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Making crafts with recycled CDs is fun and cheap for adults and children alike. This is a guide about crafts using CDs.


Solutions: Crafts Using CDs

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Tip: CD Cake Toppers Or Centerpieces

CD Cake TopperI decided to recycle old scratched up or non-useable CD's. So I made these into centerpieces and cake toppers and sell them for extra money. Each one is different and one of a kind or sometimes I have doubles of some figurines.

The CDs are my base and then I go from there. I buy my figurines from thrift shops and yard sales and dollar stores, and I save all my scrap material and lace to glue to my base. I also have people save me their old CDs, including thrift shops where people donate their things. The owners said they end up just throwing them away, but now they save them for me.

By Myra from Allenhurst, GA

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Craft Project: CD Wall Hanging

A recycled CD and flower makes a pretty wall hanging.

Approximate Time: Half an hour


  • Discarded CD
  • 16 inches of gathered lace (straight lace will not lie flat)
  • 16 inch strand of seed pearls
  • Artificial flower with leaves
  • Glue gun


Using a glue gun, glue the lace to the back edge of CD so just the ruffles show on the shiny side.

Glue the strand of seed pearls around the front edge of CD just inside the lace edging.

Glue leaves and flower at center.

Make a loop out of string or ribbon. Glue to back of CD for hanging it up.

These would also look nice edged with small seashells instead of lace.

By Preserver from Winnipeg MB

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Article: Craft Project: CD Christmas Wreath

CD WreathThis is a Christmas wreath using old CD's for sparkle. Can be used with or without greenery

Approximate Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour


  • Old CD's
  • craft glue
  • greenery
  • ribbon with wire edges
  • piece of wire


Take the CD's and glue them together to make a circle. Use as many as needed for the size circle you want. I also glued two of them back to back if the wreath will be seen from both sides. If not, just use a single CD if it will be covered by the greenery.

Once you have a circle, Take the ribbon and thread it through the holes, leaving enough ribbon in each section to pull it up and cover the cd holes. Make a bow out of the remaining ribbon and glue to the wreath wherever you like.

CDWreath1_300x225.jpgYou can use this just like this, or if you have any greenery laying around, you can put the CD's on top of the greenery, or possibly glue the greenery to the back of the CD's so it shows on the outer edges or use any older type wreath and just put the CD wreath on top.

Make a hanger with the wire, and also use the wire to attach the CD wreath to the greenery.

I do not know if you can use a hot glue gun on this project as it may melt the CD's.

This makes a really shiny wreath that sparkles if the sun hits it or if lights hit it. If you wanted I think adding the small white lights to it would really make it reflective. I did not try that with mine, yet.

By Susan from Mulberry, Fl

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Tip: Microwave CDs For A Crackle Effect

If you like a nice effect with a CD for card making or any thing, I put the CD in an old microwave, shiny site up. Close the door and turn it on and off. Within a second it gives you a nice crackle on the shiny part of the CD. The longer you have the microwave on, the nicer it becomes. I use that for Christmas cards. I hope you have fun

By Sara from Australia

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CD Christmas Elf

CD ElfIn order to make the picture of this craft work, without an intense reflection, I have covered the CD with invisible tape. Your actual project will allow the shine of the CD to show and reflect holiday lights. Crafting Time: 30 minutes or less


  • old CD or one you received in a mail ad
  • small colored plastic bag
  • red construction paper
  • red pom-pom
  • wiggle eyes
  • craft glue
  • scissors
  • yarn or ribbon


  1. Roll up the open end of the bag to make the hat brim. If your newspaper comes in a plastic sleeve, this is a great size. I got mine at a local card store. Glue this to the front and back of the CD.
  2. Glue wiggle eyes to the front of the CD below the hat. If you don't have wiggle eyes, just cut two circles from white paper and draw black circles on them, then glue these to the CD.
  3. Cover the hole in the center of the CD with a circle of red construction paper.Glue a a red pom-pom to this circle.
  4. Draw and cut a mouth from red construction paper. Glue this to the CD below the nose.
  5. Gather the plastic bag together above the CD and tie it off with a yarn or ribbon bow. Cut the bag off above where you tied it and fluff this part out to resemble a pom-pom.
  6. To hang your creation, tie a length of thin yarn or dental floss around the hat above the ribbon, then tie the ends of the yarn or floss together to make a hanger.

By Marie E. Cecchini from West Dundee, IL

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Tip: Recycled CD Window Treatment

I saw an interesting window treatment the other day. A computer shop had used CDs to cover a window; overlapping two layers, to create a sort of round pane effect. (I don't know what the other side looked like but you could spray them silver or another color)

By Pamphyila from L.A., CA

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Tip: Card Holder from CDs

A holder for a hand of cards from a recycled CDDo you ever get those annoying internet CD's in the mail? Tired of throwing them out? Well, don't. I decided to try something with them and it worked! I used them to make playing card holders!

Simply take two CD's and put drops of super glue on the lower half of one of them. Press the two CD's together for a minute, then let it sit out and continue drying thoroughly. You now have playing card holders - make one for all the card players in your family! See the picture, they're cute!

Cd Card Holder (recycled craft)

By Stacey from Orem, UT

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Question: Reusing AOL CDs & Computer Disks

We all have lots of old floppy disks and cds around thanks to AOL and CD Burners. Do you have any good uses for them?

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Most Recent Answer


Do ya have an old, but still working clock? Take it apart, and re-assemble onto a cd through the hole in the middle....makes a really cute clock for a child's room, or anywhere really....

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Question: Crafts Made With CDs

I have so many CDs from my daughter growing up. I need ideas on what to make or do with them. I don't want to throw them away, but my daughter no longer wants them.

By Joy from Montgomery, AL

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By jamie 17 08/03/2010

The art teacher at the school where I work uses them every year to let each student decorate for a christmas ornament to hang on the tree in our foyer. Lots of schools have websites where you can contact them to ask.

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Question: CD Crafts

I have a lot of CDs and I am looking for craft ideas for them. I was making coasters out of them, but I am tired of making them and would really like some different ideas. Thanks.

By Christy from Waukegan, IL

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By Judy = Oklahoma 60 751 03/29/2010

Go to & type in cds in the search bar, you'll get pages & pages of ideas!

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Question: CD Fish Mobile

I'm looking for directions for making a hanging mobile using CDs and some foam-type of material. A friend had one hanging in her child's room and it was really cute. The body of the fish was a CD, a plastic eye was glued to it, and heavy-type material was stuck thru the CD to make a fin. Does anyone have specific directions on how to make these? Thanks!

Sarah from Brooklyn Center, MN

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By Elizabeth 4 8 08/03/2006 has a kit to make the fish mobile you described. It has a photo in the center and is so cute. You prolly could figure out how to do it without purchasing the kit. Good luck!

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Question: Making Costume Jewelry Pins with CDs

I would like to find complete directions on how to make costume jewelery pins out of 'free' CD's. I know you 'warm' them before you cut shapes and use acrylic paints but does anyone have any more tips or directions?

Ann in Syr.

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By Lynn Warhurst 2 08/08/2008

Ann, I saw some pendants, made from old cd's, at an arts/crafts festival today. I'm also looking for instructions (which the seller, of course, wouldn't provide), so, at least, we're both looking. Her pendants were very colorful and had a good bit of wrapped wire involved.

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Question: Making Butterflies from CDs

I am looking for butteries or other animals, like fish, made from compact discs. Thanks.

By Susan from Morrow, GA

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By Keeper 58 1,056 05/25/2010

I found this for you you at:

CD Craft Projects - Crafts Made with CDs - Green Crafts.

Find many craft projects using CDs. A great way to make green crafts and recycle all those CDs you get in the mail!

Hope this helps.

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Question: Making Candy Dishes from CDs

How do you make candy dishes from old CDs?

By Fostina

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By Melanie Jackson 1 373 05/22/2010

Here you go!

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Question: Making an Angel from a CD

I need the directions for the fourth and half angel made out a CD.

By Craftlady23 from Indiana, PA

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Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

Archive: CD Crafts

Archive: CD Crafts

I have dozens of CDs (round shiny) that I want to use for a craft project. Any ideas? OhioGirl from Cleve, Ohio


If you find the right glue (they have it at hardware stores. Its the kind that will glue porcelain. Comes in a tube like silicone) you can make some great Christmas decorations. A Christmas tree is really cute or a snowman & then put lights in the holes on the CDS (09/08/2006)

By nikki

Garden Border

I've used the CDs I've received in the mail as a border around my garden and edgers between the walk and the grass. (09/14/2006)

By Willowinthewinds


I took old cd's and make ornaments out of them. I also won a contest here on Thriftyfun with that one. I took a cd, two pieces of cardstock, drill, paint, picture, glitter, mod podge, wire and beads.

I cut the cardstock into the shape of the cd, you will use two pieces. I drilled a hole into the cd at teh top center for the hanger. Drilled three holes at the bottom of the cd to hang beads on. I painted the paper circles and aged them to my liking. I mod podged them onto the cd after the paint was dry. Then after everything was dry I mod podged the picture on the front. Let that dry...with two coats. Added some wire and beads and you have an ornament! (09/15/2006)

By Michele

Hole Punch

I Read that using a hole punch (I assume it must be a heavy duty one or one that's used for making holes in belts.) Makes holes in cd's so no need for drilling. (09/20/2006)

By Tess

Archive: CD Crafts

I have a lot of used CDs which I want to recycle making some attractive crafts. Could you suggest me some craft ideas which i can do using these CDs. I have 100s of CDs with me.

Anand from New Delhi, India

RE: CD Crafts

You can glue them to your wall or a big thick cardboard. and make a cool wall art. it would be great in a kids room. (02/07/2007)

By Mia.

RE: CD Crafts

I also had many cd's. My friend is a "Lucy" lover. So I went online, cut & pasted pics of Lucy, Fred, Ethel, Rickey and put into my pictures. Then I used my cd labeling software and put the pics on the CDs. Makes pefect decoration on shower curtain/ring, hang on walls, etc. If you have an animal theme, put different pics of animals and place on lamps, etc (02/07/2007)

RE: CD Crafts

If you crochet you can crochet two circles and put the CD in between the two circles and you have a coaster or potpad. Here is a pic of a Halloween one I did. (02/08/2007)

By Robin Mays

RE: CD Crafts

RE: CD Crafts

I make twirlygigs by putting them back to back on fishing line with a loop for hanging using lots of hot glue between them - the whole yard is quite the spectacle when the sun is shining on them! I dont have to drill any holes. i like to do em 7 in a row. (02/08/2007)

By Lily 59

RE: CD Crafts

RE: CD Crafts

Glue a CD on a painter canvas and decorate with squizz paint, in geometrical motives (eg. mandala) and you have a bright 'painting' to decorate any darker wall. A.Sylvia Sommer sylvia AT (02/12/2007)


RE: CD Crafts

RE: CD Crafts

I saw a program on TV where CDs were cut into mosaic pieces and used them to line a birdbath in the garden. It was beautiful, as all the colourful light was reflected. I want to do this project myself! (02/19/2007)

By Cathy

RE: CD Crafts

Break them up using strong snips and gloves into smaller pieces and glue to a styrofoam ball, your choice of size, but I recommend at least 3" Add a hanging loop and you have your own disco ball! Be sure and glue the pieces shiny side up!! (03/14/2007)

By thriftmeg

RE: CD Crafts

RE: CD Crafts

You can use them as a little carpet for front doors, it will be easy to wash, thanks (04/11/2007)

By muslim

RE: CD Crafts

They make great little clocks. At yard sales I look for frugal clocks and use the arms, etc on the CD. Also, use them for outside CHRISTMAS decorations. (07/11/2007)

By keeper60

RE: CD Crafts

I've seen CD's used for the top of decorative windchime type items. you could drill small holes into the cd and tie string or thread, even fishing line through it. adding embelishments of your choice, charms, bells. or if you work with polymer clay you can handmake little suns moon or stars ( or anything you can imagine) and attach those to it. :) (10/16/2007)


Archive: CD Crafts

Does anyone know of crafts or uses for CD's?

Archive: Crafts Made With CDs

I have lots and lots of old CDs and I don't want to just dispose them. Does anybody here have craft ideas that I can make out of them? Thanks.