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Understanding Parakeet Behavior

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Understanding your parakeet's behavior will make for a much more pleasant bird rearing experience. This is a guide about understanding parakeet behavior.



Here are questions related to Understanding Parakeet Behavior.

Question: My Parakeet Is Gagging Herself

My parakeet seems to be gagging herself and vomiting. She positions herself under her perch, one foot on the bottom of the cage, one on the perch and she sticks one 'toe' down her throat until gooey half digested food strings out of her mouth. Has anyone else experienced this?

Deb from Kauai, HI


Most Recent Answer

By Alan (Guest Post)12/16/2008

You might want to try changing her food. My parakeet started to exhibit the almost continual gagging and then spitting food/vomit symptoms that would go on for a quite awhile. I had also experienced this with previous birds I've owned where I put it off to 'love offerings'. This time I immediately changed her diet and the gagging stopped. Been over a week now and it hasn't restarted. Good Luck!

Question: Pet Parakeet Behavior

I just got two parakeets, one girl and a boy. My girl parakeet bites herself; why does she do that? I also noticed that my boy bird puts food in my girl bird's mouth. Then he rocks back in forth like he's dancing. Why do they do that? This is my first time having birds.

By Paulina


Most Recent Answer

By Tapestry Lady [2]08/21/2011

The boy feeding the girl sounds like mating behavior, you might read up on what to look out for if some babies are on the way! :-)

Question: Parakeet Behavior

Why is my parakeet biting?

By Elizabeth

Most Recent Answer

By Lana Kutynsky [5]04/20/2011

It could be that your parakeet is showing affection or that he/she is scared. I let my parakeet bite my nails to show that I am not here to attack him. When I call her name she flies right to me. :O)

Question: Raising Parakeets

My boy parakeet seems to be feeding the girl. What does that mean and is she getting all her nutrition she needs?

By Michy from Chicago

Most Recent Answer

By heather inwood [11]05/25/2013

It could be a mating ritual - you don't mention the age of the birds. Google information about parakeets or Google parakeet breeders & contact them as they are full of useful information.

RE: Raising Parakeets

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