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Reusable Gift Wrap Ideas

While very pretty, wrapping paper can be costly and is generally only used once. An alternative to the traditional gift paper is to wrap your gift in a reusable item such as a cloth tote, a baby blanket, or a flower pot; you get the idea. This is a guide about reusable gift wrap ideas.

Reusable Gift Wrap Ideas, Decorated flower pot as gift container.
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August 18, 2009 Flag
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I am really excited about this one and wanted to share this with my Thrifty Fun Family!

I have never heard of Furoshiki before and this is the absolute coolest! Not only is it a green way to wrap gifts (the cloth itself being an extra gift), but it can also be used as a purse/carrying case!


The tutorial says to use a piece of square fabric, but you can mold/fold even a rectangular piece in to a square. Hope you get as excited about this as me :-)

The first link is a video tutorial, the second link is a PDF file that gives several other gift item wrapping instructions and the third link is the history of Furoshiki

Source: A girlfriend sent me the video and I googled more about Furoshiki. Here's the video:

By Deeli from Richland, WA

Editor's Note: Two of the links did not work, so we have included a Wikipedia entry on Furoshiki

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December 14, 2010 Flag
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I've been collecting inexpensive cloth tote bags for gifts. I buy these tote bags at grocery stores and thrift shops. They cost $1 or $2. I put birthday and Christmas gifts inside the reusable tote, instead of a gift bag or wrapping paper. I'm saving money, recycling, and the recipient gets a handy cloth or recycled tote bag. I've picked up some really nifty tote bags over the summer.

By RuralAngel from Dover, DE

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December 20, 2013 Flag
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I love the holidays, but I really don't like wrapping gifts and bags can get expensive to buy.
So now I use cloth or Tyvek shopping bags (like the ones found in all stores' check outs) to wrap gifts.Reusable gift bag.
Look for ones that have great designs (they are cheaper then buying paper gift bags and stronger too!)

I went to an online printer and purchased 5 of them, adding a photo of a painting I had painted, but you can even add a photo of a family member or pet for personalized bags. Great memories or laughs too!

You can use them again and again each year too.

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    December 27, 2010 Flag

    You can use gift bags not directly related to the occasion with some ingenuity. I cut out candy images from an advertising mailing and put them on non-Christmas bags to make them more festive. This way I can use pink and violet bags, for example. Candy colors, no? Think of sugar plums!

    You could save old greeting cards and paste/tape them onto gift bags or store bags. (I touched up the slight wear on a metallic bag with a permanent magic marker - They are wonderful!)

    Collect colorful magazine images and newspaper ads, etc. and crumple instead of tissue. Coordinate with the colors of the gift bag(s).

    P.S. Did you know that you can IRON tissue paper on a very LOW iron to refresh it? And many ribbons can also be ironed, just make sure you don't try that on the lurex (metallic) ones, as they might melt!

    By pamphyila from L.A., CA

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    September 17, 2009 Flag

    My daughter in law has been going through the granddaughter's toys and arranging them by type, like Barbie's, etc. She purchased some plastic bins of different sizes for this task.

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    January 15, 2007 Flag
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    Give your gifts in this huge wow factor container.


    • Cleaned dried cylindrical container (example: coffee tin, oatmeal holder)
    • Artificial flowers, leaves, berries, birds, including one long strand which wraps around the container about 1 1/2 to 2 times
    • Contact paper or paint
    • Hot glue gun


    1. Cover the container with contact paper to eliminate any label. Alternatively, spray or craft paint the container and let dry.
    2. Starting at the top edge of the container (not inside), hot glue the long strand of leaves working in a downward spiral direction.
    3. Hot glue an arrangement of artificial leaves and flowers near the top of the container. Hide wires with single leaves.
    4. Working in a downward spiral direction, hot glue another arrangement of items on the container.
    5. Repeat until you reach the bottom of the container. There should be only 3 or 4 arrangements depending on the container size.
    6. Hot glue an arrangement on the lid, including a focal piece such as a bird.
    Voila! So impressive. NOTE: This craft can be designed with a theme in mind. Example: use red and pink items and hearts for Valentine's Day, or autumn leaves and dried grasses for Thanksgiving time.

    By Pretty cheap jewelry from California

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    July 26, 2010 Flag
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    Sustainable, reusable shopping bags, that all stores now offer with their logo, make great and very reasonable gift bags. The grocery bag costs $2.00 or less, decorator gift bags can cost as much as $7.00 to $10.00. The best part is the grocery bag can be reused many more time than paper. The proposed tax on traditional paper or plastic grocery bags makes this gift idea even more economical.

    Source:My own idea. It started out as a joke with a Good Will bag for my sister's birthday.

    By bgd48 from WI


    Use Reusable Grocery Bag As A Gift Bag

    I've actually done this myself, it's a great idea and everyone needs reusable bags! :) Thanks for sharing (06/11/2009)

    By freya1970

    Use Reusable Grocery Bag as a Gift Bag

    I have done this several times. First time was when I bought a baby gift at BabysRUs and saw their reuseable bag. Bought the bag and put the gift in it and gave it to the new mother at the shower. I told my daughter and she's done it also since then. Great at a wedding shower too.

    Target's bags are really pretty. Makes a lot of sense and saves money to boot. (06/20/2010)

    By MsPatricia

    Use Reusable Grocery Bag as a Gift Bag

    I have done this for years, first with the paper and now with the plastic. If I don't care for the logo, I make something fitting and glue it on. Looks better than bought! (06/20/2010)

    By Toebeanie

    Use Reusable Grocery Bag as a Gift Bag

    Great Idea! I've been making my own reuseable grocery bags from crocheting, making some out of Tshirts and other things which would normally be given away or tossed. Your idea has given me a way to share what I am making. Two gifts for one! (06/20/2010)

    By deethundercloud

    Use Reusable Grocery Bag as a Gift Bag

    deethundercloud, making and gifting Reusable shopping bags is a great idea!

    By Mara

    Use Reusable Grocery Bag as a Gift Bag

    This is a great idea. I am a reuser at heart; can't believe I never thought of this. Especially good if you are bringing groceries to someone's home to cook or bake something for them. (06/20/2010)

    By mtgmom

    Use Reusable Grocery Bag as a Gift Bag

    I can't claim to have done this before, but wish I had thought of it and I will do it now because it is a fab idea! (06/20/2010)

    By mrs christmas

    Use Reusable Grocery Bag as a Gift Bag

    "Great mind's think alike" ; ) I'm been doing this myself for sometime. Perhaps others will catch on as well. Nice to see it posted. (06/20/2010)

    By Snowflake01

    Use Reusable Grocery Bag as a Gift Bag

    Great idea! I have begun to see some stores don't have their actual logo on the cheaper bags. Gonna do this one! (06/20/2010)

    By Shelyn

    Use Reusable Grocery Bag as a Gift Bag

    Such a good idea. I will definitely use this tip! Actually, I quit buying the gift bags last year. I started buying the clearance tote bags and started putting the gifts in those. They can be reused and are great for picnics, overnight bags, book bags or whatever and cost the same as a gift bag. I hated paying $5-10 for gift bags, using them once and having them thrown away. This store bags are an even better idea. (06/20/2010)

    By ericalynn

    Use Reusable Grocery Bag as a Gift Bag

    Three thumbs up. Thank's for posting this great idea. (06/20/2010)

    By PamelaW

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    August 18, 2009 Flag
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    Have you ever heard of a "furoshiki"? Basically it is a square of soft fabric - like a large bandanna - that can be used in many ways for carrying items.

    I have used this in various ways over the years, after learning of it during the 4 years I lived in Japan. Daily, I use one to wrap my lunch. I simply set my lunch items in the middle of a large cotton square, and tie up the opposite corners, leaving a little bit of slack for a handle. When I get to the cafeteria, I can open it up and make a placemat, and then when lunch is over I can fold it up and tuck it in my pocket. It is easy to throw in the wash if it gets soiled, and very lightweight. When I used to have to go to the laundromat, I would bundle my laundry in a very large square, leaving enough slack to sling it over my shoulder. The cloth could be thrown right in the wash with everything else, and then I would spread it out, fold the laundry into it, and carry everything home.

    I have made them for people and used them as giftwrap, so the wrapping was something useful to them also.

    The link below shows tying diagrams for carrying everything from watermelons to wine bottles - all with just a square of cloth.

    By Regina from Rochester, NY


    Furoshiki For Green And Frugal Carrying

    That's really cool! To think that I could have one to match my outfits if I wanted! Or color coded for different uses -
    How big of squares would I need for the different purposes? Thanks ! (07/19/2007)

    By melody_yesterday

    Furoshiki For Green And Frugal Carrying

    There is no one set size for furoshiki, they can range from hand sized to larger than bed-sheets. The most common sizes are 45cm and 68-72cm.

    I just use large bandannas for my lunch - about 18 inch squares I would estimate, and the laundry one was about a 3 foot square. (07/20/2007)

    By QueenBeeCrafts

    Furoshiki For Green And Frugal Carrying

    Sounds like the lunch sack "Opie" on the old Andy Griffith Show used to carry on a stick when he went fishin'. How small the world really is. (07/20/2007)

    By dollar out of a dime

    Furoshiki For Green And Frugal Carrying

    In Africa, we called it a kanga, and one of the great uses for it was as a bathrobe, and another one was to carry a child in one. You tie it over one shoulder, drop the baby into it, and the weight of the baby is shared by a hip and the opposite shoulder. Good biomechanics for the spine. Thanks! (07/20/2007)

    By kimhis

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    December 20, 2010 Flag
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    Why buy packaging boxes for money? Instead of throwing away packaging boxes, I save them for use in gift wrapping any items that need boxes.

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    December 14, 2010 Flag
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    Instead of investing in paper gift bags, that are usually used one time, I purchase re-usable totes from various stores!

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    February 16, 2010 Flag
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    s I am not a gift wrapper, I usually buy my Christmas gift bags from the Dollar Store, and of course they are $1.00 each.

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    December 21, 2009 Flag
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    Instead of using wrapping paper or paper gift bags I use reusable grocery tote bags. I watch for bags which do not have printed advertisements on them.

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    November 16, 2009 Flag
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    For Christmas gift wrapping this year, I purchased some of the recycle bags that stores are selling now, canvas and usually green, the cost is usually a dollar.

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