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Homemade Cold Remedies

Getting over a cold as soon as possible is important so you can keep up with your busy schedule. Many homemade cold remedies work as well or better than store bought remedies. This is a guide about homemade cold remedies.

Woman With A Cold
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October 21, 2011 Flag
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I can't tell you how many people, either in my life or on Facebook, have already been struck down this year with a cold; not just a sneeze, but really ill. So here we go again; what do we do, is there anything?

I have heard like many of you all of the sayings "feed a cold, starve a fever" or is it the other way around? We all really don't know. What about "chicken soup cures a cold" or worse "there isn't a cure for the common cold". Well I know none of the times I have had a bad cold, did it feel common at all! Since I have an auto immune thing going on, I have to try to find every prevention I can, so I thought I'd share a few tips with you and wish you luck to this being the year you don't get sick.

I take supplements anyway so I just increase my vitamin C this time of the year. If you get enough in your diet, you may only want to increase your vitamin C intake when you feel a cold coming on or have one. The earlier the better, is what my doctor says.

Because of my auto immune weakness, I have researched some unconventional ways to help fight off unwanted germs; one being a neti pot. I got mine at an antique store on a half price table (they thought it was part of a tea set), so I was blessed with a real porcelain one. I looked, you can get them at Walmart or online. Most are made of plastic.

White Nedi pot on mat on table

Neti pots are used for sinus infections, prevention, and multiple other things. I use mine a couple times a week for clearing out my nostrils of all germs. You can as I did before use a bottle, or bulb syringe. With the neti pot you just tilt your head, so you can get a even flow of clean (boiled, sterile) water in each side of your nose.

I use only a small amount of salt in mine with it filled up 2/3 way with water. So if you were using a bulb, make a glass of salt water and put a 1/2 teaspoon of salt in it. Too much salt makes your nasal passages dry. If you do this, not only will you help prevent getting a cold, you'll notice your sense of smell is many times better. My doctor mentioned some people have nose bleeds for different reasons (usually from dryness). It helps prevent those also.

I know some of you may think this is uncomfortable; it isn't. It helps you not get a cold or if you have one, clears it up a lot faster. I read it was started in India many centuries ago.

Washing your hands is the most important thing you can do to prevent the whole house from getting sick and keeping yourself well. I take hand sanitizer everywhere. Put a little lotion in the bottle to prevent drying out your hands, or get the cream kind, not just plain alcohol. You need to wash your hands 20 full seconds, as many times a day as needed. I have seen posts on whether or not you need to use antibacterial soap. No, but you do need to wash a full 20 seconds if you're not. The doctors just had this on about washing hands to prevent spreading germs last week. So I feel good about doing it the way my doctor told me. We don't think about everyone touching everything we do until it's too late.

If you come down with a cold, I believe my grandma was right. Chicken soup helps, but it's because of all of the vitamins in it. If you take the time, make sure you get soup without additives or make your own. It does help. Tastes great too!

For sore throats, I do not think some cough drops are worth a dime. I only use the ones without sugar. Building back your immune system is what you need. Keep that in mind with cough drops, tea and what you eat.

So grab a box of tissue, a cup of tea, vitamin C drops, use a Neti pot (bottle or bulb), and have some chicken soup ready. Hopefully this year you will not be out of commission for long. Don't forget to change you sheets and pillow cases, I change my pillow cases 2 times a week always. If you get sick, make sure you wash them right away.

God bless and have a healthy fall and winter.

Source: I saw a Neti Pot on a TV show a few years ago and asked my doctor about if, it would help with my lupus. I always try to keep up on feeling better, taking supplements and what I put into my body.

By Luana M. from San Diego, CA


October 28, 2014 Flag

We've all heard the saying, "Feed a cold and starve a fever," but no one says with what. I have put together a menu from the things that I know are good for colds, together with those I find myself craving in this situation.bowl of chicken soup


The only thing that puts me off my normal buttered toast is the sandpaper throat that heralds a cold. Problem is that most reasonably crispy cereals aren't much better, unless they are left to soak in milk until they have the same consistency as wallpaper paste. My solution is an omelette or scrambled egg with chives. It's easy to swallow, nourishing, and the anti-inflammatory effect of the chives can only be good. I don't worry about watching my salt intake when I have a cold, because my body clearly uses lots of it in the results of coughing or blowing my nose.

Suggested drinks - pure orange juice (for vitamin C content), cranberry juice (anti-inflammatory) or Earl Grey tea - the bergamot helps to clear the nasal passages. Chives and cranberry are also good for preventing secondary bacterial infections.


Ginger cake with Earl Grey tea. Ginger is a traditional treatment for colds or bronchitis, but its strong flavour can irritate a sensitive throat, so ginger cake is a better idea than the neat root. Since pineapple has anti-inflammatory effects, pineapple and ginger cake may be even better.


French Onion soup with strong garlic bread. Assuming that you aren't up to cooking, Baxters does a nice canned French Onion soup. Or maybe potato and leek soup (New Covent Garden chilled soup, if you can get it). Onion, leeks and garlic have similar, but stronger, effects, to those of chives. OK, you won't be nice to be near - but then you weren't looking to be generous with your cold germs anyway. If you have room for a dessert, what about a couple of mandarin oranges or clementines?


High juice lemonade or lemon barley, hot, cold or with honey, according to taste. Or Rosehip herb tea.


What else but chicken soup! Thyme and oregano are both good for colds, so it may be worth adding a little to taste. Noodles and mashed potato are both easy to swallow - or you might have some more garlic bread left. An individual trifle makes an indulgent dessert, easy to swallow, and with milk protein in the custard topping.

Before Bed:

I only ever fancy mulled wine when I have a cold, but then I really enjoy it. Alternatively, a milky drink may help you to sleep, or, if you have a really irritating cough, a herb tea made from oregano, basil and cranberry will taste utterly disgusting, but, in my experience, gave me a solid night's sleep.

If you are prescribed anticoagulants, you should seek your doctor's advice before using garlic, cranberry or ginger.

Source: Personal experience and several herbal websites used to double-check facts.


July 22, 2013 Flag
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I had tried this last year when I had a very bad cold, it worked wonders on me to the point where I won't buy OTC meds now.

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October 2, 2008 Flag
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I have been hit with a very bad cold (knocked me on my rear). I was wondering if anyone has a quick fix, inexpensive, to alleviate the symptoms? I started using Zycam yesterday, my husband swears by it, but it is expensive. Thanks for any suggestions. I know all of us will be getting this again.

Janice from Illinois

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October 4, 20080 found this helpful

After I pray for god's healing, I then take two strong acidolphilus, 50 mg. Of otc zinc, and drink lots of water, gargling with salt water every hour (1 teaspoon per 8 oz. Cold water) if it's gone to my throat.

I stop eating fast foods, which somehow seem to spread germs more in the winter, and stop eating mucous-causing foods such as milk products, especially cheese and ice cream, carefully watching not to eat fresh produce because so many are sick and must shop while coughing over unwrapped veggies, not considering others. Since my daughter once picked cherries in Oregon or California. She said not to buy fresh fruits during the fall to spring season because the poor pickers are frequently migrant workers who are sickly but must work to survive and cannot help but spread their colds as they pick the fruits/veggies.

I try to limit my diet to frozen and canned foods during that time and have prevented a lot of illness using god's wisdom, along with frequent hand washing as described in Leviticus for our good health.

I am more careful when sanitizing. Use paper, plastic disposable plates, cups, flatware i have bought on 70% off sales just for the cold/flu season, or if anyone is sick that visits, taking out garbage more frequently,and am careful about keeping germs inside paper when coughing or spitting.

I also save and recycle all clear plastic / glass containers, jars, small cans for such times as this, which supplement for when the sale items run out first.I found a place that sells 12 toothbrushes for $1.00, Which allows faster healing by changing brushes every two days until well, and rinsing with mouthwash after eating, all helping to prevent reinfection as they do in hospitals with daily new cups and straws. I wash linens more often during any illness, in cold water, bleaching if whites.

Whenever ill, and my son offers to buy otc meds, i usually prefer muscinex for head congestion, and benedryl for the drips, carefully spitting out immediately all mucous that drains or that is released for expectorating into toilet paper roll that I carry around with me until well. : )

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October 4, 20080 found this helpful

Taco sauce --

It only takes mild for it to work on me. Like it is right now after a lunch of taco's from the drive thru. It tends to make me break a small sweat & the next thing you know I feel a little more cleared up.

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October 4, 20080 found this helpful

Honey, check your dollar general they have medicines that are cheap and good. Ok

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October 5, 20080 found this helpful

I stop my colds in one day using this method. Seriously. It works best if you can do this at the first signs of a cold, but it will help if you are in the middle of one, too.

Tea tree oil. (Do not swallow it or use it internally.)

Put some on a Q-tip or your finger and put it in your nostrils. Seriously. The cold virus lives in your nasal passages. At first it will make you sneeze and your nose will run, but you have a cold that does this anyway. With the Q-tip you can get right into all the tough to reach areas in your nose. Be careful not to go too far. Be smart about this and avoid the brain area. lol. I like to deep breathe the fumes when I do this, too, to get the fumes into my sinuses. Use one end of the Q-tip for each nostril.

Rub tea tree oil on your neck glands by your ears, if they are swollen, and on your throat, if you have a cough or sore throat. Wrap neck in towel to keep it warm. If your ears are plugged or itchy, put a little drop on a piece of cotton ball and stick into ears.

Go to bed early. Try for at least 9 hours. Drink lots of water. Eliminate all sugar and refined carbs. Very important. And blow your nose often (but don't rub when you wipe, or you'll get chapped, raw skin.)

Like I said, I've managed to keep colds at bay by doing this. I haven't had a real cold for over three years.

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October 7, 20080 found this helpful

I don't think Ziacam will work unless you begin using it the moment you THINK you are getting a cold. So, if you are already in a full-blown cold, really the old-fashioned rest and lots of fluids works. People don't think they're doing much even when they are just pottering around the house, but that's NOT resting! And lots of water. The more water your body has to process the weaker that virus will be. Bundle up and prepare to be bored watching TV.

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October 3, 2008 Flag
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Looking for homemade remedy for colds.

Wanda from Hinesville, GA

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October 6, 20080 found this helpful


I have made this on several occasions, and I felt better

Flew brew

Juice of one hole in lemon

1/4 cup maple syrup

1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper

Add enough hot water to make 1 c.

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October 6, 20080 found this helpful

When we were little, my best friend's granny used to give us rockcandy that had been soaked in whiskey. It was not enough to cause any problems, but it was enough to sooth. Of course, I wouldn't advise this for kids, but for us adults, it might actually be a little treat.

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November 12, 20080 found this helpful

I take dayquil during the day and nyquil before bed. Take it religiously and the cold will last no more than a day. Also, when you feel a sore throat coming on, a single shot of Jose Cuervo tequila (no lime, no salt) will make it go away.

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November 12, 20080 found this helpful

Got this one from my doctor: gargle (do NOT swallow) with 1/2 hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 water for sore throat. Honey and lemon in tea is good for a sore throat, too. Also, when I get a coughing jag, I take a shot of Jack Daniels.

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January 2, 20090 found this helpful

General Feelings of Sluggishness

Bullshot: a cube of beef bouillon added to a cup of tomato juice, served warm/hot. It's healthful and hearty, and will warm you up from the insides.

Sore Throat or Cough

1 shot of whiskey (any kind you can stand to drink)

1 whole lemon, cut into slices

1 TBSP honey

prig of mint (optional)

Put them all into a small saucepan and warm on low heat, just until it steams a bit, then pour into a coffee cup and drink in small sips.

Head or Chest Cold

1 quart chamomile tea, double strength, hot but not boiling (very warm, really), to sooth the stomach

1/2 C Heinz apple cider vinegar (the kind with vitamin C)

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper to get the mucous to flow, ridding your body of impurities

Stir together and drink by the tablespoon, one at a time, every fifteen minutes, until it's all gone. You may use honey if the taste is just atrocious to you.


Engage in regular neti jala (using a neti pot to clear out the nasal passages) during cold and flu season, and also during allergy season.

Eat plenty of vegetables, fresh or fresh-frozen rather than canned, and plenty of fruit. Don't forget to drink a lot of water/liquids, too.

Get eight hours of sleep every night. Most of the time, a cold is just your body's way of forcing you to finally take a day off and sleep.

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November 4, 2004 Flag
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Here's a recipe that may help your household during this cold and flu season.

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December 6, 2006 Flag
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My dear old great-grandmother, born in 1870's, used a nutmeg poultice for cold congestion relief. I have used it, too, and it works!

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