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Winterizing a Dog House

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Wood dog house in a backyard.

Dogs that use a doghouse during the winter months will appreciate your efforts to winterized their house, making it warm and cozy. This is a guide about winterizing a dog house.



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Question: How to Winterize a Dog House?

I have been feeding 8 feral kittens. Only one will come to me. I have an old doghouse that some of them are sleeping in. How can I winterize it? I live in Ontario and we get cold winters here. Has anyone used a heat pad from home depot? Supposedly you can heat it in microwave and place it in cat bed and will keep warm for 12 hours. I'm not sure that it will work.

Any suggestions will be helpful as we are going into the cold season soon.



Best Answers

By (Guest Post)08/16/2008

I had an older dog that I had to move outside as he was losing a control.
I built a plywood dog house with Styrofoam sandwiched in a double floor made of presswood in a 2 x 2" frame. I added a staggered entrance. That is to say an extended roof and double wall. The walls were separated far enough to let my dog walk between them. The outer wall had the opening on the left and the inner one the opening on the right. The inner one was covered by a piece of hanging carpet to further cut the drafts. Inside I installed a heat lamp with a thermostat. The dog would sleep so that the heat lamp would aim at his haunches and keep him warm. As the dog house was on my patio next to my sliding glass doors, I installed a window from a garage sale so that he could stay in visual contact while warm in his house. It's a good idea to seal the joints with sealant and insulate the walls and roof to further cut the drafts and aid in saving energy.

Best Answers

By Wendy (Guest Post)09/23/2005

This might sound silly but we used to have an outside dog and we lifted the dog house up on concrete blocks and put a water bed heater on the floor of the doghouse and then put a thin layer of plywood over that. Then we put the thermostat on about 70-75 degrees and our dog stayed warm all winter. We live in Michigan and the winters get VERY cold! There were days that we wouldn't see our dog all day cause she stayed all warm and toasty in her doghouse.

Best Answers

By brenda newton [6]09/22/2005

Get some straw bales and pile them around the house, with just a little opening in the front. Put some old blankets inside first though. Maybe even put some of the straw inside the house. Straw is a great insulator and will keep the kittens warm during the winter. They will cuddle together in the old dog house during the winter.

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