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Removing Tape Residue From Clothing and Fabric

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roll of tape

A name tag, price sticker or tape can leave adhesive on cloth. This guide is about removing tape residue from clothing or fabric.


Solutions: Removing Tape Residue From Clothing and Fabric

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Tip: Removing Tape Residue From Clothing

I searched on how to remove no sew tape residue from clothing. The easiest solution was the paper towel remedy. Just lay the paper towel over the residue and iron over it. Press down firmly and voila! No more residue. Simple is best!

    By Barbara B. [1]

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    Here are questions related to Removing Tape Residue From Clothing and Fabric.

    Question: How to Remove Adhesive from Clothes

    How can I remove the glue from a "My Name Is" sticker on a polyester shirt?

    By Bernadette from NJ


    Best Answers

    By Grandma J [46]11/18/2010

    Rub some cornstarch baby powder on it. Then brush off with a clothes brush, wash in warm water. Do not dryer dry unless you see it is off. If not, take a wet washcloth and rub it like you would a stain. Do not use any applications that would have an oil base to it. This will enhance the stain after the glue is off.

    Best Answers

    By diane0514 [1]11/18/2010

    Use duct tape to take off the sticky stuff and then wash it to remove the residue.

    Best Answers

    By John (Guest Post)11/04/2008

    I just voted and placed the I VOTED sticker on the lapel of my new polyester jacket only to find out it left a adhesive stain when I peeled it off later. My girlfriend suggested placing scotch tape across the area and pressing down with your finger then quickly ripping it off. Worked like a charm!

    Best Answers

    By bob (Guest Post)09/11/2008

    A solvent that you can get at Home Depot: Goof Off. It removed all the adhesive left on a couple of hockey jerseys that I took the name bars off of in seconds.

    Question: Removing Sticker Adhesive from Fabric

    How can I remove the paper and glue that is on fabric samples?

    By Jean from OK


    Best Answer

    By kathleen williams [23]01/10/2010

    Dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol, then saturate the area with the liquid. Let the area sit for several minutes, then peel up the sticker residue. Good luck.

    Question: Sticky Tape Removal from Clothes

    How do you get sticky tape off of nylon shorts?

    By Tammy

    Most Recent Answer

    By Karen H. [10]05/17/2011

    Mayonnaise, ice & a scraper (paint). Or Ask Helowise, Good Good Luck. : )

    Question: Removing Tape Residue from Car Headrest

    My daughter put duck tape around the headrest in my car. I am trying to figure out how to take off the tape residue?

    By Mirna S.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Litter Gitter [121]08/31/2014

    WD-40 might work.

    Question: Stain From Masking Tape on Clothing

    I recently purchased a skirt but the manufacturer forgot to remove some masking tape around the hem. Now there is a slight sticky residue, but even worse, the fabric is discolored. I have tried soaking and washing with Woolite, but to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove the stain? Thanks!

    inkybinky from Canada

    Most Recent Answer

    By inkybinky (Guest Post)01/25/2007

    Thank you very much Lynda... I will try that!


    Question: Removing Sticker Residue from Clothing

    I bought the shirt on eBay as, "new with tag". The same tag since the shirt sat on display for an entire golf season. There is a perfect ractangular tape strip discoloration where the adhesive attached the tag to the front of the shirt. What is the best way to remove this adhesive on the shirt without adding to my woes?

    By Jeff

    Most Recent Answer

    By Princess Lou Lou03/30/2015

    Take a q-tip (so you can be precise with what you are touching) and use nail polush remover, or the equivelant, like paint thinner or acetone. it will work, there is also goo gone.

    Question: Removing Tape Residue from Car Seat

    I had a cardboard box with tape on it sitting on my car seat and it left marks on the seat. Can anybody help how to remove the tape residue? Thank you.

    By Pavla from Cairns, QLD

    Most Recent Answer

    By coville123 [326]03/16/2015

    Try using sos pads.

    Question: Removing Iron-on Tape Adhesive from Fabric

    I used iron-on tape to put a piece of fabric on another piece of fabric. I put it on wanksrong and had to take it off. The fabric came off, but the glue stayed on. I can't get the glue off. Hope you can help.

    By Marie C.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Janette [87]03/07/2015

    A product called Un-Du will remove the adhesive. It will also remove smeared hot glue. You can get it at any craft store. I have also seen it at Lowes. Hope this helps.

    Question: Removing Tape Residue from Clothing

    How do I remove tape residue from a sport shirt? The paper towel/iron method did not remove the stickiness. What else can I do?

    By Marie

    Most Recent Answer

    By texann09/18/2014

    I once dropped a towel on a bug glue trap. I used baby oil to make the adhesive gummy enough to ball up, then used rubbing alcohol to clear up the oily-ness. That was just a towel and not a shirt I had to wear...
    Use your best judgement before trying that on your sport shirt!

    Question: Hockey Stick Tape Stain

    I have gotten a black stain from hockey stick tape on a brand new white t-shirt. It got wet and the colors/dyes from it ran. What can I do to get it out? Keep in mind there is a fairly large logo on the front, however the stains are on the arm and the back.

    Thanks for any help.

    Revolution from Toronto (Canada)

    Most Recent Answer

    By Stacey Liddle (Guest Post)12/03/2005

    Have you tried using something called "GOO BE GONE"? I use it on numerous things and hve never had it not work. I even had to use it on my dog. he got into a sticky trap, one used for mice, and it worked like a charm, and didn't hurt the dog at all. You can buy it almost anywhere. Also, you can try that oxyclean, again, I've used it on several occasions, it works great to get stains out of carpet, just make sure it doesn't damage the material you are using it on.

    Question: Removing Duct Tape Adhesive from Fabric

    How do I remove duct tape residue from fabric?

    By Joanne W from Lynn, MA

    Question: Removing Duct Tape from Tablecloth

    I have duct tape on my tablecloth and I want to remove the tape without tearing my tablecloth.

    By Stacey

    Question: Removing Masking Tape from Fabric

    Will masking tape come off sewn material?

    By Tina

    Question: Removing Tape Residue from Curtains

    Sticky web tape has been used for shortening the curtains. Now I want to take them down, but it has left part of the tape on them.

    By Sandra

    Question: Removing Duct Tape Residue on Jacket

    I have a pink winter jacket. I took off the duct tape, but I noticed a lot of residue. How do I remove it?

    By Christine

    Question: Duct Tape Residue on Clothes

    How do you remove glue from duct tape off of clothes?

    By Debbie from Kosciusko, MS

    Question: Tape Adhesive on Fabric

    I used that sticky hem tape on some cotton duck curtains and now it's peeling off and I'd like to remove the sticky. Can I use something like Goo Be Gone on it? Is there something better?

    By Renee