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Decorating a Room With a Paris Theme

A picture of the Eiffel Tower.

Daydreaming of adventures in Paris is even more fun in a room with Paris themed decor. There are many ways to bring Paris to you home with some creative decorating. This is a guide about decorating a room with a Paris theme.


Solutions: Decorating a Room With a Paris Theme

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Tip: Decorating with a Paris Theme

I wanted people to feel like they were in Paris when they walked into my bedroom, so I started looking at different web sites getting ideas for my room.

I got a mini Eiffel Tower and clock, and a pillow with a city that looked like Paris. I painted my room like a city and painted my bed frame white with the Eiffel Tower and Paris written on it. I added two poodles to the back of my black chair and one to my white chair. I even have a vintage phone I got at the pawn shop that actually works.

Now when you walk in my room, it feels like Paris!

By jonlaike from Sugsta, GA

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Archive: Decorating with a Paris Theme

Hey all, I was wondering if you could help me with my room problems. I'm 15 years old and I want to do a Paris theme for my room.

Archive: Decorating with a Paris Theme

I would like to get some ideas for decorating a bedroom with a Paris theme.

By jasey1 from Midland, TX


RE: Decorating with a Paris Theme

I would find an Eiffel tower and make a lamp out of it. (02/01/2010)

By mom-from-missouri

RE: Decorating with a Paris Theme

Here's several ideas:

On TV, I saw where they took plain pillows, pillow cases or plain fabrics or sheets, then took gray and black fabric markers and wrote French words all over the fabrics. They wrote in a slanted lines and just wrote many French words.

I think it would be nice to copy a love poem or a love letter that was written in French. First lay a yardstick or ruler on the fabric then use a special "disappearing ink" pen from the fabric store to draw your straight lines (these lines will disappear in several hours, for a longer lasting line, buy a marker that comes off when dampened with water). Keep your French words in cursive writing "free and easy" and slanted a bit, not "stuffy and stiff".

As far as colors and themes:

I think that black, gray, and a little silver would be nice with pink as your accent color. This would give the room a 1940's Art Deco look. Or you could use a tea-stained parchment color with these words done in brown to look kind of old and faded. This would be more of a late 1800s Paris.

I'm wondering what a big mural, photo, or artwork of the Eiffel Tower would look like on your closet doors? Or better yet, how about buying a big print of Paris then putting an old window over this print. This would make it look like you were looking out the window on to the streets of Paris!

Then how about hanging a little flower planter window box under that fake window-frame. Put little silk flowers in plastic or real clay pots inside the little window box with silk ivy and Spanish moss trailing down. This window box would look nice in old-looking wood or in black wrought-iron.

Also, think "Paris Cafe" and think of using a round wrought-iron table and chairs as your computer desk.

For prints, you might think of something like can-can girls or old art-print copies. But first, you need to decide the "era" you care going for. This with help you pick your colors. Do you want Old Paris, like late 1800s? Or do you want 1930 and 1940's Art-Deco Paris? Or modern "right now" Paris. Pick an era. If you chose the late 1800s (World's Fair era Paris) you could do can-can women prints along with tea-stained fabrics and lace. With the Art-Deco area: Go with silver, pink, gray, and black with W.W. II area prints.

You want a classy-looking Paris style bedroom and not a "cartoon" of Paris. I think that knowing a bit about the history of Paris and choosing a time period will help you a great deal!

A note:

I did some hand painted tiles and ceramic kitchen accessories for a French woman and French teacher who moved to the USA. She said that each area in France has their own colors and design. The area she was from was Provence and the colors aand designs were Sunflowers, yellow and blue. I don't know what county or state Paris would be or what their colors are, but I thought I'd mention this. (02/01/2010)

By Cyinda

Archive: Decorating with a Paris Theme

I'm 15 years old and am redoing my room. I want to do a Paris themed room and paint my walls lime green at the same time.