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Removing Vomit Odor from Carpet

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Cleaning Carpet

Some odors are very difficult to remove from carpet. This is a guide about removing vomit odor from carpet.



Here are questions related to Removing Vomit Odor from Carpet.

Question: Odor After Cleaning Up Dog Vomit

A few days ago our dog got locked in our car overnight by accident when we were bringing in the groceries. While in there, she threw up something in the backseat, looked like a dead bird. I cleaned it and sprayed it many times to no avail. The car smells so bad we can hardly ride in it. Any suggestions?

Jennifer from North Alabama


Most Recent Answer

By kathy (Guest Post)10/20/2008

My car still reeks after having my car professionally cleaned. My dog lost ALL bodily functions upon rushing him to the vet. Help! The odor is unbearable. Thank you.

Question: Removing Sick Smell from Carpet

How do you get rid of the smell of sick from a thick rug? My niece was sick all over it and I can't get rid of the stench.

By missnoitall09 from Manchester


Most Recent Answer

By lynda [12]08/03/2009

While you're at it make certain you wear thick waterproof gloves or you might be sick as well after direct contact.
The smell will disapate after a while, regardless, but white vinegar and clear dawn can work wonders in cool water. Try Club Soda as well. It's amazing on some food stains. Good luck and God bless you. : )

Question: Removing Vomit Odor from Carpet

How do you get the smell of vomit out of carpet? I have tried shampooing numerous times with no luck, the smell is still there and getting stronger because of the summer heat. Help!

By Natasha

Most Recent Answer

By annelle snyder [10]06/20/2011

Try a product called Odo-Ban. It is used in nursing homes (among other places). Works really well!

Question: Vomit Odor on Carpet

I need tips on how to get vomit smell out of carpet. Any help is appreciated. :)

By Debbie

Most Recent Answer

By metroplex [81]10/06/2010

I'd go to a medical supply store and ask them. There has to be something for sale there, for caretakers who don't work in hospitals, nursing homes, etc., but have the same problem in their homes.

Good luck to you.

Otherwise I'd try an oxi type product, one that removes organic stains and smells, like blood.

Solutions: Removing Vomit Odor from Carpet

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