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White Film on a Glass Stovetop

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Glass Stovetop

Although easier to clean than the traditional electric stovetop, a ceramic top still has its cleaning challenges. This is a guide about white film on glass stovetop.



Here are questions related to White Film on a Glass Stovetop.

Question: White Residue on Stovetop

There is a white residue on the elements in the stove top of my gas range. Is this something that can be cleaned or does the stove need to be replaced?

By m

Question: Removing White Film on Glass Ceramic Stovetop

I have a glass ceramic stovetop and have a white film on two of the burners. My husband seems to think they look like calcium buildup, but I don't know. Two of the burners are fine. How do I remove the white film from two of the burners? I tried ceramic cleaner for stovetops, white vinegar, and dish detergent. Nothing takes the film off. What do I use?

By Shirley H

Solutions: White Film on a Glass Stovetop

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