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Mayonnaise Jar Piggy Bank

A pink piggy bank made from a plastic mayo bottle.

A fun piggy bank can be created from a plastic jar. This guide is about making a mayonnaise jar piggy bank.


Solutions: Mayonnaise Jar Piggy Bank

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Tip: Mayonnaise Jar "Piggy" Bank

I made these piggy banks out of empty mayonnaise jars. I painted the lid and ears (heavy card stock), painted and hot glued dowel rods for the feet, and hot glued on a tail made from a pipe cleaner. I cut out the opening in the top with a knife and hot glued around the sharp edges. My kids just love their piggy banks.

A pink piggy bank made from a plastic mayo bottle. Mayonnaise Jar Piggy Bank

By luv2craft from Normalville, PA

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Craft: Girl's Bank from Mayo Jar

Girl Bank from Mayo JarThis is a bank made from mayo jar.

Approximate Time 30 minutes


  • spray paint
  • acrylic paint
  • brushes
  • jar
  • stencil


Spray paint the jar (you can use pickle or mayo or any kind you choose.) Let dry. Stencil or free hand the design on the jar. You can put on any theme you want. I made this one for my little girl and I left the lid off so she could put her money in. You can seal it and put a slot in the top if you like.

By Sandy from Bluff City, TN

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Question: Painting Plastic Jar Lids

What kind of paint can be used on the lid if you want to paint it another color? I am referring to the mayonnaise jar piggy bank project with a plastic lid?

By Patty M

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By IQD2 3 8 05/12/2012

They sell spray paint just for plastic, at the hardware store. Wash the caps in vinegar first and watch the oil from your hands before painting.

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