Cleaning Area Rugs

Downward photo of an area rug in a lobby

Area rugs provide a nice complement to your home decor, but they can become very dirty if they are in high traffic areas or you have kids and pets. Not cleaning an area rug can take years off of its life. This is a guide about cleaning area rugs.


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Tip: Sqeegee for Cleaning Area Rugs

I use a squeegee to clean dog hair from the area rugs. It really works well. It works as good as a rubber broom, and it is much cheaper.

I also use one of those window wipers for the car, that has a squeegee on it for the kitchen floor. It works better than a mop and it is easier to handle.

My kitchen floor needs to be mopped so much, because of the muddy weather around here this time of year and it is a bright color. I love these two tools I use for cleaning.

    By Robyn [369]

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    Tip: Clean Rugs With Vinegar

    When washing area rugs and carpets in your home, eliminate the carpet detergent once in awhile and instead fill the tank with hot/warm water and 1 cup of white vinegar. Carpets tend to build up a lot of soap residue which should be removed occasionally as it actually attracts dust and dirt which sticks to it. Vinegar helps remove it and also works to reduce carpet odors.

    By Pattie from Bridgton

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    Tip: Clean Your Area Rugs at The Car Wash

    Take your area rugs to the car wash to get them super clean! I have done this numerous times with a helper and a truck, and know others who do the same. It's amazing to see the dirt run out off the rug! Then roll them up and load them onto the back of a truck. At home lay the rugs out to dry on the grass or on a sturdy fence.

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    Question: Tips for Rug Cleaning

    I am looking for advice on rug cleaning.

    By Robert from Harwich

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    By Ann Winberg 306 239 03/07/2010

    If you truly want a clean carpet I only recommend Stanley Steamer, they are reasonable, guarantee their work and do great work! I speak from personnal experience.
    They have a spot cleaner that you can buy from any dealer or service person. The secret to keeping a carpet clean to me is keeping the spills treated at the time, not waiting for them to set in so keep a bottle of Stanley Steamer's spot remover on hand and be ready. No I don't work for them I just think they are the best.

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