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Cleaning Your Carpet Without a Machine

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Cleaning Your Carpet Without a Machine

Carpet cleaning machines can be quite expensive to buy and operate. This is a guide about cleaning your carpet without a machine.



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Question: Cleaning Carpets Without a Machine

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can clean my carpet, and spots with one of the homemade cleaners you suggested, BUT without a carpet shampooer and machine?

Clanmackinnon from Buffalo, NY


Most Recent Answer

By Amanda (Guest Post)12/21/2006

When my brother in law visited last, my 3 year old son spilled orange pop on my white carpet (I freaked), bu the poured a little hot water on it, took a towel and covered the spot and used a reagular vaccum hose attachment over the towel so that the liguid was sucked into the towel. It worked better than anything, there was never a stain, and it was finished in under 3 minutes.

Question: Cleaning Carpet

Is there any other way to clean carpeting other than hiring a professional company or purchasing and expensive carpet cleaning machine? I seem to remember someone on this site suggested using a sponge mop, but I didn't read the complete information as I had just had my carpets cleaned professionally.

Thanks for any help.

By Elizabeth


Most Recent Answer

By jack12305/08/2012

I hope you will like that.

Question: Cleaning Carpet Without a Machine

Does anyone have a carpet cleaning recipe that I can spray from a bottle?

    By jrouth07 [1]

    Solutions: Cleaning Your Carpet Without a Machine

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