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Using Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

Bottle of olive oil with olive branch in the foreground.

Dry skin is a common ailment that many people experience in the winter. Olive oil is a great natural moisturizer. This is a guide about using olive oil as a moisturizer.


Solutions: Using Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

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Tip: Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I have psoriasis and have had it since I was 14 years old. I used to get so embarrassed about it. I don't bother with that anymore, I just wanted some of the pain and itching to go away. Well, I started to use olive oil on my skin.

I use it in the shower. I bought a spray bottle at the dollar store and now when I finish soaping and shaving, I spray it all over my body and rinse it off so it is not greasy. It feels so much better than the lotions and the expensive topical creams I used to have to buy. I keep it under control, of course there is no cure. If you suffer even from just dry skin, just try it. It really works!

I prefer not to put it on after because then your skin does feel greasy. When your done in the shower, just let the water rinse it off a bit then towel dry. It is wonderful.

Hope this helps anyone with psoriasis or dry skin

By l99lynn from Ocala, FL.

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Tip: Olive Oil for Sensitive, Dry Skin

I have really dry skin, and have tried many types of lotions to help. Most lotions that I used ended up leaving my skin slippery, which might leave a residue on fabrics I'm working with or get in the way of my work. They also didn't help my skin at all, they just kinda...sat there.

I've heard of Olive Oil being a good moisturizer for hair, so I thought I'd try it on my skin. It works amazingly well! It rubs in, even on my really dry hands, without making them oily (soaks in quickly)--so in a few minutes I'm free to go about my day. It also seems to help the skin heal itself.

I added some spearmint to a small coffee cup of olive oil and put it in the microwave for 10 seconds or so (to release the mint oil). It makes the oil a little scented, and also (since it is spearmint) acts as a mild astringent with the moisturizing oil.

Pretty inexpensive, and I'm sure you could add other scents as desired. I keep a coffee cup in the bathroom for frequent use. I would highly recommend trying this for anyone, but especially for people with sensitive, dry skin, and even with eczema (i have it on my hands and it helps a LOT).

By Davidicdancer from Spokane, WA

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Here are questions related to Using Olive Oil as a Moisturizer.

Question: Using Olive Oil on Brittle Nails

When applying olive oil to brittle nails, can I wash my hands afterward? Do you apply nail hardeners before or after applying olive oil? Thanks.

By Margaret from Malta

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Most Recent Answer

By Gale100 16 06/09/2015

In cosmetology school, we would Soak our hands in warm sudsy water, (after removing any polish), then we would apply a cuticle remover, let it sit for several minutes, push all cuticles back, and remove as much of the cuticle as possible, wash hands well, and soak hands in warmed olive, baby oil or coconut oil, for at least 20 minutes. Then wash hands well, (make sure to remove any oil if you will be polishing your nails). We used a whitening pencil under the nails if using a clear polish. Using coconut oil around your nails at bed time will keep the skin around nails conditioned.

If you want your nails to grow, you can take gelatin capsules, or simply eat jello. I actually make the jello mixture , and drink it as a drink sometimes.

Keep in mind that polish actually make your nails brittle and will turn them yellow if you use it too much! If you can follow the steps above, once you soak your nails for 20 minutes, you can rub it in and let your nails go Without any polish for a couple of days. You can put a little olive or coconut oil on them and rub it in, right before bed time, Wash your hands as usual in the morning! (Try not to file the sides of your nails and don't shape them to a point, that weakens them.) PS; lack of vitamins can have a big impact on nail growth and smoothness! Good luck! I hope this helps!

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Question: Using Olive Oil to Condition Your Hair

Is it safe to oil my hair with olive oil and go in the sun?

By Nadia

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By Marg 3 142 06/02/2011

Yes it is and the heat from the sun will work the olive oil in to the hair shaft. :)

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Archive: Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I have oily skin, with pimples and scars. Can I use olive oil mixed with water and massage my face?

Archive: Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

Olive oil is a great moisturizer. I remember watching a television show with Sophia Loren. She said that was all she used on her skin.

Archive: Using Olive Oil for Dry Skin

What is the best olive oil to use on your face? I have extremely dry skin and nothing seems to work where it's manageable and comfortable. I have used high end products to drug store products and just cannot find the right moisturizer for my skin. I'm in my early 40's and experiencing very dry skin. Dry skin hurts too! Please help! Which olive oil has worked or not worked. I would appreciate your advise. Thanks.

Ro from San Antonio, TX


RE: Using Olive Oil for Dry Skin

I'm new to the olive oil bit but I use Walmart extra virgin olive oil. I've only been using it about a month and I THINK I see a difference. I don't like it at night because I don't want to mess up my pillow cases. I DO use it under makeup during the day. I haven't noticed a strong smell. (01/26/2009)

By Glenn'sMom

RE: Using Olive Oil for Dry Skin

Hi! I just started using Olive Oil too, after reading about it here on ThriftyFun!
I use an extra virgin olive oil, but no special kind -- actually, just the one I had in my kitchen!
I can honestly say I like it! It soaks in nicely, does not leave any smell, does not burn or sting as some creams might, and it really is very moisturizing!!
I hope it helps you too! (01/26/2009)

By carolb

RE: Using Olive Oil for Dry Skin

I always rubbed any kind on that I had in the kitchen and massaged it into the skin on my face and then washed once with dove (bar) soap. The dove just gets the extra oily part off and leaves the needed part on. (01/26/2009)

By Racer

RE: Using Olive Oil for Dry Skin

I use extra virgin coconut oil for everything. It's just as good or better. It is in white solid form in a glass jar in your health food stores, but just bring out a dab into your palms and rub to let it melt. Then apply. It's the better fat for your body. I quit buying makeup due to the chemicals and antifreeze found in them and went evco. (01/27/2009)

By Gail

Virgin coconut oil.....

Hi, this message is for Gail who wrote me a response on virgin coconut oil usage. I would like to ask you more questions if I may. How can I do this?

Thank you * Godiva (01/27/2009)

By Godiva

RE: Using Olive Oil for Dry Skin

Are you getting enough omega 3 fatty acids in your diet? Salmon is one source. Ground flax seed and Fish oil capsules are easier to use. You will see a difference in your skin in one month of taking fish oil capsules twice a day. (01/28/2009)

By guest

RE: Omega oils....

Unfortunately, I haven't given fish oil capsules a chance. I have started and stopped twice in taking them because I cannot get passed the belching effect. It seems when this has happened, I start freaking out at the taste of the fish oil. Do you know of a particular brand that has worked for you? What about the flax, do you spread it on yougart, salads or something else? Please let me know and thank you for the tips!

On another note, do you use olive oil on your face?

By Godiva

RE: Using Olive Oil for Dry Skin

I've heard Crisco works really well, but I haven't tried it myself yet. Sounds strange, but I know some who swear by it. (01/28/2009)

By Angie

RE: Using Olive Oil for Dry Skin

For years I have used the following..melt 2oz of lanolin. add 2oz of olive oil and 2oz of peanut oil. Shake and smooth on skin. Your skin will soak it up. I am 66 years old and no one believes it because I don`t have any wrinkles. This combination of oils actually "feeds" your skin. (01/28/2009)

By castorswind

RE: Using Olive Oil for Dry Skin

I have used sweet oil, which is pure olive oil, for years and really like it. I buy it at Walmart in the pharmacy shelves area. Some people use it warm for ear aches. (01/31/2009)

By PaulaK

RE: Using Olive Oil for Dry Skin

Using any type of oily product on dry skin will not work as good as rubbing it into warm, wet skin. Then carefully blot off any extra. Opening the pores with warm water first allows the moisturizing agent to penetrate the skin rather than just sitting on top. I learned this from an Elizabeth Arden's representative about 50 years ago, so have followed her advice ever since. I am 74 years old now, and no one believes it. No wrinkles. I use Pond's Cold Cream every night in really cold weather as well. That also is applied to warm, wet skin.

I have extremely dry skin, so I know how it can hurt. All the best.
Julia in Coconut Creek, FL

By Julia

Archive: Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I am Italian, 55 years old, and have heard about the use of olive oil as a facial moisturizer. I am certainly going to try it. Isn't the olive oil too heavy for small under eye wrinkles? I've had trouble with moisturizers being absorbed into my eyes and causing irritation and cloudiness. Any suggestions?

LuannD from Western, NY

Archive: Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I've been reading about using olive oil as a moisturizer, and I have one question: What about SPF protection?