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Rodent Control

Rodent Control, Closeup of Wood Mouse

It's easy for rodents to sneak into your garage or storage shed, especially during the winter. Getting rid of them can be difficult so preventing them from getting comfy in the first place is the best policy. This is a guide about rodent control.


Solutions: Rodent Control

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Tip: Keep Rodents Out During Winter

Dryer sheets stuffed in opening around plumbing.If you have had problems with rodents invading your house in the winter, try this helpful tip. Place Bounce Softener dryer sheets into the little crevices and cracks where they are coming in. Place them around the pipes under sinks, too. They don't like the smell and they won't chew through them because of the taste. We had two mice last year that we caught with sticky traps. Then we started tucking dryer sheets into the areas they were coming in we never had another one!

By Shawna G. from Ann Arbor, MI

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Tip: Fox Urine Rodent Repellent

To get rid of mice. I purchased bobcat and fox urine at home depot. Sprinkle this stuff in corner of basements and around outside foundation. Worked for me. Keeps animals out of gardens too. A fox is the only animal that will go after a skunk. Have not had skunk problems in about 5 years.

by Gene from Chicago, IL

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Here are questions related to Rodent Control.

Question: Getting Rid of Rodents in a House

I have a problem here that is really disgusting me. I have mice in my apartment, coming in and out from the radiator, going through under the box of my bed. The box spring isn't even 10 years old yet, but they eaten through the bottom.

My boyfriend caught 4 of them in a trap. Then last year one came out of the hole in the top cabinet near the kitchen ceiling. My boyfriend caught that one too.

Later I bought Riddex, it helped with the kitchen, but they are still getting in at the radiator. Sometimes I can't sleep, I get worried, you know. Next I bought peppermint oil that didn't help either. I'm gonna find another way to work with the peppermint oil, because I would like to sleep and relax. Please can anyone give me some other advice for how to get rid of them?


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By Louise B. 6 2,541 04/22/2011

Plug the holes that you can with steel wool. Get a cat.

If you are renting an apartment, this seems to me to be the landlords job to stop up the holes and get an exterminator, but if that is not an option, you have to take your own action.

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Question: Rodent Control Suggestions

Is there a rodent bait that is safe for dogs? Our barn has a number of rodents, rats. To keep family dogs safe should they find dead one, I do not use poison.

I need a safe way to reduce (kill) rodents. I have tried glue boards and traps they just don't work. We keep feed in heavy metal trash cans with snug lids in a closed feed room. Yet the rats still thrive. I am ready to consider using poison, so please help. Thanks.

Hardiness Zone: 8b

By Cindi from Ocala, FL

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Most Recent Answer

By SANDI 2 101 04/01/2011

Any snapping type trap might injure an animal you don't want to hurt. Poison will kill the rats and those animals which might try to eat it. One reader suggesting you let your dog become a rat eater by feeding it less was really sick. Can you call an exterminator to see what they might try? Good luck to you.

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Question: Rodent Repellents

I am looking for a "natural" repellent for rodents.

Brad from Pagosa Springs, CO

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Most Recent Answer

By (Guest Post) 12/20/2007

This products "MGN" performs repellent action to animals (wild dog, stray cat, mouse, snake, weasel, fox, bat, mole, deer, wild boar, etc.) and bugs (cockroach, slug, leech, bee, gnat, mosquito, centipede, etc.) for garden, orchard, field, etc.
NGM reproduces the smell of a forest fire artificially and pests are instinctively recognized there as a dangerous place and escape.
Made of natural materials

If you would like to know the datails, please ask e-mail:
tskkrk @

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Question: Using D Con Rodent Poison

Is it true that if a rodent dies from the poison D Con, it does not leave an odor?

By cricket from San Diego, CA

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By Ren 10 10/21/2010

As a training Vet Tech and having gone to school with people in funeral service, Medical fields and near taxidermists i can say one thing. Dead things smell! (even after being pumped with formaldehyde and other preservative the scent of decay can be smelt on people at least.

As the body decays going threw the may stages of decomposition it's bound to leave a tall tale Odor. The body issues turning to a soupy slush of flesh blood and liquified organs no amount of poison or air freshener outside of professional death scene clean up can completely remove the Oder. It may take a bit more time since its dehydrated (the poison) but overall if left in the walls or house it will smell once it begins liquefying.

The only issue is how bad and that's more based on location. Naturally if it dies in an air vent you'll be smelling it in no time. In the basement wall. You may have a better chance of avoiding the smell. But chances are certain poisons make rodents thirty and they will go outside to get water. That's when the poison kills them. So the 'no smell' is just that they died outside.

So if you have pets (or there are endangered birds or animals in the area) they may eat the sick and dying mouse and get sick itself. And if it dies in your walls even if by some miracle it doesn't smell who wants a dead animals in there walls growing harmful bacteria. (or in a child's room where they can touch it). Best choice is a snap trap. Something you can check regularly and throw away to prevent any illnesses and it'll let you see that you indeed caught the culprit.

Hopefully that's helpful.

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Question: Rodent Control

Is borax effective for the (permanent) control of attic rats?

By Charlie

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Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. 6 2,541 05/14/2012

If you have rats in your attic, I would call an exterminator. You must have a pretty bad infestation.

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Archive: Rodent Control Suggestions

We live in an old house and I wish we had the time, money, and patience to close off every opening/crevice to our home, from attics, walls, crawlspace, etc. but that seems impossible. We also have two dogs, so poisons are too big of a risk. Does anyone have rodent control suggestions? I have some traps in the crawlspace, I'll work on getting peppermint oil and boxes of mothballs. (We're not cat people.) Gosh, I feel like we have NO options, but if you any ideas, I'd love to hear about it! Thank you!



RE: Rodent Control Suggestions

I too am unwilling to use poisons, even weed killer, because of my dogs. Other than live trapping or finding some natural thing they hate I don't know what to do besides filling the holes in. I would do an internet search for some natural repellents, too. (01/17/2005)

By Vicki

RE: Rodent Control Suggestions

Don't use moth balls, they are poisonous to humans too! Check out various sites regarding the dangers of moth balls.


By ElectricC

RE: Rodent Control Suggestions

I don't know what type of rodents you have but I have heard of people using hair clippings (from the barber shop) to keep animals away in gardens. They may be worth a try in the out of the way places in your house. (01/18/2005)

By Ann4

RE: Rodent Control Suggestions

Coca Cola in saucers, they drink it and go away to die. Apparently painlessly. It as worked for me with rats and mice. (01/18/2005)

By ang

RE: Rodent Control Suggestions

I stuff steel wool in all the cracks and around the pipes that come through the floor. I also use glue traps where the dogs cannot get them. Glue traps go into a bucket up water when filled and then into the garbage.
I use blocks of dehydrating poison behind things dogs cannot get. (01/18/2005)

By Susan from Hamilton

By sjk

RE: Rodent Control Suggestions

A hunter told me that Red Fox Urine bought at the sports store- sprayed around the attic (or wherever you need to repel rats and mice) works well. Pee yew hold your breath while spraying, but no rats in the attic since I started this! (03/25/2005)

By lindajean