Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet

Gasoline odors can be very noxious, especially inside of a car. Since you can't remove your car's carpet it can be tough to remove spilled gasoline. This is a guide about removing gasoline from car carpet.

Disposing of Old Gasoline, Red gas can.
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Tip: Newspaper for Gasoline Spill

By Ethel Gerberick 6 37

I spilled gasoline in the trunk of my car. I solved the odor problem by laying newspaper over the carpet where it was spilled. The paper absorbed the odor and there was no stain to even see where it was spilled. The problem was solved!

By Ethel G. from PA

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Question: Gasoline in Van Carpet

By Ed 1

I had a 2 gallon gas can unknowingly tip and spill contents in the back of our new Ford Van. 1st thing I did was PANIC. Then I soaked up all the gas that I could with rags and spread that green/piney smelly floor clean-up powder to absorb gas wetness in the carpet.

This turned the beige carpet green and my wife PANICKED. Vacuumed it up & scrubbed with Haggerty's Carpet cleaner, the green went. Bought a huge bag of kitty litter and covered the entire floor. Now we Pray and have a sleepless night. Any response or help would be appreciated. Thanks. Edgar from Canada

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By guest (Guest Post) Flag

May 23, 2008

I loaded up a lawn mower on it's side thinking it was empty...wrong!!!

I put a disposable pampers diaper on it, opened up as wide as possible, absorbant side down, and put a heavy weight on it for a day. When I removed it, the diaper was full of the gas and the smell was gone! If yours is dry, you could re-wet it with water and the diaper will draw up the moisture-gas and all. Yours sounds like a much bigger spill than mine, so you would have to use many diapers, but it would be worth the cost of a bag of diapers to get rid of the smell!!! I guess you might have to repeat the process if it is really deep. I happened on this idea, because I always have extra diapers in my van, and it was the only absorbant material I had at the time!

Good Luck! Let me know if you try it, and if it works.


melissasue1968 (remove spaces to contact me)

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Question: Removing Spilled Gas from Car

I spilled gas in my car about two weeks ago and used coffee; that didn't work. I also used Mr. Clean and washed the floor of my car. The kitty litter didn't work either, what else can I try?

By Melissa

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Most Recent Answer

By brucedrivesfast 2 Flag

June 3, 2014

Gas Off at Walmart. I use probably a bottle/month. Does the trick.

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Question: Gas Smell in Car's Trunk

By Rafael 1

How do you remove gasoline smell from the trunk of a car?

By Rafael from NYC, NY

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By Anne 2 14 Flag

July 2, 2010


I saw this tip once for a lady who had spilled a gallon of milk in the trunk. She was told to buy a bag of charcoal briquettes for the grill (the kind without lighter fluid), lay the bag in the trunk and split it open on top side. She said that leaving that in there for a while absorbed all of the smell and totally got rid of it. Hope this works for gasoline too!


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Question: Gasoline Smell in Trunk Even After Removing Carpet

By Marg C. 1

How do I get the smell of gasoline out of the metal in my car trunk after the carpet is out?

By Marg

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Most Recent Answer

By Hinda L. 1 Flag

November 30, 2014

I also have gasoline smell in back of my van from a spill. How do I get it out?

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Question: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet

By Wen 1

A gas can spilled over on my carpet in my Tracker. I have read about the coffee grounds. Is it just coffee from the can or dried out used coffee grounds? It is also 4 degrees out and I can't air it out much with freezing rain and snow. Brrrrr

Man it stinks and I have severe breathing problems as it is.
Thank you.

By Wen from NH

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Most Recent Answer

By nj bartolini 4 9 Flag

October 26, 2011

Try using kitty litter to soak up both the smell and any remaining liquid. Change it until smell is gone. Good luck.

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Question: Getting Gas Odors Out of My Car

How do I get this solved?

By Cliff T from Greenville, SC

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Question: Removing Gasoline Smell from Car Carpet

How do I remove the smell of spilled gasoline from my car carpet?

By Kay

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Question: Remove Gas Smell from Car Carpet

By urjustright 1

How do I remove gas smell from my car carpet?

By Rita D.

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Question: Removing Gas Odor on Car Carpet

How can I remove the gas odours from my car after gas being spilt on the carpet?

By Julie K.

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Question: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpets

I would like to know how to get spilled gas out of your car's carpets.

By Marleen

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Archive: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet

I spilled gasoline from a 5 gallon container in the back of my mini-van on the carpet and now cannot remove the smell. I tried suctioning it out with a steam cleaner and then cleaning it with steam cleaner odor remover and cleanser, but the smell is still so strong it's nauseating. Please help.

Dot DiGirolamo

RE: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet 08/26/2003
The first thing to do when gas is spilled is to try to wick out all of the gasoline with paper towels. Then soak the area thoroughly with a mixture of 1-2 cups of white vinegar mixed with 1 gallon hot tap water. Pour this on the area and use clean white rags and a brick to take the water back up. Rinse with hot water mixed with 1 1/2 cups of baking soda. Then take the water back up. If you have a wet/dry shop vac, that might work as well as the rags and brick but keep vacuuming until no more water comes up.

For more general ways to get rid of the lingering smell, put a tray or box full of kitty litter in the back of the van. It will help to absorb the odor. Putting baking soda down on a dry rug will also help. Let it sit over night then brush it up.

By Anna
RE: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet 05/19/2005
Well, I have to admit this didn't work for me. It just spread the mess around even further. My husband had a better solution - isopropyl alcohol. I also used it on the plastic where the gasoline has leaked through the carpet, then a little soap and water. It's been about 6 days and the smell is nearly gone. The carpet is doing much better as well.

1. If you can, remove the carpet from the car.
2. Air dry for a couple days
3. Douse with isopropyl alcohol (I soaked the area)
4. Air dry
5. Wash with soap and water, rinse and air dry again for a couple days

By Karen
RE: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet 08/14/2005
My mother-in-law spilled kerosene in her SUV and she had to have all new carpet installed but her insurance company paid for it. I can't remember if it was her car insurance or homeowners' insurance. It doesn't hurt to find out.

By mkymlp
RE: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet 09/02/2005
Gasoline is hard to clean because it's an oily solvent. Soap and water only spreads it around. There are a couple of tricks to try.

Call places that do auto detailing (cleaning) and ask them if they have specialized procedure for just this problem. Careful, though, if they don't give you specifics, they'll probably just vacuum the car and give you one of those little cardboard deoderant trees that smell like crap.

Check your local automotive supply, even the commercial public places like Pep Boys, AutoZone, etc. They often have specialized cleaners that are made just for this purpose.

Next trick you can try is to use dry-cleaning solvent. This may be tough to get depending on the laws of your state, province or country. It works like a charm, but be sure to test it on an inconspicous part of the carpet first. Be sure to have plenty of ventilation, or take the carpet right out of the car.

You may be able to buy some from your dry cleaner on the sly, particularly if you regualrly bring in clothes and you explain what the problem is.

You can also try other solvents that will dissolve the gasoline and then evaporate themselves, like acetone. Acetone is the main ingredient in nail polish remover. Acetone is a pretty nasty solvent on its own, so make sure the carpet is colorfast and make sure to have plenty of ventilation.

A final note: make sure that the area under the carpet isn't soaked, too, or this will all be for nothing. The smell will come right back.

By Zildjean
RE: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet 10/10/2005
I have been detailing autos for 5 years now, and I've ran across this problem more than most. To completely remove this odor you must raise the carpet in the areas of spill. remove the padded backing from the carpet, then have the carpet steam cleaned. replace new backing pad to the carpet. Now the smell will not be gone yet, because the rest of the interior has absorbed the smell. So i recommend a spray bomb or a febreeze. It may work. Do this with windows up, for an hour or 2, then let vehicle air out. The last step may need repeated... seems like a lot to do but trust me its cheaper than buying a new car... good luck!
By chuck d
RE: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet 03/08/2006
I spilled a little bit of gas in the back of my Jeep Cherokee and it has seemed impossible to get rid of the smell and fumes. I have tried everything and nothing has worked. EXCEPT, I took someone's advice about ground coffee. So far, So good. I will update the site in a few days to let everyone know if it REALLY works!
By Chris Cherokee
RE: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet 03/12/2006
I tried all the tricks too but could never get the smell out. It was really bad on very hot days where had to run AC. I replaced my carpet with a $150.00 aftermarket carpet kit. It took some work to install but solved the problem. I probably should have done this first instead of last.
By JamesLane
RE: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet 04/29/2006
I tried the acetone first and then the alcohol. Seemed to significatly help, after it was sun dried, and completely dry.
By Lamedwufnik

Archive: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet

How do you remove gasoline from my car's carpet?

Ingrid from Blind Bay, British Columbia


RE: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet

First of all. A basic chemical property is that "likes dissolve likes". So, in order to remove gasoline you must use an oil based product. I used Lestoil and water and rubbed it into the gasoline (let it sit for about an hour.) Then, I took detergent (like Tide) with water and rubbed that into the area (let it stand for another hour). Then I used a vacuum cleaner that aspirates water. I dried the whole area (and let it finish air drying about 1/2 hour). Then I poured rubbing alcohol over the whole area and let it air dry for 2 hours. The smell was gone. (08/28/2006)

By Isabel

RE: Removing diesel fuel from Car Carpet

Clean area with Dawn or Joy, vacuum with a shop vac. Take a cake pan or some large surface container and cover the bottom of the container with vanilla. Set the container in the vehicle for 24 - 48 hrs and the vanilla will absorb all the odor. (08/31/2007)

By John S.

RE: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet

What will help is if you simply leave the item (car or whatever) open in the sun all day. Gas will evaporate given enough time. At least enough to make it bearable, until one can try one of these more involved methods. (01/27/2008)

RE: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet

Just sprinkle the unused dry coffee grounds all over any spots or smelly areas. I bought the cheapest brand and sprinkled it liberally. If you want, every couple of days you can swish them around, but after about 2 weeks the smell should be gone. Just clean the grounds out. If it still smells, do it again. This worked for me when I got kerosene in the back of my car. It just smells like coffee inside your vehicle and not the gas/kerosene. You can then wash it with a solution of Dawn and water. (07/09/2008)

By carnation037

RE: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet

Gasoline leaked from a container in the back seat of my SUV the other day while I was driving home from a gas station. The odour was horrendous by the time I got home as it had soaked a two foot square section of the carpet. I purchased some Prosolve Carpet Cleaner and sprayed it on yesterday morning and it worked wonders. Today there was only a minor smell and I sprayed it again. It is drying now, but I suspect the smell will be entirely gone by tomorrow.

I sprayed the section of the carpet liberally with Prosolve and rubbed it around. I then let it sit 15 minutes. I then used toweling paper (2 rolls) to blot it up until the area was dry. I left the car doors and windows open for a few hours to let the air at it and then closed them overnight.

As I said, when I opened the car this morning, the smell was almost completely gone. And there was no discolouration of the grey carpet at all. I went through the process today, but did not need to use as much Prosolve.

I was amazed at how simple this process was. Having read earlier posts I was concerned I might not ever get rid of the smell. Fingers crossed.

Cheers (09/10/2008)

By manotick

RE: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet

I had a gas can in the back seat of a car and some spilled out. First I opened the trunk and passage way to the backseat and put a house fan on the floor of the backseat. Leaving the trunk and windows open I left the fan on overnight in the garage for a couple of days and that took care of the problem. I also sprayed Febreze in the trunk and backseat.


By Gary B

Archive: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet

Gas was accidentally spilled from the can while sitting on the floor between the seats of the car. The carpet still smells of gas after many days with the windows rolled down, brrrr. How do we get rid of the smell?

By 3catslady from Epworth, IA

Archive: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet

How do I get gas smell out of my car carpet?

By reeski55 from San Leandro

Archive: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet

DH spilled gasoline on the carpet in our car. The smell is horrible. How can I get rid of the smell?

By Barbara from Middletown, DE


RE: Removing Gasoline from Car Carpet

I spilled some gas on my dad's brand new Suburban, not a lot, but the smell was sickening. I tried every thing, but only two things helped. I used Muphy's oil soap mixed with water (1/2c to 1g), and rubbing alcohol. Scrub/soak the area with the oil soap water then let it sit for an hour or so then use a shop vac to suck it up. Repeat until the smell is almost gone when you stick your nose right up to the carpet. Then let the carpet dry in the sun, fans help to. When it is completely dry take a clean rag, soak the rag in rubbing alcohol and liberally wet down the area of the spill. Let this air dry. When that's done it should smell much better. Hope it helps (06/12/2010)

By arem250

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