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Zipper That Won't Zip

Is there a way to fix a zipper that sometimes zips and sometimes doesn't? I don't know why this is happening, but would appreciate another thrifty's zipper knowledge!

Tobie from USA

Recent Answers

By (Guest Post)02/16/2009

Vasoline works well on a stuck metal zipper. it needs very little.

By CindyM56 (Guest Post)02/15/2009

My mom always used soap on those obnoxious things.

By Laura Harlan [8]06/12/2006

If it is a metal zipper, this will help. Take a regular lead pencil & rub the sharpened end up & down the zipper while it is closed. The lead somehow helps "lubricate" the zipper.

By badwater [242]06/03/2006

A squirt of WD-40 will do the trick. Be sure not to get it on the clothing.

By (Guest Post)05/24/2006

If it is a metal zipper, rub it with a lead pencil. If it is a plastic zipper, rub it with a bar of soap. Good luck!

By Glinda (Guest Post)05/24/2006

My son had a zipper on a shower travel case that was very sluggish, and wouldn't hardly work, probably from being wet. And starting the rusting process. I took some 3 in 1 oil , and rubbed it into the zipper with my fingers. It took some working of the zipper foot up and down, but, we got it going good.
Note: If a tooth is broken within the zipper track, you can sew there so the foot won't go over that part, and then put the rest of your zipper back on track, and just work with the shorter track. we did this on a suitcase.

By BARBARA (Guest Post)05/23/2006


By Anita [3]05/23/2006

If it is a metal zipper you can rub a pencil up and down the length of the zipper. the graphite acts as a lubricant.

By Jane Young (Guest Post)05/23/2006

For your Zipper that won't Zip, try running
the lead of a pencil up and down the teeth of the zipper ( both sides). This has always worked for me.

By Cheryl from Missouri (Guest Post)05/23/2006

You can try rubbing the zipper with soap or wax or pencil lead (graphite). Any of these items should help the zipper zip more smoothly.

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