is because she doesn't act ill and her urine is normal color.

Would you have any idea why she is starting to pee in front or right next to me? After I catch her, she knows she did something wrong, but she still continues to do it. So I was wondering if anyone has experienced something like this before.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

By Miley

Question: Training a Dog to Use a Piddle Pad

I adopted 2 small dogs. One is a Chihuahua 7 years (Junior) and the other is a Chihuahua/Yorkie, 1 year old. Both are from different owners. I live in a small basement apartment. Any how, I was told they were both pee pad trained. However, I have had them a few days and am not sure which one used it, but it was only maybe 2 times. The rest of the time on they used my rug and go all over the apartment. Any suggestions on what to do?

By btrmomsy from Ontario, Canada

Question: Training a Puppy to Use Pads

Shih tzu puppy.I have an 8 week old Shih tzu who used to use her pads to go to the loo. Then all of sudden she has weed twice in the kitchen and twice in living room right in front of us. She does it so quick that we don't have a chance to stop or move her to her pads. What can we do to stop this?

By Natasha from Durham, England

Question: Puppy Not Using Pee Pads

I recently moved my 6 month old pup's wee wee pad to a different area in the house and now she isn't going on it anymore. She knows where it is because she went on it once in the new spot. Do I need to retrain her?


Question: Training a Dog to Use Pee Pads

I have had a Pomeranian for 3 months now. The vet said he's about 2-5 years old. We take him out for walks 3 times a day for about 30 minutes each. He usually does his business outside and normally can hold it through the night with no problem.

Once in awhile he would pee a big puddle in the middle of the night or day inside the apartment. I would say in the 3 months we have had him he has peed about 10x inside the apartment. We have pee pads in the apartment, but he never uses them and pees somewhere else in the apartment.

If I teach my dog to use the pee pad by bringing the dog to the pee pad when he wakes and wait for him to pee there. In the future would he not pee outside and just pee inside all the time? I prefer the dog to pee outside, but would also like to teach him use the pee pad inside the apartment in case he needs to go, or when it's cold or rainy outside. Any suggestions?

By terapanda

Question: Dog Pees Next to Pad Sometimes

Dog with athletic jersey on.My Chihuahua mix is nearly 2 years old and the sweetest lovebug. When we got her she was only 3 pounds and extremely ill. The vet said she needed to learn to pee inside because she was so small they were afraid she would pick something else up.

She was doing wonderfully, but we moved to a new place about a month after we got her. Since then she still uses her pads and goes outside, but often she will only get 2 or 3 paws on the pad and gets it all over the floor, or she will just pee next to it. She knows where to go. That is not the issue. There is nothing medically or physically wrong with her.

I even had a trainer come to the house and was told to just keep her confined to a smaller space because they don't pee in their "space".

It's not working. It isn't like she can't figure it out. She knows where to go and goes there all the time, she just doesn't always get completely on the pad or squats right next to it. We clean it all the time so that it isn't dirty for her to use.

My beautiful brand new floors are getting ruined. I'm actually looking at homes with a backyard so that we can put in a doggy door for her.

Any thoughts?

By Claire J

Question: Training a Dog to Use a Pee Pad

How can I train my dog to use a pee pee pad when I get home late from work? I have a 6 yr old Shih tzu that is trained to go outside. My son has recently gone off to college so he's no longer home to take out the dog at a reasonable hour. I leave home early in the morning and don't get back till very late and don't want the dog to have to hold it until I arrive home. I was thinking of training him to use a pee pee pad in the house for those days he really has to go and I'm not home to take him out. How can I do this? Any suggestions?

By Lizette