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Home Remedies For Toothache

Man With Toothache

Sometimes we need temporary relief from a toothache until we can get in to see a dentist. This is a guide about home remedies for toothache.


Solutions: Home Remedies For Toothache

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Tip: Remedy for Toothache Pain

To ease tooth ache pain don't buy toothache gel which does a good job numbing the pain but can be expensive. Instead buy a large tube of Sensodyne toothpaste or the dollar store brand of sensitive toothpaste and take some out and place on the spot where the tooth is hurting. This will instantly stop the tooth from hurting and it lasts for hours while the numbing gel (i.e. Ambesol) only lasts for a few minutes. I have tried this and it works. I carry a small tube of the Sensodyne toothpaste in my purse. You can get a free tube of it from the Sesodyne toothpaste website.

By Cherie from Taylor, MI

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Tip: Clove for Tooth Ache

Got a toothache? Relief is on it's way. Place a whole clove inside the jaw next to the tooth that is bothering you. In just a little while, the pain will begin to subside.

Don't have whole cloves? Take a cotton ball,add clove oil, and lay it in the area it is needed. Only use a small amount as the clove oil is concentrated. Most pharmacies sell clove oil or you can buy it from your herbalist.

Note: This is only for temporary relief. If pain persists you should see your dentist.

By Gem from VA

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Tip: A Remedy for a Toothache

For a really painful toothache, dip a piece of cotton in vanilla and put it in the tooth, within 10 to 15 minutes you won't even know you had a toothache. Get to the dentist anyway.

Source: Hand me down from Grandma, she knew everything.

By Kathy from Omaha, NE

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Tip: Toothache Relief

If you have a toothache and can't get to the dentist right away place one or two (or more) whole cloves between the gum and cheek by the affected tooth. It will naturally numb the area for a while. This can be repeated as often as necessary. Cloves are a spice you probably have in your pantry. They are used when you bake a ham.

Source: I learned this from family visits with a variety of generations, passing tips along to the younger people.

By Irene from Williston, FL

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Tip: Tea Tree Oil For Toothaches

Most toothaches are caused by an infection around the tooth. It is between the tooth and the gums causing pressure. Try coating the area with Tea Tree Oil on a Q-tip. Try to keep your tougue away from it, it tastes terrible. Do this two or three times a day if you can. It takes about two days to have an effect. After the pain is gone continue it for one more day as insurance, There are two types of the tea tree oil available, get the one that is about $15, it works.

By Dave from Oshawa, ON

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Tip: Clove for Toothache

Take a clove and let it sit in your mouth for a minute or until soft, then apply over the painful area until the pain goes away.

    By Katie M. [9]

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    Tip: Aleve (Naproxen) to Relieve Toothache

    Last night I had a menacing toothache that would not cease. These are all the remedies that I used and the one that finally did the trick at 9:45 this morning!

    • Clove oil: dabbed a Q-tip in it and spread it in the affected area to no avail.

    • Cinnamon (organic extract oil) and warm water mouthwash: no avail.

    • Himalayan pink sea salt with organic garlic, organic lemon juice, and warm water: no avail.

    • Crushed fresh garlic clove: chewed it on the side of the mouth with the non-offending teeth then moved it to the hurting side to let the juice penetrate: no avail.

    • Dunked a cotton ball in organic apple cider vinegar to no avail (twice, 10 minutes apart).

    • Cotton ball doused in organic vanilla extract: intensified the pain.

    • Rinsed with 3% hydrogen peroxide: no relief.

    • 3 Extra strength Excedrin: no relief, not even a smidgen.

    • 1 512 Oxycodone: absolutely no respite from the pain.

    • Reiki: off and on for an hour: nothing.

    • Vicks VapoRub and Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Gel (topical analgesic that my father uses for his severe arthritis. I was desperate!): I rubbed both onto the exterior cheek where the pain was and the jaw and top of the neck. Finally I got a little relief, but it was minor and temporary.

    • I prayed.

    • I laid down to try to get some rest and decided to "go into the pain" and just feel it all out without resisting as a tactic for maybe breaking through to the other side. All I felt was pain. And then soon after anger. Pain makes you feel a whole range of emotions. By this point, I was pissed off.

    • I swished vodka in my mouth and let it rest for as long as I could in the pained area and finally felt it numbing and the pain decreasing. I could finally, after a 10 hour wrestling match with pain and torment, felt some alleviation.

    • At 7:30 in the morning, exhausted, defeated, and now with a pain that seemed to taunt me, I dragged myself to my mother's house crying and begging for help. She got me a couple of Aleve, I popped them in and went back to bed in a haze. I woke up four hours later with just remnants of soreness and the memory of the horrible night I had. But inexplicable excited that the pain was gone.
    The pain was removed with 2 simple Aleve tablets (naproxen). I still feel intermittent jabs of discomfort but have an 8 am appointment with a local dentist. I know I'll need major work done and I can no longer avoid this dance with destiny. I have a couple of battered teeth and surely an infection.

    My advice is to try the remedies I listed above and see which works for you. So many people swear by the vanilla extract as well as the garlic. For me, the only saving grace was an over the counter pharmaceutical but it was pure heaven and almost instantaneous. Most importantly, take good care of your dental hygiene. It affects all your organs and, if you are lazy about it, you will suffer needlessly.

      By Myrna Luz De J. [1]

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      Tip: Garlic as Remedy for Toothache

      Garlic is another remedy that works on toothache pain. I place a sliver of garlic between the infected area of the tooth and cheek for as long as I can stand it, because the garlic has a peppery taste. The garlic, like cabbage, will draw out the infection and relieve the pain and swelling. Cloves work to numb the infected area also.

        By dee53 [1]

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        Question: Toothache Remedies

        I have a bad toothache. What can I do?

        By Prisie1111 from Palm Springs, CA

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        Most Recent Answer

        By Hallie 5 17 01/12/2011

        My family has used this remedy every time we get a tooth ace, Get a head of cabbage, they are pretty cheap, chop some of it up really small, wrap it in a cloth, and put it on your tooth, it doesn't taste bad! I think it tastes quite good! You leave it in till tastes bad, then take it out and put another one in, it pulls all of the infection, or anything else out and stops the hurt, it will heal the tooth back to normal in just a day or two! Hope this helps!! :)

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        Question: Pain Aid for a Toothache

        I recently had a horrible toothache and nothing worked to stop the pain. Then my soon-to-be hubby brought home a few packets of this stuff called Pain Aid from work. This stuff works so good, but I can't seem to find it any place! It has Acetaminophen, Aspirin, Salicylamide and Caffeine in it. Does anyone happen to know where to find it or something similar to it that works so well?

        Thank you in advance! :^)

        Katie from PA

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        Most Recent Answer

        By heathera515 1 1 07/10/2015

        Katie the medicine u talked bout called Pain Aid, is a wonderful one. I live in Nebraska and the convenience store I manage actually carries these and others continuously. We get it from company called See medical. Look it up!!!!!

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        Question: Temporary Relief for a Toothache

        I need temporary relief for a toothache until I can get to the dentist. Any help would be appreciated.

        Donna from Sacramento, CA

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        Most Recent Answer

        By Chaz 3 02/10/2009

        IT WORKS!
        Okies... Well a friend of mine was suffering from a horrible toothache and had no way to get any medication for it. She called me complaining and had not slept for quite sometime. Well all the old standards I knew about like liquor, oil of cloves, aspirin directly on the tooth etc, weren't available to her. I asked my 90 year old grandmother. She had read something in a 1920's local paper. Sounded nutty to me. But I told my friend about it. And what do you know . It actually worked and she went to sleep within 20 mins comfortably. It's totally natural.

        Take a raisin and split it open. Fill it with pepper. Place on the bad tooth or area where you are hurting and leave it there. Within 20 mins you should be feeling some relief. Don't thank god, Thank my grandma.

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        Question: Homemade Remedies For Toothaches

        Any good remedies for toothaches besides over the counter or oil of cloves?

        Laurie from Marshfield, WI

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        Most Recent Answer

        By Irene (Guest Post) 10/23/2008

        Many years ago, I used a shot of whiskey swirled around the achy tooth and spit out (I was pregnant). It not only helped with the pain, but was a type of antiseptic, until I could get to the dentist. It is imperative you get to a dentist ASAP!

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        Question: Remedy for Toothache Pain

        I have a toothache that has been bothering me for four days now. What can I do to relieve this pain? Everytime I am about to sleep it hurts; so what can I do?

        By Kyle J.

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        Most Recent Answer

        By Cindy 7 160 07/31/2013

        Ibuprofin will work great. Like 3 200mg tablets until you can see your dentist.

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