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Breeding Zebra Finches

Pair of Zebra Finches on Perch

Zebra finches make excellent parents, you just need to follow a few steps to make breeding a rewarding experience for all. This is a guide about breeding Zebra finches.


Solutions: Breeding Zebra Finches

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Tip: Hatching Finch Eggs

They should hatch at around 14 days. But only when you start counting the time after the last egg is laid and when mom finch starts sitting on them. The countdown of when they will hatch does not commence at laying but at the beginning of incubation. After five days incubation, you can candle them and look for veins. If the eggs don't show veining or spidery lines, they are not viable or dead eggs.

    Source: Here is an excellent resource regarding finch eggs and their care.

    By Robyn [369]

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    Here are questions related to Breeding Zebra Finches.

    Question: Moving Zebra Finch Nests

    I bought a large aviary for my zebra finches. I have one couple with babies that are close to 2 weeks old and another couple that are sitting on eggs. Can I move these couples to their new aviary, they are in smaller cages right now, or should I wait until babies are out of the nest?

    By Diana P.


    Best Answer

    By Abigail A. [10]04/19/2015

    Definitely wait. If you move them now, the parents may freak out and stop caring for them.

    Question: Finch Threw Baby Out of Nest

    My finches had five babies and I just noticed that they threw out one of them and it was dead on the bottom of the cage. I am so nervous they won't care for the others now. What can I do? Anything?

    By Aliesha


    Best Answer

    By Maggie R.03/06/2015

    Five babies is quite a large clutch for finches. I would guess the baby fell out rather than was 'thrown' out. The main thing the parents need is high fat content food to feed the babies. Meal worms work & can be purchased at most pet stores. Otherwise a couple of smashed hard boiled eggs will be good for them w/ the protein & fat {w/ the shells for calcium}. Curious what variety of finches you have. I used to work for an Aviary company & had many breeds in my care! Hope this is helpful & sometimes just gotta let nature run it's course. Best wishes.

    Question: Zebra Finch Care

    I have two zebra finches and I know that I have a male and a female. I discovered an egg today so I got a nest for them. I looked at websites about nesting material, but it didn't say if I could put in the nesting material myself or if my finches need to do that. So my question is do I put in nesting material myself or set the material in the cage and let them add in material themselves?

    By Sandy G.

    Best Answer

    By Abigail A. [10]03/02/2015

    Put it in the cage in sort of a loose netting, like onion netting. They enjoy pulling out the individual pieces and will make the nest themselves.

    Question: Breeding Finches

    I just put a male finch in the cage with my female and they seem to be getting along good. I noticed that my female finch was grooming my male, that does that mean they are they going to breed?

      By jasolano95 [5]

      Most Recent Answer

      By jasolano95 [5]07/14/2015

      Thx guys they I saw them mate so thx for helping me out.

      Question: Breeding Zebra Finches

      I have a nest high up in the corner and it is full of hay that my female zebra finch goes in. The male doesn't go in the nest, only the female does. The male sleeps on top of the nest. They still haven't bred, but why doesn't he go in the nest with the female? This is my first time breeding zebra finches.

      Plz help.

        By jasolano95 [5]

        Most Recent Answer

        By jasolano95 [5]06/19/2015

        The female zebra finch put the material herself and yes it's nesting material and no I don't know how old they are but when I got my female finch he laid a egg so I am guessing she is old enough and the male is about a year or so.

        Question: Raising Zebra Finches

        A friend gave me a zebra finch as she got it from a friend that was not caring for it properly. I do not like animals of any kind to be single so I bought another one. They started multiplying so quickly that I moved them to an aviary. I wanted it to look and feel natural to them so I put real tree branches in it, pine straw, grass clippings, cotton balls (which does not look natural but they seem to love to use), sticks, etc. for them to build their nests. They must have liked their new surroundings as they did build and so did their offspring and so and so on.

        This started about 1 1/2 years ago and I now have about 20 birds. I have sold some, but it stresses me out so badly as I am so afraid that I will sell one's mate. I can not see inside some of the nests, as they have them built so high up inside the aviary. How do I tell if they are mated with another one and is there a way to tell if they have young if you can not see in their nest? I do not want to sell a parent or one's mate. I am very stressed.

        By Sharona

        Most Recent Answer

        By Jool [1]01/16/2015

        Hi Rule of thumb to discourage breeding pull out all nesting materials. Arbutus Manzanita trees or fruit branches are OK. Swings, toys, food dishes only, prevents breeding. Two females will lay eggs as well if nest is available, cuttle bone is very important for calcium.

        To wrap up what you have to discourage hatching: for new eggs rather than pull from clutch (because they will continue to lay replacing egg amount...)shake egg or poke pin straight through egg place back in nest.
        Lots of breeders will have 3 or more cages with paired mates for breeding program then place babies into small medium flight cage ready for resell after fledgling is completed. Hope this helps, have zebras as well, they breed very fast!

        Question: Finch Eggs Not Hatching

        I have been keeping a pair of zebra finches for the last year. They are provided with nest boxes and stuffing. They keep on laying eggs, about 2-3 at a time, but none of them have hatched. I think some of them are not fertile. What could be the reason? Should I provide them additional food supplements?

        By Mily

        Most Recent Answer

        By heather inwood [13]04/01/2013

        Often first timers go through the cycles of laying eggs & not following through - sometimes they need a few times to get it right Also are you sure that they are a male & a female? - as females will still lay eggs and go through the motions of sitting on them. Have you seen them mating? Google breeding finches for some good tips.

        Question: My Finch Has Laid Some Eggs

        I have 2 male finches and one female finch (all Zebras). I have tried to add a pure white finch before, but they wouldn't play with her or be very nice and she died.

        This morning, I went to clean their cage and found a egg in their seed bowl. I have never put in a breeding nest and am now unsure if the egg will hatch or if this is just something that happens every now and again. I'm rather confused because I was told they wouldn't breed without privacy.

        What should I do to look after a baby finch? Will they lay another egg? I'm assuming no, but thought I should ask anyway. Will it be a issue that there is two males?

        Thanks to all that help. Lana :)

        By Alanah from Brisbane

        Most Recent Answer

        By Kathy Lam [12]02/10/2011

        I had Finch's that also laid an egg in their food bowl. I placed a nest in their cage. One that hangs. It wasn't long before eggs started appearing. I would place shredded news papers, cat fur and other soft items in the cage for them to build their nest with. Before you new it, I was the owner of 16 babies. It is truly fascinating to watch. They pretty much will take turns in caring for their young. However when they got older (Showing their colors) I would separate the males and females. I kept the breeders together. I am not sure how two males would react to the babies since both parents have an active role in raising their young. You may want to call a pet store and get an expert opinion. But if you could possibly figure out which is the father, it would be an experience you would want to see first hand.

        RE: My Finch Has Laid Some Eggs

        Question: Larger Nest for Baby Zebra Finches

        I have a breeding pair of Zebra finches who have recently hatched a brood of 3 chicks. They are in a very confined small basket nest. Should I move them to a larger nest? They are about 8 days old and I'm afraid that as they grow one will fall from the nest or be accidentally pushed out.

        Wanda from Calgary

        Most Recent Answer

        By ed robertson [2]05/18/2010

        Hard call. Find a local breeder or bird club.
        They need their combined body heat to keep each other warm until they get old enough.
        If you change nests, handle them carefully. Make sure they don't get too much room and get separated from each other.
        Use a larger nest for the next clutch. Make sure you have enough nesting material so that the mother can adjust the nest size to the brood size.

        Question: Momma Finch Died

        Momma finch has been sitting on the eggs for about 2 weeks. I found her dead in the bottom of the cage, will the daddy finch continue to sit on them and be able to care for them if any of the 4 eggs hatch?

        By Diane

        Most Recent Answer

        By Abigail A. [10]09/11/2015

        It would hinder the situation. The male would get distracted by the new female and forget the eggs.

        Question: Zebra Finch Has Laid Eggs

        Finch nest.I have two zebra finches one male (Micky) and one female (Minny). I recently learned that they have babies in the nest. They have laid eggs before and the babies died and also they have lost eggs. Now I have at least two babies in the nest. What can I do to ensure that the babies survive this time? The babies are maybe a few days old.

        By amber.stevens

        Most Recent Answer

        By reactionchain [1]05/24/2014

        Thank you for your advice, sadly no one fed the young baby flegling and it died, it was upsetting I just didn't know what to do for it. It would open it's mouth to any of the other birds and sometimes they seem to be feeding it, but the siblings may have been taking it's food out of it's mouth.

        I was tempted to put it in with the Bengalese (I have one pair) their eggs didn't seem to be Hatching. I assume they were duds because my cat had mauled the female last year, she bathed everyday and healed her own wounds, it was a miracle she survived the attack. This is one of the reasons I thought her eggs were not viable.

        I clean the cages out daily and found an egg laid in the seed tray. So I thought I'd pop it in the Bengalese nest,(not looking inside ). Then I looked inside and there was a baby Bengalese newly hatched, luckily the female came back to sit on it. I know it's nature but it's so sad too.Wish me luck, I think these birds have 9 lives.

        Question: Help Breeding Zebra Finches

        I had to take my male zebra finch out of the cage while the female was laying eggs, because she was fighting with him. Now the babies are hatching and I want to know if I should put him in again.

        By bird lover from ME

        Most Recent Answer

        By ed robertson [2]05/18/2010

        Make sure you have plenty of room. Your cage is going to get crowded.
        Trade some young birds to promote genetic variety.
        A calcium source and lots of good food should help divert his attention. Don't rush the reintroduction. She has her own agenda until she notices that he is really cute and then it will start all over again.

        Question: Breeding Finches

        How do do I know if my finches are mating? I have 1 male and 1 female and they have only preapared the nest. In the evening both of them sleep in the nest. How can I tell if they are mating?

          By Akul J. [2]

          Most Recent Answer

          By Akul J. [2]09/01/2015

          Yes I have seen them, but they were doing this 3 to 4 months ago and now also they are doing, so when can I expect them to lay egg...

          Question: Zebra Finch Won't Sit on Eggs

          My zebra finch laid 4 eggs, but she won't sit on them. Yes I know that they sit on them when they finish laying eggs, but she finished and both the male and female won't sit on the eggs. Why won't they sit on the eggs?

          Please help.

            By jasolano95 [5]

            Most Recent Answer

            By Abigail A. [10]07/17/2015

            I was thinking they may be first timers. Sometimes they need a practice round or two.

            Question: Finch Laid Eggs

            My finch had two eggs on Thursday, today is Saturday. The eggs were buried in the buttom, so I took the nest out and put the eggs on top. Now the mom doesn't want anything to do with the nest. What do I do now?

              By Arce A. [1]

              Most Recent Answer

              By Abigail A. [10]06/15/2015

              Birds can't smell human. Their sense of smell is poor.

              However, their eyesight is better than ours. The birds know exactly where those eggs were and they saw that they were moved.
              There is no way for the birds to know a snake didn't disturb the nest. Small birds are terrified of snakes, so they don't want to take the chance in case the snake comes back. In this case, you were the snake.

              I'd suggest removing the nest and dumping everything in it. The eggs are no longer alive. Put it back and put fresh nesting materials into the cage. They'll probably start over.

              Question: Breeding Zebra Finches

              They have created the nest, but didn't lay eggs yet. Should I change the location of the nest because I heard that if they don't like the nest's location they don't lay. Should move it?

              By Bishoy R.

              Most Recent Answer

              By Abigail A. [10]01/24/2015

              It has been my experience that if you put a nest basket in there with nesting materials, they will lay eggs. The other problems may be: The location of the cage (in a high-traffic area), or the nest is not a basket. Be sure to use an enclosed zebra finch nesting basket.

              Question: Breeding Zebra Finches

              I have 3 zebra finches, 1 mum, 1 dad, and their baby boy. The baby is old enough now and has started cuddling up to his mum a lot and chasing the dad away when he gets close to mum. Would the baby mate with his mum as he seems to be ready to mate? I really don't want it to happen.

              By Tracy from Milton Keynes

              Most Recent Answer

              By Abigail A. [10]11/25/2014

              Yes, the young male will fight the dad over the only female in the cage. Remove him to his own small cage, then find him a nice female and put a nest basket in there. By the way, did you know zebra finches love to take a bath? Put a little dish with slightly warm water in the bottom of the cage and watch 'em go.

              Question: Breeding Finches

              I found my baby had finally left the nest this morning. He has feathers so he is OK, but the mom had died. The father seems to be fine with the chick so far, but should I get another female to help with it?

              By Mar

              Most Recent Answer

              By Abigail A. [10]11/21/2014

              Another female likely won't take care of the baby. Then there's also the possibility the dad will get distracted by the pretty female and turn his thoughts to mating, ignoring the chick. Let the dad take care of it. It may not make it, but that's your best bet.

              Question: Caring for Finch Eggs and Chicks

              I have a pair of zebra finches. Two weeks ago they laid 9 eggs in a period of 4-5 days out of which 5 were fertile. Yesterday two of the eggs hatched, but the parents didn't seem to be feeding them properly so I hand fed them this morning. Should I separate the chicks and raise them by hand or should I leave them in the box with the eggs. I am worried that the parents won't be able to care for the chicks and incubate the remaining eggs at the same time.This is their first clutch. Please help me. Parents in cage. Eggs.

              By Neil from IN

              Most Recent Answer

              By william giltrap [1]08/19/2013

              It might be the best if you try not to disturb the male and female, since I made my birds kill the scald from disturbing them. You could try giving them a tiny tiny little bowl or saucer with milk and tiny little parts of bread. If your scalds die it could be of being disturbed or the male getting jealous of the female spending so much time with the scalds. I hope you enjoyed this few helpful tips!

              Question: Female Finch Not Sitting on Eggs

              I honestly did not know that my finches had eggs! When I saw, they had three eggs. The female bird immediately came out and was flapping her wings everywhere. I saw that they did not have food so I refilled their tube and the female comes out and was scared. It has been 18 hrs since the incident and I don't think the finch eggs survived or anything since the female finch hasn't been in the nest in a while. What should I do? Please help me :( (p.s. I had 4 finches one of them died a while ago now it is 2 females and one male).

              By zebrafinchlover650

              Most Recent Answer

              By martinavory08/26/2013

              Hi well I have 4 male finches and 4 female finches lately I have just been checking them every so often and today my mum walked in there thinking that there was just eggs in there but instead there where baby finches I think that there are around 4 or 5 babies.

              What do I feed them. I need this question answered in the next 24 hours please. At the moment I have just given them some meal worms.

              Question: Zebra Finches

              I would like to buy 2 zebra finches (female+male) for my birthday, but I don't know how much they cost. Can you tell me?

              By Marie H.

              Most Recent Answer

              By Janace Lynn M. [8]07/25/2012

              Call Petsmart: Zebra Finch

              Ideal for children 14 & up Makes soothing sounds Lives approximately 5 years Note: Pet availability is seasonal. State and local regulations may vary. Pricing may vary by store location. PetSmart stores cannot match the price below for this pet. Ask a store associate for details. Very messy with food.

              Question: Breeding Zebra Finches

              I have 2 female zebra finches. I want to get a male so they can have babies, but I'm scared the 2 females would fight, they are kinda like sisters. One is a little smaller and the other one is fat (always eats xD). So if I got 1 male would the females fight and I would have to get 2 males, 1 for each? Also, would I have to get 2 nests or 1 nest would be okay, and they would take turns breeding? Also my cage's length is 25 inches how many finches could I fit in there? Once the babies are older do I separate the youngsters so they don't breed?

              By Olivia from Ontario

              Most Recent Answer

              By JULIELAWSONWOOD05/26/2013

              Hi there. I just went to my zebra finch cage this morning to find one egg in the food bowl. Mum and dad are still in the cage. They chucked out all the seed I put in on floor, and she laid one egg. They're new parents, but we put in a finch nest made of wicker. The female is interested, but the male chases her out of nest. Why? I don't want to take him out of cage, since I've only got one available cage, but I'm frightened he's going to reject her and the baby chick once hatched. Any advice? I'mnew to this hatching lark and breeding.

              Question: Finch Laid Eggs

              I had 7 finch eggs; 5 hatched, but 2 didn't. Should I take them out?

              By Rita

              Most Recent Answer

              By Cricket [205]01/31/2012

              MsHawklet is right. Leave the eggs in there for a while. Eventually the parents will push the unhatched eggs out of the nest, then it'll be safe for you to remove them.

              I had a pair of zebra finches several years ago that quickly became 7 (5 hatched eggs). This happened a couple of times with them.

              I now have two more zebra finches. I didn't want them to breed this time though, so I got two males. They have a grand time together and I don't have to worry about nests or eggs or hatchlings.

              Question: Baby Finches Dying

              Our finches have had their second batch of eggs. Fin the first batch of 5 all of them died. I could see them moving, but they died before they were out of the shell. The second batch is hatching and the first bird lived two days. I found it dead and felt it was important to remove the dead one. Did I do wrong? Do they remove their own? I'm afraid they were caring for a dead one for a whole day and did not feel that was healthy.

                By Dave Dwiggins [1]

                Most Recent Answer

                By Abigail A. [12]09/22/2015

                You didn't do anything wrong. As long as they have other babies they'll forget about that one.

                Question: Breeding Finches

                I have several finches in a very large cage. I had a pair lay eggs and I now have one baby. Dad seems to be being very aggressive to the other birds. Should I separate mom, dad, and baby into a new nest? If not now, when should I separate them? I want to eventually keep that breeding pair in their own nest to continue having more babies.

                  By Ashley S. [1]

                  Most Recent Answer

                  By Abigail A. [10]08/17/2015

                  Yes, you should separate them into their own cage. Move the nest box or basket, but be prepared for the fact that they may not care for these particular eggs if they got too stressed.

                  Question: Breeding Zebra Finches

                  My zebra finch egg hatched. Do I take out the egg piece?

                    By miyolo [1]

                    Most Recent Answer

                    By heather inwood [13]07/01/2015

                    Leave things be for now. The parents will more than likely chuck the shell from the nest. Once you clean the cage then remove it then. The less you interfere at the moment the best.

                    Question: Breeding Zebra Finches

                    I have 2 breeding pairs and a single female. 1 pair have laid eggs, but are not incubating them during the day, they let the single female do that and they take over at night. Is this normal?

                      By shazza162 [1]

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By Abigail A. [10]05/29/2015

                      Many animals use use single childless females as babysitters, including meerkats and wolves. It isn't a particularly unusual behavior in the animal kingdom.

                      Question: Incubating Zebra Finch Eggs

                      I had two zebra finches on four eggs and something got to them both and they are dead, but I would love to try and keep the eggs.

                      By Kerry from Qld

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By Dinah Ackerson [4]02/25/2015

                      Unless you have some equipment and experience, you may not be able to care for the eggs. An online search for "how to care for finch eggs" produced many answers. You can try a search yourself or consider one of the answers here-scroll down the page to "Artificial Incubation of Eggs":


                      Question: Breeding Zebra Finches

                      I have 6 pairs of zebra finches and I have one big cage. I have all my pairs in one cage. Can anybody tell me if they will lay eggs? How long before they begin laying?

                      By Aisha Y.

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By Dinah Ackerson [4]02/10/2015

                      Zebra finches are wonderful birds to have! I hope you have all the information you need to care for your finches properly. If not, there are many books available and online resources to help.

                      You noted that you have all sixteen birds in one cage-is it large enough? The very helpful site: Finch Information Center ( recommends a 16" square cage for just one pair of birds. A cage which is 6 feet long by 2 feet deep by 3 feet high can accommodate 3-4 pairs of birds. You should have a much larger cage for 6 pairs of finches. Any cage that is too small can cause problems and may also inhibit breeding.

                      This site, also from the Finch Information Center, will answer your eggs question:


                      Question: Caring for Baby Zebra Finches

                      My finch's eggs are just about to hatch. Is there anything the parent finches need to feed or care for the babies?

                      By Terry from Roscommon, MI

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By tina mitchell01/26/2015

                      Just keep feeding them whatvu been feeding the boiled eggs with shell crush together and pellets are good they will feed it to the babies.

                      Question: Caring for Baby Finches

                      My baby finches are between 2 - 3 weeks old. The mom and dad are constantly sitting on them and I'm afraid they are smothering them or stiffling their growth. Is this normal? It is a small enclosed nest.

                      By Karen

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By Abigail A. [10]01/04/2015

                      The babies don't smother. The parents are supposed to do this. As soon as one hops off another hops on.
                      My mom raised Zebra finches when I was a kid and it sounds like yours are being good parents.

                      Question: Caring for Baby Finches

                      I have four finches and two of the finches laid eggs. I have 4 babies; one of the finches died. How do I know which one is a male and which one is the female. I think the female may be the one that died. I don't know how to tell the difference. Can someone help me out please I'd like to keep the babies? I just wanted to know if they will make it. Oh also, should I get a new female if that's the one that died?

                      By Debbie E

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By Abigail A. [10]12/08/2014

                      You didn't mention what breed of finches you have. Are they zebra finches? The males and females look the same in some breeds, different in others. Don't get another finch yet. It won't look after the babies. The surviving parent probably will, though.

                      Question: Finches Laid an Egg

                      I was recently given two zebra finches (1 female, and 1 male) as a gift from my parents. I have only had them for about a month and a half and noticed them mating the last week or so. I have a basic cage that measures 18 X 13 X 10.5 inches with a small bed/nest hanging from the top.

                      I honestly never expected them to lay an egg, as my parents have had theirs for months and they never had and was told it probably wouldn't happen. Well sure enough, I came home today after work and noticed both the parents in the bed/nest which they have never once used before. When they left the bed/nest I shined a flash light in the bed/nest and noticed an egg. I couldn't believe it!

                      I have been researching finches and egg laying and have read that they usually lay one egg a day and can lay up to 8! I understand that many times the female will lay an egg, but it may not be fertile and will not hatch - therefore it can be removed after 20 days if nothing has happened.

                      My concern is that if they do hatch, my cage is just not large enough for more than two finches, but they have already started laying eggs and I have read you should not move them or the eggs until after the baby birds leave the nest and can be on their own. I just want to make sure that information is correct.

                      My other question is, can I still clean the cage even though they started laying eggs? I normally let the birds out of the cage in the bathroom to fly around while I clean the cage and I normally take the entire cage apart. But with there being eggs in there now, should I just leave the birds in there and only remove the bottom part of the cage that slides out and clean that part off or what? Thank you for any help and advice you can give. I am very new to this and never expected it to happen. Thank you!

                      By Ariana G

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By heather inwood [13]11/16/2013

                      Personally, if you are going to move them into a more comfortable size cage (which the bigger the better) then do it now - then you may only sacrifice the one egg. The move will likely upset them, but only for the moment - they will lay again. I would still leave the egg in the nest.

                      Also, the less you disturb the birds the better once they've been rehoused- so the cleaning of the cage is as you have suggested. Best by just removing the bottom tray and refreshing their water. It will be ok to be a "little" dirty as it's only for a short time.

                      Once they have been hatched & fully feathered and flying you could move them into the smaller cage , give the big cage a good scrub - with soap and water [and without the use of disinfectant] Then return them to the big cage - I suggest that once the babies are fully weaned that you separate them from their parents as they will likely want to breed again & the babies may get harassed. Good luck! Bird breeding is a joy.

                      Question: Too Many Finches

                      I have 10 finches and all have eggs. Can I put all the males in another cage to stop the breeding? Will the babies be fed by mom alone? And if I put all the males in another cage will they kill each other? Help please.

                      By Kathy

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By heather inwood [13]10/01/2013

                      It's too late now - you could throw all the eggs away. If you want to stop them breeding try taking out all the nest boxes. If you want to get only a few babies just put the one pair in with a nest box and keep all other birds in a separate aviary. It would be a bit cruel to separate the males from the females as they are pairs, after all.

                      Question: Breeding Zebra Finches

                      Male and female finch in white cage.My zebra finches have start building a nest, but I have just noticed that the female finch was doing most of the nest building instead of the male.They started putting feathers in the nest. Will my zebra finches lay eggs soon?

                      By Amy Louise

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By stephenl42010/07/2013

                      Sometimes the female will help build the nest so its just the way she wants it, and you can expect eggs within the next week give or take a few days.

                      Question: Too Many Finch Babies in Basket Nest

                      I have 5 babies in a small basket nest. Can I move them to a box nest and will the parents go and feed them if I do?

                      By David from Paducah, KY

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By heather inwood [13]06/04/2013

                      I breed cockatiels on a casual basis, & was told never to change the nest box once the eggs were laid or babies were born as the parents would never return. I've never tested the theory though - maybe you could Google finch breeders & ask them.

                      Question: Removing the Nest in Finch Cage

                      I have 4 babies that are 2 weeks old. I have 3 that came out of the nest in the last few days. Is it okay to remove the nest when the 4th comes out? The nest is really messy of course and I wondered if it would be best to get it out of the cage.

                      By Karen.

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By heather inwood [13]04/25/2013

                      Yes - I would remove the nest & start again - cleanliness is the key to healthy birds.

                      Question: Feeding a Nesting Finch

                      What are the foods I need to feed the finch while they are nesting and after the eggs have hatched?

                      By Terry

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By heather inwood [13]04/09/2013

                      Try Googling "breeding finches " on the internet - I'm sure you will find heaps of very important imfo.

                      Question: Hatching Zebra Finch Eggs

                      I have 3 males and 1 female zebra finch. The female bird laid some 20-25 eggs in the last 6 months, but not a single one has hatched to date. All the eggs were thrown out by the bird after few weeks. Please let me know what should be done so that the eggs can be hatched.

                      By Hridi

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By kearney03/16/2014

                      I find that if you have more females than you do males, the fertilization seems to be better, and have many nesting places for them available. They seem very picky to me. All I give them for nexting material is soft dried grass and cut up soft cotton, from an old tshirt, cut into 5 inch strips by about 1/4 inch wide... they love it.

                      Question: Bird Laid Egg in Food Dish

                      Two birds on perch.My bird laid eggs in the food dish, I have moved the egg to a manmade nest. What do I do now?

                      By Sangeeta

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By Tess Vowels [1]08/27/2012

                      It's been 30 years since I raised Zebra Finches... loved them. They use to lay eggs in their food dish, too. But my memory doesn't hold like it use to. I suggest you Google raising Zebra Finches. I had a great book, too... and my local pet store took babies, after hatched, to sell!

                      Question: Baby Zebra Finch Seems Too Small

                      I think my baby zebra finch is undersized. I have a baby zebra finch in the nest, it is fully feathered, but looks tiny and I am not sure how old the baby is. Can anybody help me?

                      By Kayla from Wollongong, Australia

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By sammy402/22/2014

                      I might have the answer to your problems. if you think it is to small it might just be it's first layer of feathers. finches have 2 layers. if it has still got a bit of a black beak it is 4 weeks or younger. if it is orange then it is more than 5 weeks. I would take it out of the nest put it in a cage separate from the others and make sure the feed and water are on the bottom of the cage and it will get fatter and look more healthy in around 2 weeks. if beak is still black then don't remove the bird.

                      Question: Finch Pecking Mate's Feathers Out

                      I have two finches (male and female), the male is gray and the female is white. I have seen that the male has been missing a few feathers. Then the next day I saw that the female has been chasing the male and the male keeps running away from her. And then when she caught him she got on his back and pecked him! And now his back and neck have no feathers at all. At first I thought she was a witch, but now I think that maybe, just maybe, they do that on purpose?

                      Can you please help me.

                      By Matthew from Western Cape, CapeTown

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By Lisa Denton G.05/21/2013

                      I actually just had the same problem with my finches. I called my local pet store and they informed me that it was probably the females way of telling the male that she was ready to mate, and was using his feathers as bedding for a nest. So I went out and got them a nest, and a few weeks later, we have four eggs in the next!

                      Question: Zebra Finch Laid Eggs

                      I have two males and a female zebra finch. She laid 7 or 8 eggs and I don't know the first thing about raising birds. What do the chicks eat? How will they survive in the cage? I know the alpha male seems to be the daddy and already he's territorial. I have no idea what to do. Help please.

                      By Jamie

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By Vicki [24]04/16/2012

                      Well, I don't know anything about Zebra Finches specifically, but I do know a few things about birds (do an online search on Zebra Finches to find out specifics). The mother birds usually feeds the babies, you don't worry about that.

                      The daddy bird usually stays out of it, but not always, so find that out. Some daddy birds kill the babies, also find that out, you may need to separate mother and babies from him until they are quite a bit larger. In fact this information pretty well covers the whole spectrum of "nature". Hope this helps, kinda :).

                      Question: Raising Baby Zebra Finches

                      My zebra finch has laid eggs. When they hatch will all of the birds be able to live in the same cage as their parents when they are mature?

                      By Katie

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By Robyn Fed [394]03/15/2012

                      The mother will lay about eight eggs, which will hatch in about two weeks.
                      Be sure to count the amount of eggs laid and without disturbing the nest too much or at all.

                      If after three weeks has passed and the eggs have not hatched, they are not ever going to hatch and must be removed quickly as the mother will lay more eggs, and then it will be hard to tell which ones are going to hatch and which ones are not going to hatch.

                      It is necessary to separate the pair between egg layings in order to rest before breeding again.
                      After 21 days the baby birds will leave the nest to the cage and start to eat on their own.

                      After 6 weeks they will develop their adult coloration and feathers.
                      Separate the little finches from their parents after 6 weeks.
                      They should be moved to a separate cage at this time.
                      Talk to your local bird store about selling or trading them for seed and supplies.

                      For more information go to:

                      Have fun, these are beautiful birds!

                      Question: Raising Baby Zebra Finches

                      Finches in a chicken wire cage.I have a male and female zebra finch. In the cage there are 2 open half shell-shaped nests and one enclosed peep-hole type nest. Usually every other day I remove the eggs, but recently I couldn't get to the ones in the enclosed nest. Then I noticed they were each in that nest more often, together at night, and usually at least one was always there during the day.

                      I stuck my finger in the opening to check for eggs, it had been a couple of weeks and felt a live baby bird, to my surprise. I called the pet store and they basically said to leave it alone, the parents will care for it. I can see it moving in the nest and I can hear it's attempt at "trumpeting". I'm guessing it is a male. I can see grey fluff, but it hasn't come out yet.

                      What are the stages of egg laying to hatching and the stages of development and growth for these birds? (How old do you think it is and how does it grow week by week?) I've read both to separate and not to separate them "at the right time", please explain. What can you tell me that I would not think to ask? I've had 2 pairs (in separate cages) for 8 months now, but I am still new at this. I really do not want any more babies.

                      By Kim

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By amber.stevens [1]03/28/2013

                      I would suggest putting the finches in seperate cages or not putting in a nest for them. They don't really need to have one to sleep in.

                      Question: Raising Baby Zebra Finches

                      I have a male and a female finch that both live in the same cage. They recently laid 5 eggs in their cage, but they decided to lay their eggs in their food bowl that had all their food in there. I put a new food bowl with new food in the cage.

                      Yesterday I found that 2 eggs were hatched, but three still need to hatch. With the parents going in and out of the food bowl, and sitting on the eggs, the food dish has poop and old pieces of cotton all on the side. I don't want to mess with the birds until all the eggs have hatched. But I want to be able to clean their area and make it more comfortable for both the parents and for the babies to grow up.

                      When the babies are fully hatched out if their shell, can I clean the food dish and make it cleaner? Or should I just leave it alone. I also don't want them to suffocate the babies with the old stringy cotton. Can someone help me please. Thanks. I also want some tips on food the mother and father can feed them.

                      By KaitlynB

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By HESTER [6]06/13/2011

                      You didn't mention whether or not there is a nesting basket in the cage. Did they just ignore it or was there not one in the cage?

                      I never had the problem you do but i would not mess with the birds or babies.
                      If there is no finch nesting basket in the cage, get one and line it with new nesting material. Maybe the parents will check it out. If they start using it, maybe you could put the babies in there when they start feathering. Or not. You might want to check with an avian vet.

                      I feed my finches raw veggies and fruit all the time along with their seed. Mine love broccoli and apple best. Oh and corn on the cob (not cooked). I also make up a small batch of rice with mixed veggies in it. They munch on this all day.

                      Also for breakfast I make them scrambled eggs (use water not milk) I leave in the shells (crushed) this is good calcium. Just remember not to use salt. When they have babies I also have put in a dish of baby food mixed with baby rice cereal. Sometimes they eat it and some times they don't. Might be worth a try.

                      Hope this helps somewhat with your problem. Please keep us posted. At one time i had 13 birds of various varieties large and small. They are a joy (work yes, but worth it).

                      Question: Raising Baby Finches

                      I have Zebra finches and they just hatched an egg. What kind of food,etc. should I feed them to ensure a healthy offspring?

                      By Sherry from Hickory, NC

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By HAPPYINHARNED [14]11/28/2011

                      If you dont put a nest in the cage they will not have babies or lay eggs.

                      Question: Does Egg Laying Cause Molting in Finches?

                      My 1 year old finch from the pet store laid one egg and her chest is featherless. Will they grow back soon? One vet said to take egg out, asap. She's a single bird.


                      Most Recent Answer

                      By ed robertson [2]05/18/2010

                      Removing the egg will probably result in more eggs being laid. Her chest is bare because she "feathered her nest". They should grow back. If you get her a mate, they will raise babies. There is nothing more cheery than a flock of finches.
                      Make sure she has a calcium source. Cuttle bones are great.
                      She will enjoy sprays of millet. You can grow your own bird food by planting some of your bird food. A leaky aquarium makes a great green house. Cover it with a piece of glass or a sheet of Saran wrap or other plastic to keep the moisture in and put it in a place that gets sun. Transplant the plants outside when weather permits. Check with your local County Agricultural Agent or your state Department of Agriculture for more help.
                      Find a good finch husbandry website. Check out the library. Check out local bird clubs and breeders. There is a lot of good information out there and a lot of misinformation. Look up the AAV - Association of Avian Veterinarians. AAV vets are usually pricey, but they know a lot more about birds than the average bear.

                      Question: Zebra Finches in New Jersey

                      I am looking for someone in South Jersey that raises zebra finches. I can't seem to buy them locally.

                      Tom from NJ

                      Most Recent Answer

                      By ed robertson [2]05/18/2010

                      check your state department of agriculture or neighboring states.


                      Question: Finches Not Mating

                      I have 1 male and 1 female finch. They are about 1 year old. They laid an unfertilized egg on 17 aug 2015, just after that they stopped mating. In the mornings my male bird arranges the nest, but in evening neither of them go in the nest nor do they sleep together. 1 month ago they used to sleep together and used to mate, but now days they aren't. In the morning hours they play together, they never even fought. Can anyone say what's the problem and give me the solution? Thank you.

                        By Akul J. [2]

                        Question: Breeding Zebra Finches

                        I have a pair of finches and 2 chicks, they are about 8 weeks old. Can I move them to a bigger cage?

                          By Margaret Gers H. [1]

                          Question: Breeding Zebra Finches

                          I have a pair of Zebra finches and they have successfully raised two females. Now on the second clutch they hid the eggs and did not hatch any. This is the third clutch and now I found the eggs have been eaten and thrown out of the nest. What should I do with the pair?

                          So far I have separated both parents and the female laid an egg at the bottom of the other cage she is in. She is in with her two female offspring. Will the male stop eating the eggs? I also removed the nest. Where do I go from here? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I would like to breed them some more, but right now I'm not sure what to do.

                            By Abelardo Molano J. [1]

                            Question: Breeding Zebra Finches

                            How can I tell if my zebra finch has started taking care of her eggs? Four eggs have been laid already.

                              By jasolano95 [5]

                              Question: Breeding Zebra Finches

                              My zebra finch had 4 eggs and she is taking good care of them, but the dad is being aggressive to female. He keeps biting her and doesn't let her go into the nest. The dad is in the nest and is taking care the eggs, but why are they fighting and why won't the male let the female go in the the nest?

                                By jasolano95 [5]

                                Question: Breeding Zebra Finches

                                I have had my zebra finches for about month now, 1 male and 1 female. I got the male from my cousin because he didn't want him anymore and I got the female from a shop because I wanted babies. I have bred my cousin's male before and he had 3 adorable female babies, but the male's mate died after giving the babies to new families. So now I got another female and they were good for the first 2 weeks and sleeping together in their nest. I saw them mate a couple times, but lately the male has been plucking the females feathers, but they still get along. So why is the male doing that? And just recently I have noticed that they don't sleep in the nest anymore and they completely ignore it, but they still sleep together on a perch. What is going on? Anyone have a solution? Should I move the nest to a different spot or should I separate the couple completely even though they are doing fine except for the feather plucking?

                                  By Jesus G. [1]

                                  Question: Breeding Zebra Finches

                                  What happens if my zebra finch does not sit on its egg, but it's still protecting it whenever I go near it?

                                  By lily-mae

                                  Question: Raising Finches

                                  I've read that you should separate the babies from the parents after 6 weeks. Can the parents and offspring ever live together?

                                  By Rick

                                  Question: Breeding Finches

                                  My male finch died and I am getting another for my female so she will not be lonely. They had a nest already built. Will the new male use it or do I need to replace it? I'm hoping to breed them too.

                                  By Candace B.

                                  Question: My Finch Laid an Egg

                                  I'm excited that I saw the first egg laid by my finch in the year that I've had the pair. It was in their lettuce dish. I moved it to their nest, but don't know what to expect. Will she lay more? Is it true they sometimes eat the eggs? I'm researching, but feel inadequate at this point.

                                  By Wendy S.

                                  Question: Finches Had a Baby

                                  I have 2 zebra finches, one girl and one boy. They have had a baby, I don't know the sex of the baby yet. The dad does all the work. The baby is now out of the nest and getting about really well, but now the dad chases round the cage and is being horrible. The baby is still asking to be fed. Dad feeds it sometimes, but not much. Why is the dad chasing the baby. The baby sits at the bottom all the time. I'm scared I'll wake up one morning to find that the baby has died. What shall I do?

                                  By Tracy

                                  Question: Finch Laying Eggs

                                  My zebra finch had laid an egg but they throw their eggs out of the nest. Secondly they lay their eggs with the gap of 10 days is it OK?

                                  By suhaib

                                  Question: Breeding Zebra Finches

                                  My male finch died today and the female laid her second egg today. Can the female take care of the eggs on her own? She is still laying eggs (only her second one today). Should I get another male for her now? I want to save the babies she is having. Would another female help? What do I do?

                                  By Jade

                                  Question: Female Finch Won't Allow Male Near Nest

                                  My momma finch has begun sitting on her eggs and she won't let the dad near the nest; why?

                                  By Amanda

                                  Question: Zebra Finches Breaking Their Eggs

                                  I've got two males and a female in the cage at the moment. The second female died recently. I've been noticing for quite some time that the birds keep chucking their eggs out and we found several broken on the bottom of the cage. Is this normal? And will they be disturbed and frequently throw eggs out if I pay attention to the nest too much?

                                  By Iba

                                  Question: Finches Laid Eggs

                                  My zebra finches laid four eggs and I have now two newly hatched babies. Next to them are two unhatched eggs. Will they hatch still?

                                  By jenalee

                                  Question: Baby Finches Died

                                  Our finches had two babies. At about 16 days old both died, over two days. We are devastated. Any ideas why?

                                  By Ralph from Surrey

                                  Question: Feather Color Development in Zebra Finch Chicks

                                  How long do zebra finches take to fully changes their colors to the adult coloration?

                                  By Muharam

                                  Question: Breeding Finches

                                  I have four finches, I have one zebra finch (male), two white zebra finches (females), and one fawn finch (female). Will they breed and also when they will start laying eggs?

                                  By krisie

                                  Question: When Will My Finch Lay an Egg?

                                  When will my zebra finches lay eggs after building a nest and what material should I use?

                                  By Amy

                                  Question: Zebra Finches Not Mating

                                  I have two zebra finches, a male and a female. The female won't allow the male to mate. They had many clutches of eggs in 2010 and had 1 brood. Then they of course pecked it. I was quite devastated. I wanted to see new life, but it wasn't meant to be. They are only 3 and I told my uncle (an expert in zebra finches), but he didn't have a clue what was wrong with them. So that's it, I do not know what's wrong with them. :(

                                  By Billy

                                  Question: Removing Baby Finches from Aviary

                                  My zebras have had 3 chicks and I know that once they start feeding on their own and become independent I should remove them because the mother and father will want to start a new family again. How long shall I separate them for until I can let them go back into the main aviary again with the other birds? Or if my aviary is big enough can I just leave them in there?

                                  By david

                                  Question: Raising and Breeding Finches

                                  Two finches.I just got 2 finches from Petsmart. One is a solid white zebra finch and the other one is a classic zebra male. Now I know that with females they have a lighter colored beak so I'm pretty sure it's a female, but they haven't touched their nest or the stuff to make a nest that I put in their cage. They sit on the nest and sleep.

                                  I noticed when I got the white one from the store the back of her neck was missing a few feathers and you could tell right where her beak is there is a tiny hole. I don't know where that's from, but they will be sitting on the nest and he will start grooming her at the back of the head and neck. I noticed he had plucked out a feather. She would just sit there then get a little agitated. Is he being mean? That's the only time they get a little irritated with each other. Will they breed?

                                  Also I noticed when I was choosing my birds at the pet store that they pant with their beaks open. The first set of birds I had a few years ago didn't do that, but these 2 do. Also the male will sorta pant and squeak. Is he sick? I have only had them 2 days. I'm starting to think Petsmart needs to take better care of their animals. White finch.

                                  By Sierra S

                                  Question: Moving Finch Babies and Eggs to Bigger Nest

                                  I have 2 finches and she has laid a clutch of 7. I was not expecting this and this clutch was laid in a very small hut. I (have) want to put the babies and eggs (whole nest) in a bigger hut (house). Should I not touch the nest? If I do will she not feed them and not hatch the remaining eggs? What will happen if I change this?

                                  By Don

                                  Question: Zebra Finches Not Laying Eggs

                                  I have had a male and female Zebra finch for about two months, but they are not laying eggs. They have a cuttlebone, nest box, water, and food. Please Help

                                  By Tutu Y.

                                  Question: Zebra Finch Broke One of Its Eggs

                                  One of my finches tossed out an egg and it broke. Is this normal and why would it happen?

                                  By Patricia

                                  Question: Hatching Finch Eggs

                                  I had a pair of finches, that laid 6 eggs. It has been 20 days and none of them hatched. Can I assume that they will not hatch or is it because the temperature is very high in our state?

                                  By Arun Kumar

                                  Question: My Finch Laid 5 Eggs

                                  My Zebra finch laid 5 eggs. The male and female are both sitting on them. What do I need to do? Help me.

                                  By Siaf

                                  Question: Male Zebra Finch is a Bully

                                  My male zebra will not let the female in the nest. Can anyone tell me why he's being very possessive? He chases her around the cage. Do I need to separate them? They have one egg in the nest and he's the one that sits on it. He won't let her in at all. Please help!

                                  By Kitty

                                  Question: Breeding Zebra Finches

                                  I have a male and one female zebra finch. Now they have laid 2 eggs in the breeding box which I had attached from outside the cage. I have read somewhere that they can lay more than 7 eggs. Then what must be the reason behind laying just two eggs? The female finch sits on the eggs regularly. but will the 2 eggs hatch? I want at least one cute baby zebra finch. How many days will it take for the eggs to hatch?
                                  What other than the seeds can I feed the mummy zebra finch. Please help me out of this.

                                  By Arpita G

                                  Question: Breeding Finches

                                  My pair of finches, mom and dad, had 3 males and 1 female. They are 2months old they are separated from mom and dad. Can my 3 male finches and female be together? Can brother and sister breed? Should I separate them in pairs? Should I separate the female from the 3 males? What should I do?

                                  By Rosa M.

                                  Question: Pairing Finches

                                  How many days would it take for zebra finches to be paired with each other? They are new to each other.

                                  By Jerudy

                                  Question: Breeding Finches

                                  I want to know more about finches, like how many eggs they lay, how many days they take to hatch, and how many times these birds lay eggs in a year. Can someone help?

                                  By urmilarathod

                                  Question: Breeding Zebra Finches

                                  My Zebra couple have laid 5 eggs. One is already hatched, but my female has laid 4 more new eggs, one as late as today! Is this normal and should I just leave the new baby and the new eggs alone? I am just confused about one hatched egg and yet four new white eggs. Please give me any info that might put my mind at ease or help me ensure the safety of both the parents and the eggs and hatchlings!

                                  By Daniel T.

                                  Question: Zebra Finches

                                  What is the correct food to feed my Zebra finches, they have now laid 4 eggs?

                                  By Maggie J

                                  Question: Zebra Finch Laid Eggs

                                  I have 2 zebra finches. A male and a female. My female zebra finch laid eggs and everything was fine, until one day the male zebra finch found a hole in the cage and escaped outside.
                                  The female is still sitting on the eggs, but I don't know if she can raise them alone, because this is her 1st nesting. So can she raise them alone with out a daddy?

                                  By Micaiah

                                  Question: Caring for Baby Finches

                                  My finch eggs have hatched. Yey! I am very happy with this as we have had eggs before, but all were infertile as we had two females and weren't very clued up about birds!

                                  Since then my white female sadly died from egg binding. I now have done some very intensive research on finches. Since my girl past my other female was depressed so I made the choice to get her a male and now we have eggs that have finally hatched. The babies are about 1 week old now and are making lots of noise even though I have yet to see them. And I am wondering if there is anything I can do to help mum and dad to give them a better chance of survival? I have yet to find any information about how I can help?

                                  By Elle


                                  Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

                                  Archive: My Finch Has Laid Some Eggs

                                  I have two finch birds, a boy and a girl, they have laid eggs and I don't know if they are going to hatch.


                                  Archive: My Finch Has Laid Some Eggs

                                  I have a female and male Zebra finch. They have laid 4 eggs in the food dish and 1 on the bottom of the cage. They sat on them for about a week and then quit sitting on them. My husband noticed yesterday that there was 2 more eggs, and today there was another 1 in the dish.

                                  We are wondering what to do because we think that the ones that were there at first might be no good, but we do not know which ones where just laid. Can you help us by telling us what we should do. Thanks.

                                  Donna from Barrie, Ontario

                                  RE: My Finch Has Laid Some Eggs

                                  You don't say if you have a nest in the cage. They sell small nests for finches. If they have a nest they will probably sit on the eggs and they will hatch. You really don't have to do much, they take care of them all by themselves. As for the eggs you have now that they haven't sat on, yes, I would get rid of them. But do get a nest and some nesting material, all can be found at any pet store. I only know because I have had finches in the past and they raised 3 sets of off springs, very cute.

                                  But of course once the youngin's get of age they need to be put in a different cage. They can attack the mom (wanting to take over the "nest") once they get older and I'm sure you don't want that. Good luck. Tweet, tweet!

                                  And, before I forget, I hope you also feed them more than bird seed. They love fresh veggies and fruit. Mine had a feddish for cucumbers and lettuce. Experiment and see what they like. (03/21/2009)

                                  By LULUbobo

                                  RE: My Finch Has Laid Some Eggs

                                  I've also had a male and a female. They had so many babies I sold them back to the pet store. What I did was get them nesting material at the pet store. They made their own nest and laid the eggs in the nest. I never had an egg that didn't hatch. I had 2 birdcages. When there were just too many and getting out of hand, that's when I sold them back to the pet shop. They know what to do if you get them the proper materials. (03/23/2009)

                                  By Delilah500

                                  Archive: Help Breeding Zebra Finches

                                  I have a pair of zebra finches and the male has been building the nest for a few weeks now with everything he finds (nesting material from the store, string I've given them, some price tab he found from the cage, and even ivy leaves from next to cage). Hes' making a great home for his family, but they haven't laid any eggs yet.

                                  Yes, I've seen them mate, when he makes his "noises" and flaps up on top of her and does his thing and all, and then she does it to him which is weird but they do what they need to do, yet no eggs? Help?! Am I doing something wrong, or are they infertile or what's up?

                                  Selah W from Spokane, WA

                                  RE: Help Breeding Zebra Finches

                                  I don't know much about them, but my Mom had them when I was younger. I do know that you must make sure that you have a male and a female and then make sure that she doesn't already have an egg in her. My Mom lost a few females to being egg bound, they are so tiny and their eggs can get stuck, she tried several ideas that were given to her (olive oil, etc.) to help the female but lost a few. Sometimes they would lay an egg then leave it, I understand they are hard to have breed themselves, they are tricky birds. (08/15/2007)

                                  By michawnpita

                                  RE: Help Breeding Zebra Finches

                                  I have a breeding couple. The female laid eight eggs that were very large in comparison to her. They have a male and female offspring now. Now might be the wrong time of the year though. Mine are spring born. I did nothing to encourage breeding other then have them in the only cage I had. No nest, no nesting material, etc., but it is possible that gravel is necessary for fertilization.

                                  Mine had their eggs in the bird bath in which I let them dust themselves with corn pellets. Two weeks after the young were born, I put nesting material in and they made a nest for the young. The reason was because I thought the young were too weak to survive, so I continued to discourage them. The young are healthy and in a separate cage now because the original is too small for four birds. (08/15/2007)

                                  By Wynn

                                  RE: Help Breeding Zebra Finches

                                  Do you cover your finches at night? Keep the cover around the cage except for the front so they can see daylight. Yes, be sure they have plenty of nesting materials and be patient. I wish I knew how to stop my finches from mating. They have had four batches of eggs since last October. There are eight eggs in the nests right now. All the best to you. They will reproduce and you'll be thrilled. (08/16/2007)

                                  By SATellite

                                  Archive: My Finch Has Laid Some Eggs

                                  I have two finches that have laid egg after egg, they have a total of 9 eggs. I just left the eggs alone because they are still sitting on them. They are taking turns sitting on them, but none have hatched yet. Please can you give me some information about them?


                                  RE: My Finch Has Laid Some Eggs

                                  As most of you have found out, finches will lay eggs anywhere. It all depends on what you want to do with them. If you are into breeding, and want more birds, then please be kind to your finches and put in either a finch nest (very cheap 3 to 5 $) or a box of some sort. It is best not to have the box on the bottom of the cage, as their droppings, old food etc., could contaminate them.

                                  Finches sit on their eggs almost all of the time after laying them. Either one or the other bird will take turns to keep them warm until they hatch. Hatching usually takes about 2 weeks, but finches will lay on eggs forever, even if they never hatch. Because finches are very tiny, they do not lay them all the same day, so a good rule of thumb is to make sure 3 weeks has passed until you discard them.

                                  Remember that the eggs must be in some sort of sheltered area inside the cage, so make it possible for them to be sat on. Finches are funny birds, so if you have more than one female laying eggs, and only one nesting spot, they will all squish inside it to "mother" the eggs and hatchlings. This can cause the babies to be crushed with too much weight. There can even be baby bird legs deformed from being bent or displaced due to over crowding.

                                  I have added a pic of a standard finch nest, but you can make one out of cardboard. They do need a nesting material for the nest, fibre branches and rolls are sold (if you want to buy stuff) or Kleenex, toilet paper, etc, can be torn and stuck into the rungs of the cage. Just leave it there, the birds will take care of building their own nest.

                                  I hope this helps. Right now I have 2 pair of coupled finches, and 6 eggs. I raised others for years just for fun.

                                  Enjoy. Oh, don't forget to give your finches bird gravel, and a cuddle bone. This helps them to have strong eggs, so they harden. They also love pieces of apple, lettuce, etc. (05/19/2009)

                                  By Dee_itsme

                                  RE: My Finch Has Laid Some Eggs