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A steam mop is an environmentally way to clean your floors. This is a guide about using a steam mop.


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Tip: Use Vinegar and Water in Your Steam Mop

The water in my area is horrible. I love my Shark steam mop, but the water here stops it up. I find if you run vinegar and water in it, it keeps the floors squeaky clean and the machine running great. It also works great for your car window wash fluid too.

By Kimberly from Lakeland, FL

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Question: H2O Mop Reviews (As Seen on TV)

Anyone use the H2O mop?

By Colleen from Dayton, OH


Best Answers

By Joseph10/02/2010

Gr8 cleaner, but there is no way to lock it in an upright position. I used it for 3 months, leaned it against wall, it slid down and the mop section plastic snapped and broke away from handle unit, rendered it useless. The warranty is up and it would cost too much to ship for repairs, plus cost of repairs, and ship back to me. I don't think I'll buy another!

Best Answers

By GC04/13/2010

I have had three H20 Mops over the past 18 months. The first two failed within a few months. Each time Bed Bath & Beyond did the right thing and replaced it. The third one today failed and no longer heats up. This one did last longer than the other 2 (about 7 months, but it had less usage too) and it also had its own problems. The handle could not remain in the upright position. We hated this but felt taking it back was too much hassle.

This product is junk. Customer service is a joke. It's too bad, because when they worked they cleaned nicely. But Thane (the manufacturer) builds a crappy product that won't last, and they will not stand behind it. The "testimonials" on the website, I believe, are false. I have posted my dissatisfaction, and they have never appeared. Nor have they bothered to contact me.

Kudos to BB&B for their great customer service. I understand they no longer carry these in stores. I wonder why?

Oh, the latest wrinkle is that Thane now states the failure is due to not changing the water filter. And now Thane states on the troubleshooting tips on their website that you must replace every 3 months if the mop is used 3 times per week?? The filters on the website are listed for 17.95 / 2-pack. Let's see.... that's 4 filters per year, and additional $36.00 (+shipping). They didn't mention in the ad, did they? They claim you're able to get them at your local retailer? Ask around. The only thing you'll get is a deer in the headlights stare! It's a shame our consumer agency allows this company to bring this faulty product in the US. What a joke.

I am going to try and return this to BB&B. I hope they will refund my money. Of course they should be compensated by Thane, but I doubt that would happen, especially if the vendor support is anything like their customer service!

So bottom line; You are now supposed to replace your filter every 3 months, thus, Thane is simply saying don't expect the mop to last much longer than 3 months. That is their "truth in advertising," I guess.

Stay away and don't waste your money! Save yourself the hassle and forget about buying one of these.

PS: I am sure that some law firm could easily have a huge class action claim against Thane. This is a no brainer!

Best Answers

By Dena Roberts [35]10/22/2009

I have an H2O mop and I love it. I have a day care in my home and use it every day after the kids leave. It's easy to fill, gets into corners, uses no soap, so it's better for kids, uses washable cloths, so it's frugal, and works quickly, with no scrubbing...sure saves the knees! The pointed head gets right into the corners and in behind the toilet. Heats up fast and doesn't take up much room. I got mine at Canadian Tire. Zellers and Walmart also sell them. I would advise buying it from a store, then if you don't like it, you can return it without them keeping the "shipping and handling fees".

Question: Anyone Used the Shark Steam Mop?

I'm thinking about getting a Shark cleaning mop and I'd like to know if anyone else has one and do they like it. I'm not sure about cleaning with just water.

By Mshelly from Hephzibah, GA


Most Recent Answer

By Nikki Shawntee H.04/29/2013

Yes I have! I use it when I clean houses! It is so good customers started purchasing them. I love it I should be a tester I like to put things to the rest under all conditons I encounter. I rate it high all of them.

Question: Using a Steam Mop on Laminate Flooring

We just bought an older, refurbished home. The contractor/flipper put dark laminate flooring in the livingroom and bedrooms. I have always had reservations about this type of flooring, because of the water spotting, etc.

Has anyone successfully used a steam mop on laminate? and if not, what do you use?


By Barbara

Most Recent Answer

By lloiacano12/29/2014

I just received a steam mop for a Christmas gift and we have laminate flooring throughout the first floor of our house. It is a lighter more natural color laminate and works Amazing! We have no issues with water or anything like that. I have 2 toddler boys and 3 dogs and you wouldn't believe how quickly my floors can become dirty and how quickly they are clean again with the Bissell I have. I love it and will never go back to a regular mop again.

Question: Recommendations for a Steam Mop

I am looking to buy a steam mop and am confused as to which one to buy. Does anyone out there have one and/or can anyone recommend a good one?

az2010 from East Hampton, MA

Most Recent Answer

By Beth [25]02/04/2009

I bought my Shark steam mop from BJ's - best price plus 5 pads. I love it!

Question: Reviews of Steam Mops

I am looking to purchase a steam mop or cleaner. I have tried one and was very unhappy with it. There are so many to pick from, I would like to hear from other buyers on what their experiences have been and if they have found one they are happy with. Thank you.

By Elsie J.

Most Recent Answer

By Laura08/09/2011

I have a McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner. It is the best cleaning tool ever. It is light weight pull behind like a vacuum. I have had this machine for over 7 years and it is awesome. My friend had the shark. It broke so she got one of these and she loves it. She wanted something she could quickly clean the floors with as the baby was always on the floor. She made me laugh cause she said she was looking for other things to clean with it. I did the same thing.

They sell them at Target.com and on amazon.com. If you take care of it, it will take care of your home. I cannot do my floors anymore and the Lady I have to come in and do it is using it and she wants one for her cleaning business.

http://www.amazon.com/McCulloch-MC- ... avy-Duty-Steam-Cleaner/dp/B0000DF0RB You can go here and read reviews of it.

The pic is of just the machine, has way more to it.
ps. I bought the micro cleaning cloths and use them folded on the floor wand and they wash beautiful in the washer.

RE: Reviews of Steam Mops

Question: Steam Mop Leaves Water on Floor

I have purchased a steam mop and I notice that it leaves more water on the floor than I would like. Any tips on using the steam mop with less water results?

By grandmasusan from Atikokan, ON

Most Recent Answer


I have a steam mop and I love it. One of the best things that I have ever purchased. I know what you mean about too much water. I found if you don't leave or keep pushing the button in the on position it helps a lot. Just get it going then shut it off and just use the mop. It works well this way.Good Luck Linda

RE: Steam Mop Leaves Water on Floor

Question: Steam Mop Leaves Floor Streaky

I recently purchased the Shark Steam Mop and I like it, however it leaves a dull streaky finish on my floors. I have laminate (Pergo) and tile. It's doing it on both. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what did you do?

By AMerrill from Galesburg, IL

Most Recent Answer

By Jen Hummell [7]03/18/2010

We have soft water, and I have the same problem. It works much better than the SwifferJet than we had. I got the Steam Blaster off of Craigslist, so I use it for many applications.

Question: Bissell Steam Mop Made My Wood Floors Look Cloudy

I just used a Bissell steam mop on my hardwood floors and in several areas there are white cloudy rings forming as it dried. How can I fix this problem?

By Jacqueline from Benton, AR

Most Recent Answer

By Lilac [20]12/30/2009

My understanding is you should not use the steam mop on wood. I think the spot might have to be refinished.

Question: Cleaning Solution for H2O Steam Mop

Does anyone know of a cleaning solution that can be used in the H20 steam mop?

By motleycrew from IN

Most Recent Answer

By Beth [25]04/10/2009

I agree. I have a Shark Steam mop. You only use water in it. If you have a very dirty floor, you can spray something on the floor and use the steam mop to finish.

Question: Steam Mop for Pergo

Can you use a steam mop on pergo flooring?

Sandy from Annapolis, MD

Most Recent Answer

By Mike (Guest Post)02/19/2007

Absolutely not. The steam will get into the Pergo and cause de-lamination. We use a little Windex on a sponge mop. It cleans very well and dries almost instantly.

Question: Using a Steam Mop

Do I have to use anything else other than water in a steam mop?

By G H Hunt

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]12/30/2014

The answer depends on the make and model of the steam mop. Some do work using a specially formulated solution, others can't be used with anything but water (tap or distilled). If you use a solution in a steam mop meant to be run on just water you risk ruining the mop and voiding any warranty.

Check your user guide (owner manual) to be sure. If you've lost the manual you can usually download a free copy from the maker's website.

If you haven't purchased one yet, read all the information on the carton or website product description - be sure to buy the mop that best meets your needs. Some buyers feel a floor isn't really clean and disinfected unless a cleaning solution is used, other buyers accept the maker's promise that the steam cleans and sanitises without the need for additional solutions.

My personal experience is that the steam does the trick - clean and hygienic floors safe enough for a baby:)

One last thing - if you're trying to clean a floor with years of ground in grime, you're going to have to do a 'hands 'n knees' scrubbing (or rent a floor cleaner specifically for hard surfaces) first, before using the steam mop.

Even with pre-cleaning, you'll be amazed at how much grime the first few steam moppings picks up - so be prepared with spare pads! The first time I steam mopped my ceramic floors I was really shocked to see how dirty the pad was - so dirty I wanted to toss it in the nearest garbage bin. That first one never really did look bright white again no matter how many times I washed it in hot water, even with bleach!

But once you get the floor really clean with the steam mop, you'll find once a day keeps the floor incredibly clean without making you want to bin the pad. I love my steam mop!

Question: Using Steam Mop on Congoleum Flooring

Can you use the Enviro Steamer mop on congoleum type flooring? It's sheet type flooring, not sticky tiles?

By Linda from Walker, LA

Most Recent Answer


Of course you can use it on linoleum/vinyl flooring. Congoleum is simply the name of the manufacturer.

Question: Steam Mop With Electrical Problem

I purchased an H2O mop advertised on TV. I have contacted Home Trends (since their name is shown as shipper) with a complaint about two months ago. I have never heard back from them. We decided it must be a short in the electrical system. When the mop produces steam and you put the handle down it stops completely. I have never received an acknowledgment from them. Can someone help me?


Most Recent Answer


The H20 Mop is manufactured by Thane Direct USA, and you have a one year warranty. You can contact them by email or by sending them a fax. The link is to the Thane Direct website, their question and answer page. If you scroll down you will see a question about the warranty. Their contact information is there. I hope this brings good results for you.

Question: Using Microfiber Clothes In Shark Steam Mop

I have the Shark Steam Mop S3101A. Instead of spending $40 for 4 extra pads I was wondering if anyone has used the microfiber cloths sold in the stores? Did you have to double it?

Charko from Deerfield Beach, FL

Most Recent Answer

By Linh09/03/2010

This is a late reply but if you still need the pad, you can order it from ebay for about $5 for two. They're shipped from China so it's much cheaper.

Question: Cleaning Carpets With a Steam Mop

Will a steam mop clean lightly dirty carpets?

By Langdon

Question: Using Vinegar in a Holme Steam Mop

Can I use a solution of vinegar and water in my Holme steam mop to clean my carpet?

By Janice

Question: Febreze for Steam Mops

I saw a bottle of Febreze for steam mops. Which steam mop can I use for it?

By Florence F


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Archive: Anyone Used the Shark Steam Mop?

Has anyone tried the Shark Steam mop? I saw that someone on here tried the H2O mop and didn't like it. The Shark is very similar. So I don't know if it is any better? I am looking for an easier way to clean my floors, tile and wood.


RE: Anyone Used the Shark Steam Mop?

I have a steam mop. And I love it! Mine is the Steamfast one. It was about $70? My hubby bought it for me. It just uses water. It can also break down and put different parts on so it's a hand held steamer as well. Which is great for cleaning some things. Not that I do it a lot! The only down fall is it only came with one cheap cloth cover. I made 3 more out of microfiber towels. My floors are clean!! and i don't have to really work! (elbow grease!) I use it all the time on my tile and often on my old wood floors. (01/09/2008)

By heather

RE: Anyone Used the Shark Steam Mop?

I recently bought a Shark steam mop and so far so good. I actually didn't try it out yet, hubby did! He used it on tile floor in the kitchen and eating area and it really looked nice and clean afterwards and it dried very quickly. There was no waiting for a really wet floor to dry like there is when you use a regular mop and bucket. Hubby thought it was a nice machine and seemed he got the floor done very quickly. It makes plenty of steam and you only use water in it! I want to use it a while to see that we really like it. I bought it from Target online. They were offering free shipping. I think with tax it came to around $80. It came with 2 pads and they are easy to wash in the washing machine. You never want to use bleach or fabric softener on the pads though! (01/10/2008)

By Debbie52

RE: Anyone Used the Shark Steam Mop?

I bought the H2O mop and it was JUNK! I am going to get the shark, I see that it gets pretty good reviews in households similar to mine. (03/27/2008)

By shelley

RE: Anyone Used the Shark Steam Mop?

I just got a Shark Steam mop for mother's day! What an awesome gift! This Mop went way above my expectations. I have OCDs when it comes to house cleaning and am used to washing the floor on hands and knees. Not anymore with this little whiz. This will no doubt be right up there with my swivel sweeper as things I can't live with out! * note if your floor is really dirty you may notice a bit of dirt and grime along the baseboards. No biggie grab a wipe and bam it's gone. SO if your on the fence about this mop, just buy it you will not be disappointed! (05/30/2008)

By Marcy W from Chicago

RE: Anyone Used the Shark Steam Mop?

Hi, I just recently purchased mine Shark steam mop. I ordered it after I had seen it on TV. I was very disappointed, because I also ordered extra pads, which were placed in the steamer's box and I was charged more than $30.00 for shipping, instead of $15.00. You could find this product much cheaper on the Internet. Anyway, I tried it only once. Pros: easy to handle, clean nicely, you don't need to use chemicals, the head is slim so you could clean corners and under cabinets as well (I believe you cannot do the same with Blissel). It is fast to clean with as you do not need to water and clean the mop over and over again so you save time. It seems to dry immediately. It automatically adjust the steam by the movements of the mop. Cons: The balance of the mop is extremely bad, it fell on the floor every time I had to leave it unattended and I did not support it with something, it left some streaks on the floor, there is no off/on switch on the mop, so you always have to unplug it, where the floor was dirty, I had to move the mop really slowly to clean it up. Overall: I love the steam mop idea. I read a lot of reviews before I purchased it, and it seems there are some defects you just cannot avoid (exp.: streaks, etc). However, I strongly recommend that to follow the user guide. Use distilled water (it basically not an extra cost because you do not need too much water to operate the mop) (less streaks), wash the pads before first use (more efficiency), vacuum the floor before using the mop (it does not pick up the dirt, this is not the main purpose of a steam mop, if the floor is too dirty you will just move the dirt around instead of cleaning the floor, etc.). So far I like Shark and as I already mentioned, the other mops have basically the same cons. Steam is steam, cleans without chemical and kills germs. (06/10/2008)

By Susanna

RE: Anyone Used the Shark Steam Mop?

For more reviews: http://www.buyzillion.com/B000V4Q8GA/Reviews/Euro-Pro+Shark+S3101+Electric+Steam.html (06/10/2008)

By Susanna

RE: Anyone Used the Shark Steam Mop?

It does not seem too good. http://www.nbc4.com/consumer/16515160/detail.html (06/10/2008)


Archive: H2O Mop-As Seen on TV

Anyone used the H2O mop (as advertised on TV) and have an opinion on it?


Archive: Anyone Used the Shark Steam Mop?

I'm looking for reviews on a product called the Steam Shark. Do you like it, and is it worth the price? Maryeileen from Brooklyn, OH


Archive: Bissell Steam Mop Made My Wood Floors Look Cloudy

I just steam cleaned my wood floors with the Bissell Steam Mop and my floors have turned cloudy and look dirty. Any ideas out there to fix this? Bissell had nothing.

Laura from Lakeland, LA

RE: Bissell Steam Mop Made My Wood Floors Look Cloudy

Could it be that the steam lightened up the wax on the floor? It should go back to clear when dry. (04/30/2007)

By Diamondee

RE: Bissell Steam Mop Made My Wood Floors Look Cloudy

I think it is buildup on your floors from the Orange Glow. I used to use this and would get cloudy "areas" whenever I got water on the floors. I ended up having to strip the floors by hand with vinegar and water scrubbing with Teflon scrub sponge, big job, but I'm happy now.

Now I use my steam mop and love it, no chemicals no buildup. I used to like the look of the "shine" from the Orange Glow, but now I realize the original finish of my floors looks great without the buildup. (01/09/2009)

By Jenny