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Non-Electric Laundry Machine


Almost 30 years ago I frequently used a non electric washing machine in Eureka, California in my small apartment. It held up to two white sheets, cleaned really well, was easy to use, but, I also purchased a wringer that would clamp to my sink to ring out the clothes. It saved a lot of money, used less water and soap and was a god send. I am now looking to purchase another one if i can find where to get one. If you know, please let me know. I now live in Ash Grove, Missouri and am almost 70 years old and disabled to where going to the laundry is too hard for me, but, I have great use of my arms and would like another. The name as I recall may have been wonder-washer?



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By SL Edens 1 395 02/15/2007

Hi Marilyn!!! Is this possibly the same Wonder Washer that you're speaking of? I hope so!!!

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By Laurie Ann Keenan (Guest Post) 02/15/2007

I'm not really sure what you are looking for, but you might try Lehman's. They advertise "products for simple, self-sufficient living." They do have a wringer washing machine. It's very expensive, but they might have something that would help you.

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By (Guest Post) 02/15/2007

I found an electric washer with a steel basin at a boat swap meet. But wringing is a pain - where do you get wringers? (Oh, I saved my plastic tub from an old burned out plastic washing machines & it's great for rinsing!)

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By Penny Stoehr 29 89 02/15/2007

I found one on

Sounds like what you are looking for.

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By suzanne 278 750 02/15/2007

wonder washers are available at the following internet sites
both of my daughters have one and love them
the cost is the same on all sites $49.99

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By Holly 367 1,264 02/15/2007

I was going to suggest making a special request on ebay, but it looks like you've got this one covered.


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By Dana 1 123 02/15/2007

I think this machine is a bit different than the other non-electric machines already posted:

They also have a counter top clothes dryer, but I haven't bought either yet. I was looking at them, considering buying them for hand laundry.

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By suzanne 278 750 02/16/2007

azDANA 70
I like yours better i think than the ones the daughters have
thank you for posting this

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By Pris (Guest Post) 03/04/2008

An option for using out on your patio or while camping, etc. is to use a large rubber maid type container with lid. Buy a NEW old fashioned plunger (those red rubber ones) and drill a hole in the lid of the container the size plus an itty bit of the plunger handle. Fill with water and soap then add some clothes and close the lid. Using the plunger, plunge approximately 200 times (kids love to help with this). Your clothes are nice and clean. Only problem is that you have to wring them out yourself or use a wringer. The only reason to use the lid is to eliminate the splashing and really plunge hard without creating a flood.

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By (Guest Post) 03/13/2008

Here's a link to Wonder Washer

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By Ravyn (Guest Post) 04/04/2008

I think I found something similar, I hope this helps.

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By Gary Neal 2 07/07/2011

Wow this is really cool. I hadn't heard of it before, but I guess they could really come in handy. I've got a nice washer right now, but maybe I'll get one of these to put with my emergency food storage,, just in case. You can never be too careful!

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