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Treating Black Spots on Rose Bushes

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Rose Bushes

One of the common ailments for rose bushes is black spot on the leaves. This is a guide about treating black spots on rose bushes.


Solutions: Treating Black Spots on Rose Bushes

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Tip: Fungal Diseases on Rose Bushes

If you have rose bushes, fungal diseases such as black spot and mildew can be prevented, but not cured. Spray a fungicide every 7 to 10 days as a preventative measure.

By Terri H.

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Here are questions related to Treating Black Spots on Rose Bushes.

Question: Treating Black Spot on Roses

I have noticed black spot on some of my roses. What do you suggest?

By maeref


Best Answers

By Frugal Sunnie [11]06/09/2011

In rose care the best thing is a systemic feed that also has properties against black spot. After care, the best thing is a commercially produced and carefully applied fungicide labelled specifically for black spot.

Once you get rid of the black spot, be careful to avoid reintroducing conditions favourable to its development-don't water close to or after dark; keep the center of the plant open with proper pruning; space new bushes proper distances apart; and disinfect your pruning tools between cuts, not just plants.

Feed with one of the systemics to keep a beautiful and healthy plant.

Best Answers

By gbk [45]05/31/2011

Try 1 cup of cornmeal to 1 quart of water. Set for one hour and spray roses.

Question: Treating Black Spot on Roses

What can be done about roses that have extreme black leaf?

By Paula H.


Most Recent Answer

By Jackie05/31/2011

I was having problems growing roses, so I went to a class. the most important thing I learned was to make sure I never water the leaves. Since I started only hand watering the rose bushes from the bottom, they are doing great! I also keep lots of composted soil around them, covered with mulch and then I do not even need to fertilize them at all.

Question: Shopping for Captan for Black Spot

Where can I buy on line Captan for black spot on my rambler rose?
Please and thank you.

By Alice

Question: Treating Black Spot on Rose

I have black spot on my ramble rose and all the leaves are slowly dropping. Is soapy water any good if I spray it with that or do I have to get Captan to clear it?

By Alice