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Dyeing an Outdoor Umbrella

My patio umbrella has faded. I have tried cleaning it. Is there a paint or dye you can use to refresh it? It is in perfect working order but doesn't look very good. I would really like to get another year out of it.

By Robb from Sayreville, NJ

Recent Answers

By Shirley [9]04/09/2009

What is your umbrella made of?
If it is the vinyl/plastic type material you may check into that spray paint that they adverise using for plastic lawn chairs.
If it is fabric, I would be cautious of using dye. I have never had a dye stay in the fabric (my experience only.) You could paint it using fabric paints. Check the craft stores in the paints and see what ones can be used on fabric. You could spray it, do stencils, stamp it (think chunky stamps...homemade or store bought), hand paint it, etc. It could be a really fun project! Good luck! Keep us posted!

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