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Vinegar and Sugar Water For Mosquitoes

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On your website, someone posted how to get rid of mosquitoes using a plastic bottle. Wonderful idea, but even better, adding vinegar and sugar water will not just get rid of mosquitoes, but pesky annoying gnats too.

By twinheart13


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By edna65906/12/2013

How much vinegar would you put in with the sugar water and does it have any effect on the yeast producing carbon dioxide?

By Harpoon I.03/14/2013

If using vinegar and simple syrup, do you still use the yeast?

By Les P.03/09/2013

Bachelors are too lazy to make syrup (what is....what kind of yeast?:). Pepsi or Coke seems to work fairly well just add a cup or 2 and yes people, the jug design seems to work very good but you don't even need to go through that trouble either. Pepsi or Coke has so much sugar it turns sticky and they become stuck or unable to fly at all once they get that gook on -em gl :)

RE: Vinegar and Sugar Water For Mosquitoes

By Judy10/24/2012

How much vinegar and sugar would you use and would you add any water?

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