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Uses for Bread Ties

BRead Ties With Faces Painted on Them

Even those small bread clips can be reused or made into a unique craft project. This is a guide about uses for bread ties.


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Tip: Bread Tie Cord Label

Bread tie cord markersI hate when I go to unplug something because there are a bunch of unidentifiable cords plugged in. Many bread bags come with those little plastic ties to hold them shut. These will fit around almost any cord and can be written on with a Sharpie to help identify all of your cords. They are especially helpful with computer cords, so that you don't accidentally unplug the wrong one.

By Laurel from Port Orchard, WA

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Tip: Use Bread Ties to Secure Christmas Lights

I save my bread ties and have found one use for them. I use them to tie the Christmas lights to our fence. Merry Christmas!

By Cathy P. from Alvarado, TX

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Bread Package Clip Necklace

ball chain and bread package clip necklace

Make a unique conversation piece necklace using only bread package clips and a chain!

Approximate Time: Half hour or so, depending on how many you have!

Yield: 1 necklace


  • 500 bread package clips
  • 1 ball chain
Bread Package Clip NecklaceBread Package Clip Necklace


  • String your clips onto your chain until it's as full as you'd like it, and as you collect more, you could keep adding to it forever, or even make a bracelet and earrings to complete the set!
  • By Stacey Silva [54]

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    Tip: Bread Ties as Alternative to Rollers

    Reuse bread ties. When you get out of the shower, put gel in your hair (or not!), twist hair around your finger and twist with a bread tie. Much more comfortable than rollers and hair dries quicker too.

    By duckie-do from Cortez, CO

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    Fun Bread Ties for Kids

    This cute little craft is a great way to recycle and have fun at the same time. You can tie gifts with them or hook a bunch of pals on your shoelaces or pencils. Make some with your friends and trade! Group of finished clips.

    Approximate Time: Time will vary


    • plastic bread ties
    • gesso (primer) or paint suitable for plastics
    • paints and markers
    • clear nail polish


    You can find these plastic ties on most loaves of bread and items such as rolls. They usually have print on one side and a solid color on the other. Bag clips before painting.

    1. If using a primer or gesso, paint the side that is printed on. Allow to dry completely. Do the same if using paints suitable for plastics.
    2. When your tags are dry, it's time to have fun! Some examples.
      Use the pictures in this project or make some of your own. Use a mixture of some areas painted and some details with markers. You can write words, draw logos, or things like flowers. Or make zany creatures like the ones you see here. More examples. Even more.
      You can attach them to the ends of pencils or hook them on your shoelaces. The tips of them looked like feet to me so I made mine into cute little creatures. Have fun and see what you can create!
    3. Last set of three examples.

    4. When done, coat each one with clear nail polish.

    By Mary from FL

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    Tip: Save Your Bread Bag Ties

    Do not throw away your bread ties from the bread bags. I reuse them for opened frozen veggies, or anything that I open that needs a tie. Keep a stash in your kitchen drawer, you will be amazed how handy they become.

    By justinsevaus from Yakima, WA

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    Tip: Use a Bread Closure as a Guitar Pick

    If you can't find a guitar pick, you can instead use one of those small square plastic tabs they use to close bread. My ex used one all the time. He wasn't good for much, but he sure could play that Les Paul.

    By CDR

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    Tip: Uses for Bread Tabs

    My favorite uses for these cute little thangs. Please add your ideas.

    On my Rolodex, I tape bread tabs on the cards most often used. Write the person's name with permanent marker and it's a real time saver.

    This is one item I can't bring myself to throw away. I have a whole china teacup full, isn't that terrible? Other uses I've heard of are using them to scrape a teflon pan and to label extension cords.

    Does anyone have any other ideas for using these, maybe especially in craft projects?

    By Jayne

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      By Joanne Bennett [1]

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