Organizing an Apartment

Apartments can be difficult to organize due to their size. When an apartment or any small space is well organized, the space seems larger. This is a guide about organizing an apartment.

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I found this for .50 at a local yard sale. I find that most of these trays are a bit slanted so you can't use them for shelving. But this one was perfect in 3 ways.

Turn a Silverware Tray into a Small Shelf

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When you have limited space where can you store the ironing board? I have a small apartment and we have to iron everyday. Now we leave the ironing board in the narrow hallway which is in the way of traffic. Do you have any suggestions?

By Onesummer

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How about an over the door one, that could be stored on a closet door, or even a bedroom door? Wouldn't have to be down all the time, only when you need it!

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There are hooks to hang an ironing board on the back of a door, available in home centers and hardware stores. You could also slide it under a bed.

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I live in a one bedroom house. I store mine in a closet in the bathroom/dressing room. I iron my clothes once a week on Sunday usually. Takes me about 45 minutes. Then I hang my clothes that I just ironed over the bathroom door so they don't get wrinkled in the closet. Why would you iron everyday? What a pain.

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With a small apartment and a bathroom you literally have to close the door before you (ahem) sit down, I needed more space. Cornelius needed some space, too. Since space is something we both needed, I decided to revamp the whole "hot water heater room".

The first thing I did was make a trash can bag a liner, using it cut down and elastic to keep it in place. The board in front is to keep the "kicking litter" inside the room and easy to vacuum.

A storage unit was worth the $14.00 to store the things I didn't have room for: tools, towels, cleaning supplies, candles and matches, flashlights, batteries, and hardware.

Finishing up the project was the lace curtain to cover it all up.

This is a real coup for me as I was trying to keep the things I needed in the house in cabinets, drawers, under the sink and even in the tub to take out when I need it. I think this is much better!

Hope this inspires someone to clean, organize or decorate for whatever need they have!

By Poor But Proud from Salem, OR

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It's not gas, so there's that. But, good advice. Thanks!

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As a firefighter, I have to disagree with using this area as storage. In fact, it is against most building and zoning codes. Most laws state a 2-3 foot clearance surrounding the hot water unit, regardless of if it is gas or electric. I have seen many fires caused by this very thing. The items you listed are flammable, especially the cleaning supplies. I would NOT recommend this at all, but advise against it.

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Well I am no longer in that apt. You are the first person to even comment and this was first posted 4 years ago. Point taken.

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I have a large apartment. The problem is it is over cluttered, mostly with clothes. I want to declutter the whole apartment from top to bottom. Most of the things are brand new items from birthdays and Christmas. Any suggestions on how to start? I am overwhelmed as to where to put anything.

By Linda from Fall River, MA

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Move an extra dresser into one of your clothes closets to make for extra storage space.

Also de-clutter your life and donate clothing and household items that you won't use.

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If everything is everywhere, you might need to get some bins for the various rooms (plus bins for donations and trash), and just start sorting. I have a handled basket-thing (like you might use to take things to the beach) that I use for my daughter. We toss in all her stuff that migrates into the living room, and she gets to take it back to her room (and hopefully put it away!).

Some people want to plow through the job until everything is done. Others get burned out and it's better for them to set aside some time every day to devote to completing a specific area or task. You're going to have to figure out what works best for you.

My problem is maintenance. I can get it nice looking, but it doesn't seem to last. I'm still working on that . . .

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I have the rule when we get something new, we get rid of something. My developmentally disabled adult daughter is real good about going through her clothes and sorting out what has to go, etc. I then go through to make sure she isn't getting rid of something she shouldn't. When her dresser drawers or closet starts to get too full, she starts going through things.

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Anyone have an idea how to keep a small apartment organized? I have crafts everywhere, in containers, on the floor in Walmart bags, and I can't seem to keep it clean and up off the floor. Any suggestions please? I need this done by November (Thanksgiving).

By Kelly from Medina, OH

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I bought bed risers (those plastic things that make your bed stand taller) and I store boxes of craft stuff under my bed. I use copy paper boxes from work, they are the perfect size and they are the same size. You do need to have a master list of what is in which box (label boxes "1", "2" or "A" "B" = Box 1: jewelry crafts, Box 2: knitting stuff, or Box A: Scrapbooking, etc.). It's not the best solution, in that it's not at your fingertips, but it's otherwise wasted space and you can have upwards of a dozen boxes under a bed. I have a bed skirt also, which hides the boxes.

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Shelving is a solution I have used many years, along with making furniture and other objects do "double-duty", since I also have a small living space. For example, use a decorative basket for storing craft supplies. There are ottomans that have a storage compartment, as well as furniture that has that same option, so blankets could be stored, perhaps leaving needed shelf space free for other things. Think "outside the box" for storage needs. In my kitchen, I have a large metal display rack for my pots and pans, since I have very little cupboard or counter space.

A spice rack can be mounted on the wall and used to store small craft supplies. A wire bicycle basket can be mounted on the wall to store larger items. A three tiered wire basket hanger can be used for things like yarn or fabrics, as well as other bulky items like pine cones, silk flowers, etc. I hope this helps a bit. I am re-configuring space in our home at the moment, and I have some space challenges too!

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Art is a messy business if you don't actually have a space devoted just to it! I would suggest Rubbermaid tubs and shelving. If you can't afford a bunch of tubs, you could get boxes that paper comes in from an office. If you can't afford the shelving, just stack the tubs/boxes in an out of the way corner. Label the boxes so you know what you have stowed in each.

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If you live in a small apartment, you might find that organizing it and keeping it free of clutter can be difficult. Where do you put all of your stuff when you don't have enough room to store it in? The following a list of rooms and 5 organization tips that can potentially keep the clutter from taking over in them.


Use a dinnerware organizer in your kitchen cabinets. These space savers can separate your plates from your bowls or coffee mugs and give you a place to keep them safe, without taking up a lot of room.


If you don't have a medicine cabinet or a closet then use baskets to keep your bathroom materials organized. Wash cloths can easily be rolled up and placed in a basket that you can either place on the floor, on the sink, or on the back of the toilet.


If you have a lot of shoes and nowhere to put them then a flat box, or one of those fabric shoe organizers, that can easily slide under the bed can be a great way to store your shoes and keep them organized so that when you need them you'll be able to find both feet.

Children's Room

Kids need lots of shelf space. For something a little different from a regular book shelf, consider using an old entertainment center. Take the door off (or not) and paint it a fun color. Use clear shoe boxes or other plastic tubs for loose toys, puzzles, stuffed animals, and balls.

Hallway or Entryway

If you have the tendency to kick off your shoes when you first walk in the door then place a large tote or bin near the door. As you and your family enter the apartment, take the shoes off and place them in the container. That way, you won't be searching around the house for them and they won't take up space in the middle of the floor.

Living Room

A flat basket in the living room works well for a lot of things. It can hold magazines or pieces of mail that are important.

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I read a book on decorating years ago that talked about storage in an NYC apartment & this wisdom stuck with me. Use every space you can. So I store yarn in my hassock & slip boxes under my easy chair & have gone UP with my home office with a $30 Desk set up from Good will!) That lady also had cloths on end tables & would stash things underneath. I just have small chests of drawers functioning as end tables that have 3 drawers each to put things in (Hubby's work papers & my craft items)....I have a tiny area near the door which has an umbrella stand & we have a coat rack next to the door & even one On the door & also hat racks in that little entry area. Hang things UP if you can! I have another rack in my similarly tiny"hall" which I hang hats & scarves on & even a narrow CD bookcase filled with CDs! Every door has a place to hang things on one side!

I have installed extra shelf hangers in the kitchen cabinets, which doubles the storage & hubby glued another rack on the fridge, which we hang mugs on. There are also nails to hang more mugs on & dish towels. I have potholders hanging close to the stove on a decorative rack! The spices are on a round lazy-susan on the portable dishwasher along with the microwave and more of them are on a little shelf put over the faucets at the sink....We used to put the ironing board just between the frig & the back wall - but with the new frig, it goes in the broom closet, which is filled with cleaning supplies.

In the bathroom, we have squeezed in 2 matching CD towers (they make great narrow shelves) on each side of the toilet, to optimize the space, going up again. You get the idea.

It's hardly modern spare design but everything has its place, almost.

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I have two pretty, sturdy tote bags hanging on decorative hooks on my bedroom wall. You'd be surprised how much they hold. I have wallets, extra pairs of glasses, etc. Things that I don't want to get rid of, but don't want taking up room elsewhere. I found one of the pretty totes at a thrift store for $2.70 after my senior discount.

By Betty from Lubbock, TX

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My apt. got some new furniture (and a bed) which made the clutter look twice as bad. Now I want/need to get the knick-knacks onto surfaces, and I think shelves are great idea to use as "hanging" areas to put my cuter misc. items. Does that make sense?

By Stacy T.

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It makes sense but limit the number of knick-knacks.

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