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Coffee Grounds and Egg Shells

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Don't throw away your coffee grounds or egg shells, instead as you turn the potting soil in your house plants, add the grounds and shells for healthier house plants. This can also be used in vegetable gardens for larger crop yields.

By Ldonston


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By Valerie12/05/2009

I put my eggshells in the microwave on a paper plate (even if I only have 2 or 3). Microwave them for a minute or two (depends on your microwave and how many eggshells you have). After you microwave them you can crush them with a rolling pin or coffee cup or throw them in the blender and they turn to a fine powder. Also when you microwave them you don't have to worry about rinsing them out.

By Grand (Guest Post)11/16/2008

I use coffee grounds, crushed egg shells, leaves from herbs I boil for my tea and I add my own soil and then mix. This goes on and around my plants all winter long. I do this because we have clay soil and it needs to be amended. Found this works best.

The water you boil eggs and herbs in? Use it over the plants once it is cooled. They LOVE it!

By Sokridanny Bunt (Guest Post)03/28/2008

How does the eggshells help the plant grow and stay healthy, do you also add water?

Editor's Note: The eggshells add calcium to the soil.

By gary (Guest Post)02/08/2008

What nutrients are in egg shells and coffee grounds that help the plants?

By Heather (Guest Post)11/03/2007

Don't use milk to treat your garden, the sugars aren't right. Eggshells are good if they are composted or crushed and mixed with coffee grounds and grass cuttings for the garden. (Go easy on the grass cuttings here, a lawn does fine with mulched grass repeatedly during the summer, but your garden will be buried!) I'm interested in trying the "freeze" method on the coffee grounds for this winter!

By cj jones [3]07/20/2007

I would be prudent w/ grounds and egg shells...they can cause mold, fungus and attract pests...I do amend my potting soil w a 10/10/10 fertilizer (I always have a huge covered contained in my garage) & once planted, their first watering is with Thrive -- I also like Jobe plant sticks -- all of these are easy on the budget. I hate plant pests -- grounds & egg shells are great for compost. I would NEVER use milk --that's a new one on me cj in camas wa

By mini (Guest Post)03/08/2007

I was just looking for an organic fungus treatment and I found that milk does the trick. 1 part milk to 9 parts water sprayed on the fungus. Maybe the suggetion to use milk is to hinder the growth of fungus? Why not try?

(now I was looking to see if I could use egg shells for planting seedlings[yes, you can]. that's how i found this thread).

By fabian (Guest Post)03/08/2007

I was told to use eggs and milk to prep my soil for gardening what do you think?

Editor's Note: I've never heard this. Egg shells and coffee grounds maybe. Anybody hear this?

By Karen Zapotok (Guest Post)08/31/2006

What temperature would I bake the egg shells and how long. I have been told this is better than raw eggs shell. If this is true, why is it better. Thank you for your time.

By angelcat (Guest Post)07/10/2005

Yes, coffee grounds do get moldy if left in a bin(or bucket), in a warm kitchen. Put in freezer until you are ready to use, then unthaw and use.
Egg shells will be fine, just let dry and crush.

By Dawn (Guest Post)01/13/2005

I'm curious. Do the coffee grounds spoil or get moldy. How should I save the egg shells and grounds if I am not ready to use the mixture just yet?

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