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Drying Green Onions

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Green onions on white background.

Whether you grew your own bumper crop or found a great deal at the super market, you now have an abundance of green onions. One good method of storing them is by drying. Dried onions can be stored in a small space and used as needed. This is a guide about drying green onions.


Solutions: Drying Green Onions

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Tip: Wild Onions

Harvest wild onions for use during the year. You can also buy green onions at the store and cut off the tops and plant the bulbs in your garden. They will continue to grow each year so long as you do not remove the bulb. You may however dig up the bulb if you do not want it to grow back again. Cut the tops off close to the ground. You can cut them up and cook right away, store in fridge or freezer in food storage bags for later use. You can also tie the tops in bundles and dry them by hanging them up to dry out. You can speed up drying by placing them on a cookie sheet and baking in oven on 200 degrees F for 2 to 3 hrs until dried. Remove and store for later use. I chop them up really fine and put them in the herb shaker jars you get at the store. You can dry all herbs in the oven this way always having a supply on hand for free.

By Southernbelleklb from Jefferson, LA

Tip: Microwaved Dried Green Onions

I first chop the onions in small rings (the same size I would use in a recipe), layer between sheets of paper toweling, put in the microwave for intervals of 30 seconds until they seem dry, then place them in small freezer bags. When I want to use some in a recipe, I just scoop out what is required and put the rest of the bag into the freezer. They keep their bright green colour and taste as well.

By Elayne from Dalhousie, Nova Scotia

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