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Uses for Cigar Boxes

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Cigars in a Box

From storage to craft projects galore, cigar boxes have so many uses. You can organize with them, decorate them how ever you like, stack them easily and more. This is a guide about uses for cigar boxes.


Solutions: Uses for Cigar Boxes

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Article: Uses for Wood Cigar Boxes

For Organizing

I have a junk drawer and I would think it would be great to use them to hold pens, pencils, loose paper for writing messages. Also, try it in your spice/cooking cabinet to hold things such as marinade packets,yeast packets, loose tea bags, small spice containers, etc.

Use it at Christmas time and wrap it with gift wrap or foil and present gifts with it. Your friends and family will enjoy recycling it over again themselves.

By Nicole

Small Frame or Shelf

I saw this idea on Trading Spaces. You can nail the box to a wall and tack the lid up so that it makes a small "shelf" or a frame. I think on the show they put votive candles in the boxes, but I don't think it would be a good idea to ever light the candles (fire hazard).

By Jill Z

Storing Craft Supplies

I store craft supplies in cigar boxes. To get the tobacco smell out of the box put a couple of tablespoons of baking soda in a cupcake paper inside the box for a few days.

By Carol

Using The Wood

A lot of cigar boxes are made of balsa wood and are dove tailed together. You can take the boxes apart and use the wood in craft projects. My grandfather used to make me doll house furniture out of the wood.

Per the "trading spaces" idea, maybe a candle would be a bad idea, but placed on a wall would make it an excellent shadow box. They may be useful for packaging gifts like a box of soaps, herbs, etc. The boxes can be covered or painted.

By Mickie

Stationery Holders

I've used cigar boxes two ways. Since I'm a stamper, I make sets of notecards for the women in my family every year. Last year I decorated cigar boxes to become stationery holders and tucked the notecards, pens, and stamps inside. This year, my Christmas present is reproducing all of the family recipes. I'm converting appropriately-sized cigar boxes into recipe card files.

By Pat R.

A Treasure Box

When I was a child, cigar boxes were used as "treasure boxes". A good place for the storage of all of the special things I found or was given: a piece of glass polished by the ocean, a feather from a robin, a stone that looked like it had a face, a card that had sparkles and fuzzies on it from a favorite aunt or friend. It was universally known to be off-limits to parents. I painted a pirate chest on the top of one and sent it (with a less adult explanation) to the 3 year old son of a friend. He loved it, and still brings it to our home to show us his new "treasures". The original that I had was a cardboard cigar box, but you get the idea!

By Weatheredoaks

Cigar Box Guitars

I've started making cigar box guitars from them. They are cheap, strong, and the wooden ones resonate fairly well. As a finished instrument, they sound very similar to an Old Time banjo. They are a lot of fun to play too.

By Bill Jehle

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Question: Crafts Using Cardboard Cigar Boxes

I have serveral cardboard cigar boxes and I am not sure as to what to do with these to make good use out of them. Any ideas?

By D Partain


Most Recent Answer

By Joyann03/29/2012

These look like fun projects.
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Question: What to do with Cardboard Cigar Boxes

I need some ideas on what to do with about 30 cardboard cigar boxes I got at an auction this afternoon. Some are pretty old and some are not. Any ideas?

Tammy from Virginia


Most Recent Answer

By Brandy05/20/2009

Most cigar stores sell these wonderful boxes for little. $1.00 each at my store. The ones with the little hinges are great for glue crafts. I made my husband (a cigar smoker) a specility Cigar Storage box with Air Force Fabric and gold braided trim glued on. Then I decoupaged a personalized poem inside and the date, and occasion. He was so touched & just loved it!