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Creative Storage Ideas

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Screws stored in a compartment tray.

Being organized is nice, however it is not always easy. Whether your items are odd sizes or you are working with a small space, sometimes you have to get creative to organizing things. This is a guide about creative storage ideas.


Solutions: Creative Storage Ideas

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Tip: Shelf Unit End Storage

I have a lot of these shelf units. The cool thing about them is the support rods have holes in the shelves themselves. Using two Dollar Tree hooks that normally go over the door, I found that I can use something to make a rod and hang a bunch of things like: hammers, tape, ribbon, scissors, kitchen utensils, and so much more.

For simplicity sake, I hung all the things in this list in one shot, but you could make one on each side of the shelf unit if there is room and have one thing on each one.

I hope this helps.

By Sandi from Salem, OR

Another view of this storage system. Rod supported by over the door hooks suspended from the end of plastic storage shelving.

Tip: Clear Totes Using Recycled Plastic Zipper Bags

The plastic zippered bags that sheets come in are wonderful as carriers for a shower, (towel, bath items, etc.)

These are also useful for putting an extra pair of shoes in prior to placing in your suit case. I also store my embroidery in them. These zippered bags are wonderful because they are water proof, clear, and just the right size.

By Judith from Waco, TX

Tip: Storing Cookware on a Chain

Pots hanging from a chain in the kitchen.The best way I've found so far to store unused cookware, is on a chain (nail was already there) using older metal shower curtain rings through the hole in the pot handle. I had one with a glass lid, so I figured I could use large rubber bands to strap the lid on so I could hang that one as well.

Other things could be hung this way including stuffed animals, using a ribbon, cord around their neck, or a bracelet on the wrist to suspend them from. Or if you have a lot of coffee mugs, you could free up a lot of cabinet storage!

By melody_yesterday from Sedalia, MO

Tip: Craft Supplies in Photo Boxes

Woman sitting in front of pink, labelled photo boxesI purchased several photo boxes at Walmart, that has a label holder on the front. I got them all the same color so they would blend in with my wall color. This organizes my craft supplies. I can replace the paper label and change it anytime. For example: I have labels such as Lace, Ribbon, Tools and Paintbrushes, Project in Process, etc. I know where things are, without looking at clutter.

Recently I've started to spray paint shoe boxes (they are nearly the same size as the photo boxes). I used a glossy spray paint and it's such a close match. An alternative would be covering the shoe boxes with wallpaper, scrapbook paper or decoupage. All of my boxes are on a book shelf, so the look is consistent and uncluttered. Hope this helps someone else. Not the greatest picture, and it's more boxes than books these days.

By glimmer62 from Maine

Tip: Over the Door Hook Jacket Storage

Two jackets hanging from unit.Sometimes, people leave things in the apartments I live in. These Dollar Tree hooks and an old curtain rod gave me more space in my closet.

You can do this with a dowel, old broom handle you cut down or something similar.

I simply hooked the hooks, ran the rods and hung the coats. It took about 1 minute to do this. It was free to me, but you would spend about $4.00.

If you like the kind of hangers that swival, and you don't have any, they are 3/$1.00 at the Dollar Tree. I love them as they are not only more flexible, but sturdy.

Hope this inspires someone.

By Sandi from Salem, OR Cordury shirt hangind from unit.

Tip: Towel Rack For Extra Storage

If you are low on storage, like me, you can take a towel rack or two and attach them to the back of your bedroom door to hold any extra blankets or comforters from your bed.

By Robin from Washington, IA

Tip: Use Sectioned Food Containers For Storage

A few years ago, a friend gave me a Christmas gift which was a deluxe assortment of nuts and candied nuts. They came in a round, thick, tough, plastic container with 6 sections and a lid. Once emptied, I now use it to hold different size nails, screws, nuts, and bolts, etc. It is see-through and fits into a small space and I don't have to open it to see what I have.

By Cheryl from Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Tip: Imaginative Wall Storage Ideas

I store all my dry foods in glass bottles, often in quart sealers. I ran out of room, so I opened up a small blank wall by cutting into the drywall. This exposed the 2x4s. Between each blank space, I installed shelves made of 1x4s. They rest on drywall screws, two under each end. These now hold about 40 sealers or canned goods (my mini pantry). I opted to go two spaces wide, but one could make just one long space.

By Takelababy from Ontario

Tip: Brainstorm: Creative Storage Ideas?

How about brainstorming on how to find more storage room? To start off, I hide stacks of magazines, books, or baskets of knitting, underneath floor-length tablecloths.

Nett of NH

Does anyone have any other creative storage ideas?

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