Windshield Washers Not Spraying

Windshield Washers Not Spraying

When your windshield washers won't spray, there are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the cause and repair options. This is a guide about windshield washers not spraying.



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Question: Windshield Wiper Fluid Pump Not Working

I just picked up my truck from having the power steering cooler, radiator, steering shaft, and ball joints fixed. Now, my dashboard shows the wipers' indicator on. The wipers work, but the fluid won't pump out. I filled it up to the brim to make sure I had fluid, still nothing. Did the technician do something accidentally that can be fixed easily on my own? Should I bring it back only to find out something else is "faulty"?

By Joseph


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By Louise B. [6]12/09/2013

By all means take it back and ask, although I think it is unlikely that the pump was damaged by the other repairs; I suspect it was time for it to die.

Question: Windshield Wiper Sprayers Not Working

My windshield washers have just recently stopped working. The wipers work fine, but no water comes out. I know there is plenty of fluid in the receptacle because I've had it checked. Does anyone have a simple solution I can try before taking my car to repair shop? I know nothing about cars other than they go frontwards and backwards.

By Sharon from Mackinaw, IL


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By milkman6912/03/2010

Same thing happened to me last week. It turned out to be the switch at the end of the wiper arm.

Question: Front Windshield Washers Not Spraying

I have a 2008 Ford Edge and both of the front washers will not spray, but the back one will. Does anyone know why this would happen or what I need to do to fix it?

By Ashley

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By Louise B. [6]02/15/2015

You can likely unclog these yourself, but if you are not comfortable doing this, it is the sort of job that my regular mechanic does for me for no charge when I get an oil change, or if I just pop in. This is why it is a good idea to develop a relationship with a good mechanic in a smaller shop, so they will help you with these little chores because you are good customer.

Question: Windshield Wiper Help

I have a 2011 VW Jetta S. My wipers work fine on all settings. But when I pull the wiper stem (on steering column) to get washer fluid to spray, nothing comes out. The wipers don't move or even try. I hear no sound or anything. Please help.

By Dylan

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By robin p05/25/2015

Hi Dylan, did you get a solution to this problem? I am having the same issue with my 2011 Jetta. I thought it was low on fluid but when I pull the trigger for washer fluid I get no fluid and wipers don't activate either. I'm hoping it's a fuse. I just wondered what your solution was if you don't mind sharing.
robin311 AT comcast.net

Question: Windshield Washer Fluid Pumping Out Under the Car

My windshield washer fluid is not spraying on the windshield, but puddling out on the ground. It is not a leak, but when I push the button in the car to spray you hear the pump and then see the fluid on the ground under the car.

By Renee

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By Louise B. [6]02/25/2013

It is likely a leaky hose, but it could just be a spray nozzle that is pointing the wrong way. If you have no notion of what you are doing, take it to a small shop; this is the sort of thing that they fix for next to nothing.

Question: Windshield Washers Not Spraying

I have a 2006 Honda CRV. The windshield washer spray only dribbles out when activated. If I release the hood latch, it works great. The nozzles seem to be clearing the hood, no water on hood. Is there a ground involved here?

By Bob

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By Heidi B.11/28/2014

I have the same vehicle but it's a 2000. Same issue also except mine doesn't work with hood open. Sounds like there is something kinking the line when your hood is closed. Check the line, follow it from reservoir to nozzle, should see a dent or some sign of being closed off. What I am going to try is using a compressed air sprayer (as in electronic duster, just air in s can) & disconnect nozzle & should see bubbling in reservoir (fill 1st) if clears line. If not few other things t try b4 replacing lines. Oh ya, 1st off make sure you hear pump running. In your case pump seems to be running. Hope this helps!

Question: Windshield Washer Nozzle Not Spraying

How do I clean the nozzle?

By Wheat H.

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By Louise B. [6]10/21/2014

Locate the nozzle and be sure it is pointed in the correct direction. If the holes are clogged, you can just poke them out with a needle or something similar.

Question: Windshield Washers Not Dispensing Cleaner

My 2010 Cadillac CTS wipers work, but no wiper fluid will come out.

By Dee from Dallas, TX

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By Alicia [6]04/08/2014

The easiest thing to check first is the tank, and make sure there is fluid in it. If it's full check any hoses that go to the wipers, they may be unhooked somewhere. If everything seems okay then it would be the pump not pumping the fluid, so it won't spray out. It is also a possibility that the holes where the fluid sprays out of the wiper is clogged. You're supposed to be able to clear the clog with a needle or pin. Id check YouTube for a video on how to do this, or even search wipers won't spray, and see what you can come up with.

Question: Windshield Washers Not Spraying

My windshield fluid is not spraying, but if I disconnect the tank and lift it even with the wiper motor, it works. When I put it back in its original spot, it doesn't work. I can't figure that one out.

By Leo from Detroit, MI

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By Scott S.12/18/2013

The description of the system working with the resevoir in a higher position may indicate a pressure issue and that the pump is gradually failing. Test this by disconnecting the line, running it downward and activating the washer switch. If it drives fluid downward, (but not upward), it's not producing sufficient pressure and needs to be replaced.

Question: Windshield Washers Not Spraying

I have a 2005 Honda Civic. My windshield wipers work, but no fluid comes out when pressed. I don't hear the pump when doing this. Could it be a pump issue or something else?

By Don

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By Frugal Sunnie [11]12/15/2013

The jets are probably clogged. Or the line is kinked where you can't see the line for all the engine box clutter.

Try using a thin wire to clear the jets - you'll find those where the bonnet (hood) meets the windscreen (windshield) aimed up at the centre of your windscreen. They look like tiny nozzles, one on each side of the bonnet, and because of the location are easily clogged with specks of road grit, sand-dirt-mud, etc.

You can find more tips on clearing clogged windscreen fluid jets by using your make/model/year+clogged windscreen(shield) fluid jets as a search term - the search should bring up several pages of Honda owner forum threads with great advice.

If that doesn't work you might want to have the car looked at by a mechanic who has the tools and training to clear the jets and check the feed lines to be sure there are no kinks.

If you live in an area with annual inspections it would be best to get this sorted before your car undergoes the annual because on the spot repairs are always much more costly than if you have it dealt with by the mechanic of your choice.

Question: Car's Windscreen Washer Doesn't Work

My Vauxhall Astra's windscreen washer won't work, but the wipers do. I can't even hear the pump.

By Kenny

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By Krista Shackleford [3]03/22/2013

Could be the lines are clogged?

Question: Windshield Washer Not Working

My windshield cleaner does not work. Could it be clogged? How do I fix this?

By Ellen

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I mean this very respectfully but is their fluid in the reservoir? A couple of years ago I had filled mine but two days later it wasn't working and thought something was clogged. Had it looked at by mechanic and it turned out there was no fluid (after just two days) because of a leak in the bottom of the reservoir. The thought never crossed my mind that it could be a leak.

If this is your case it's expensive to replace (both the labor and the part) so if you know someone with the right tools and under the hood knowledge who might do the labor for free or low cost you can either order the appropriate reservoir for your car from a parts store or even try using the appropriate type of repair sealer first (probably also available at a auto supply store).

Question: Repairing a Rear Windshield Washer Sprayer

The rear hatch sprayer on my Rendevous is not spraying onto the window. You can hear the pump. Water will run out of the last rear passenger seat belt area. Where does the line run?

By Vicki

Question: Replacing Windshield Washer Sprayers

How do I get my front washer sprayers on my 2009 CRV LX changed?

By Joe

Question: Water Leaks When Using Rear Window Washer

I am getting a bath when I try to use the rear window washer. Water drips from near the top of the windshield edge and overhead panel. No water reaches the rear window.

By capy bill

Question: Windshield Washer Not Spraying

Washer fluid comes out of the hose when it is not connected to the wiper. When it's connected to the wiper, it doesn't come out.

By Anson C. from Detroit, MI

Question: Windshield Washer Won't Spray

I can't get my windshield washers to spray. All the lines are clear of any clogs and I checked all counting parts and used wire to clean out spay holes on top of hood, but they still won't spay. How do I remove them to clean them better without breaking them?

By ROBINANDTODD from Adelanto, CA

Question: Repairing Rear Windshield Sprayer

The hose disconnected from the rear windshield. It sprays on the inside of my van not the outside of the window. How do I fix or reconnect? It is a Montana 2004 extended van.

By Diane

Question: Windscreen Washers Not Spraying

I have a 2007 Ford Territory. When hose is disconnected from sprayer, water flows. Does any one know how to clear blockage in the jets?

By Dave

Question: Replacing a Windshield Washer Pump

Where is the windshield washer pump on a 1998 Acura 2.5 tl? I can change it if I know where it is. The tank is in the fender wall with no access.

By Bruce

Question: Chevy Blazer Front Windshield Washers Not Working

My 2000 Chevy Blazer has front and rear windshield washers with separate switches. The front washers do not work. The fuse is good. I plugged in a new multifunction switch and the front washers still do not work. The pump does not run on the front end with either switch.

By Bob M.

Question: Windshield Washers Quit Spraying

The front and rear windshield washer are not working; they quit at the same time. I have tried blowing out the lines from the pumps. I also checked the fuses, tried two used pumps, and have tried putting in different relays (used). When I push the buttons neither one does anything.

By Gary R from Buffalo, NY

Question: Windshield Washer Pump Not Working

I have a 2010 Sonata. The washer fluid pump not working. The wipers work so it is not the fuse. There are no motor sounds so I am assuming that the motor is bad. How difficult is it to change the motor for the window washer? Are there any guides out there I can review first?

By Joe

Question: Car's Windscreen Washer Doesn't Work

My Vauxhall Astra's windscreen washer won't work, but the wipers do. I can't even hear the pump.

By Kenny

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Archive: Windshield Wiper Sprayers Not Working

Is it possible to fix the sprayers on windshield wipers? The pump works but they won't spray out right. They are the kind that are attached to the wipers.

Tori from Oshawa, Ontario, CA

RE: Windshield Wiper Sprayers Not Working

What I've found is that sometimes they are clogged in the sprayer, the place where it sprays out. Try taking a straight pin or needle and see if you can unclog the place where it is suppose to spray out. I've unclogged a lot of them that way. Also, see if you can disconnect the tube that connects to the wiper and see if the washer comes out when you run the pump. If it does, then the clog is in the last part. Work at it with a pin from the other side. Hope this helps and I've explained it well enough. If that doesn't work, add a little white vinegar to your reservoir and it will help descale the workings. It may help unclog over time.

Susan from ThriftyFun (01/06/2007)

By ThriftyFun

RE: Windshield Wiper Sprayers Not Working

It is usually an inexpensive repair, the worst part is finding out where the loss of pressure happens. Other than what has been described, I have also found a leaking rubber hose before, replacing this fixed it.

One way to locate a leak, should this be the cause, is to fill the bottle with water and just RUN that pump for a good bit and start looking for leaks almost immediately. Of course it will leak due to water dribbling down the windshield so it's a bit hit and miss, but sooner or later you should find it.

Also I use black rubber vacuum tubing to fix it, just get the diameter right and it's way cheaper than the actual OEM hose, cut to size with scissors. (11/14/2007)

By 8307c4

RE: Windshield Wiper Sprayers Not Working

Try using a "tiny" drill bit, slightly bigger than a needle and drill it out. I tried several methods, including; soaking in vinegar, spraying with brake-clean and blowing it out with a blowgun attached to my air compressor. I went to the dealer (Dodge ram) to order a new one, and they wanted nearly 40 bucks for a 2 cent part. I tried Ebay as well and had no luck. That's when I tried the drill bit idea. It worked great! The spray is slightly different, but it cleans my windshield. This size of bit only usually is found in large kits. For "cheap" drill bits, try; harbor freight tools (google) Good luck! Steve (01/27/2008)

By scubasteve817

RE: Windshield Wiper Sprayers Not Working

I had the same problem, and using the straight pin (needle) method I was finally able to solve it. If you decide to remove the sprayer, just be careful not to brake the support that holds it in place (too late for me!). (05/19/2008)

By Manuel in Fort Lauderdale, FL

RE: Windshield Wiper Sprayers Not Working

My motor was working but nothing was coming out. I blew out the lines, still nothing. I ordered a new motor and when I went to replace it, I found that the screen (filter) between the reservoir and motor was clogged with a gel like substance. I cleaned it and flushed out the reservoir with water and reassembled and everything was fine. I had not pulled out the screen because I did not want the 1/2 gallon of fluid to come out, which would have saved me a lot of work to begin with. (08/01/2008)

By Chris W.

Archive: Windshield Wiper Sprayers Not Working

My windshield wipers won't dispense water. Is there a pump that works this?

By Suzette from Charleston, SC

RE: Windshield Wiper Sprayers Not Working

My husband fixed ours. The tank holding the water was cracked, so there was no water. So he mended the tank and now they work. Check under the hood. The plastic tank will be quite visible. (11/10/2009)

By pamphyila

RE: Windshield Wiper Sprayers Not Working

After the obvious check to see if there is fluid in the reservoir, disconnect the line going to the washer-ports [easily seen under the hood; just a simple "pull" is all that is required]. Turn on the engine and activate the "washer mode"; if no fluid is dispensed or you don't hear the pump activating; the pump should be replaced. If fluid is dispensed, reconnect the fluid hose and take a sewing pin and clean out the holes in the washer port; then brush them with an old toothbrush. One of these will remedy your situation. (11/11/2009)

By Cajun62234

RE: Windshield Wiper Sprayers Not Working

My problem was also caused by a crack in the reservoir. If possible, take it out and mend it like pamphyila's husband did because those buggers are expensive to replace. A new one for my car (part only, not including labor) would have been almost $100.00 :-o (11/13/2009)

By Deeli