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Removing Blood from Fabric


Blood stains on clothes? Not to worry. Just pour a little hydrogen peroxide on a cloth and proceed to wipe off every drop of blood. Works every time! Now, where to put the body? LOL!

Source: From a good friend who is a nurse.

By JodiT from Aurora, CO


By Pamela Rochelle Woodworth 21 145 02/14/2011

Good one. I hope it works. Shared on facebook. Pamela Rochelle, Woodworth

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By Lelia Jo Cordell 51 1,936 02/15/2011

Jodi, love your sense of humor almost more than the tip! :D

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By Chelly 3 02/19/2011

I've always used running cold water and a bar of deodorant soap. Get the stain wet and then rub soap on it and rub the stain with either another part of the clothing or a cotton cloth, like an old tee shirt. Keep it under running water while doing this. It usually works best while the stain is fairly fresh.

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By likekinds 109 406 08/31/2015

I have used hydrogen peroxide for many years to remove blood from fabric. It is very effective. But, it does not always work completely the first time. It may be necessary to re apply once or twice, a minute or two after the first application.

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By Carol W. 6 92 08/31/2015

Peroxide is an excellent cleaner for any organic, people stains. Be certain the stain is never exposed to heat as this sets the stain. I've resorted to both peroxide and salt in cold water with good results. A final resource is a bar of organic laundry soap. Rub the stain with a moist bar until the stain is buried in suds. Do this on both sides. Repeat as necessary.

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Archive: Removing Blood from Fabric

Is there an easy way to remove dried (human) blood from white T-shirts? I have had great difficulty in removing dried blood.


RE: Removing Blood from Fabric

I use Lestoil, it is a heavy duty cleaner. It works great. It will turn the dried blood like a muddy green, I use some cold water and work it out, sometimes just letting it sit for a while will help also. Good Luck (06/28/2007)

By Kim

RE: Removing Blood from Fabric

Trying laying the t-shirt on the lawn and soaking blood stain with lemon juice. Leave out in the sun. The sunnier the day, the better. (06/29/2007)

By cat lady

RE: Removing Blood from Fabric

I have had good results with either peroxide or Oxiclean. (06/29/2007)

By teddygirl

RE: Removing Blood from Fabric

I've found that liquid dish soap works. Just did it actually. Take liquid dish soap over the stain, rub and rise in COLD WATER. Do that till it comes out and wash as normal. (04/27/2008)

By Lyn

RE: Removing Blood from Fabric

Use shampoo, it works, and cold water, just dab the stain. It doesn't take long at all. (05/13/2008)


RE: Removing Blood from Fabric

I have always used peroxide too, until recently. It never really worked that well for me anyway. A surgical nurse told me try salt. I just rinse out as much blood as I can with cold water, and then lay it flat in one of those plastic (not Styrofoam) trays hamburger comes in. Cover it with cold water and pour salt on it. Come back the next day, viola! Blood's gone! I just rinse it out and throw in the wash. I've found it to work much better than peroxide, Oxiclean, or any other cleaner I've tried. (01/20/2009)

By Zyla

RE: Removing Blood from Fabric

Peroxide! pour a little bit on the blood. It bubbles up. Gently wipe off with tissue, pour on more peroxide, let it bubble up, gently dab off blood. The peroxide bubbles and actually turns a foamy brown as it absorbs blood. Nurses do this in the hospital. Good luck. (01/28/2009)

By Angela

RE: Removing Blood from Fabric

Tide + Head and Shoulders + Cold water = NO STAIN! Today I ended up getting blood on my khaki work pants. In a panic I ran home and checked out some sites on how to remove blood from clothing. I presoaked the stain in Tide laundry detergent then ran cold water from the tub over the stain. I then took a wash cloth and scrubbed as much of the remaining blood as I can. A majority of the blood came out but you could slightly see the stain still. I took the Head and Shoulders shampoo and rubbed it into the pants and rinsed again. There is absolutely no trace of blood on my pants. (02/14/2009)

Archive: Removing Blood from Fabric

How do you get dried blood out of clothes, especially sheets, pillowcases and men's khaki pants?

By Pat from Brookfield, WI

RE: Removing Blood from Fabric

I have had good luck soaking the blood spot in milk. After soaking the item for a while rub the spot and soak longer if needed. You need to try to soak the item as soon as possible and not let the blood dry; you will have much better results at getting the blood spot out. (03/27/2009)

By Dixie's Mom

RE: Removing Blood from Fabric

Ammonia also works very well. Just soak the stain until it disappears. If the stain is on a heavy fabric, you may want to scrub it a bit. Also, I had always learned you should use only cold water to remove blood. Recently, my sister-in-law mentioned that she uses hot water. I've discovered that if I've used soap and water and a blood stain is not quite removed, hot water gets it all out. (03/27/2009)

By straightace

RE: Removing Blood from Fabric

Plain old peroxide. (03/27/2009)

By keeper60

RE: Removing Blood from Fabric

In the past, on a stubborn blood stain, I put the part that has the stain on it over the drain opening and run the cold water till it's wet with a little puddle. Then I take table salt and pour a good layer over the stained area. Let the water drip just enough to slowly melt the salt and keep it wet. I just put it in the bath sink and I forget about it for a number of hours. Just check now and then to make sure that it is still puddled with water and the salt is still there.

When it's been a number of hours, you take it out and scrub the material together to get as much out, then soak in a bucket of cold water with BIZ Stain, detergent cleaner. BIZ is really great. Soaking in a bucket may take a few days, but I check it like 2x a day and rub the material together to check. Eventually it comes out. (03/28/2009)

By C T

RE: Removing Blood from Fabric

My granddaughter turned me on to this trick and it even works on other stains and clothing that has one through the dryer. It takes some elbow grease, cold water and bar hand soap. Wet the stain and scrub it with the bar soap until the stain is gone. It really works. (03/28/2009)

By deebomb

RE: Removing Blood from Fabric

A nurse I know uses Zout stain remover and cold water wash. (03/29/2009)

By Carol in PA

RE: Removing Blood from Fabric

I have always used 409 Formula sprayed onto the blood stain straight from the bottle without diluting. Try scrubbing the fabric together by hand and it should start coming out. If not spray more onto the stain and let it set for awhile, maybe half an hour and try again. It always worked for me even after being dried into the material for a week or more (depending on when I could get to the laundry mat). (04/01/2009)

By 1burrell

Archive: Removing Blood from Fabric

How do you remove blood stains from fabrics?