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Jeans Getting Wrinkled in the Dryer


My brand new Wrangler blue jeans came out of the washer and dryer with horrible wrinkles. I have ironed them, but am not prepared to do that each time they're washed, and besides, the wrinkles are still there! Fabric softener will not make any difference. These are deep, deep wrinkles. Could they be defective and shall I return them?

By Jeanne from Billings, MT


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By AvaElizabeth 5 53 03/21/2011 Flag

When I dry any clothes I only put them in the dryer until the wrinkles are out and I take them out wet and hang them on hangers until they are dry. I haven't ironed anything for about 20 years.

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By OliveOyl 602 03/21/2011 Flag

Try washing & drying them again. Wash in a load that gives items room to agitate. Before putting them in the dryer, stretch & shape them to get the wrinkles out. Tumble dry with a few tennis balls. Dry for 10 minutes, then check them to see if they need to be stretched/shaped again. Take them out when they are partially dry, clip them to a trouser/skirt hanger and let them finish air drying.

Make sure the washer & dryer are not overstuffed with other clothes as that contributes to wrinkling.

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By Carol 4 1 03/21/2011 Flag

After washing, I always straighten the jeans out as best as I can and then set them in the dryer that way. I have found that really helps eliminate if not minimize the wrinkles.

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By Sheilah Link 5 328 03/21/2011 Flag

I am in agreement with most of the others. Leave them in the dryer long enough to get the wrinkles out, but take them out while still damp and hang on a pants hanger. Be sure the seams match and finger press to remove wrinkles. If they are too stiff after air drying throw them in the dryer for about 10 minutes with the tennis balls or a damp item as a t-shirt or hand towel and take out immediately. Do not leave them in the dryer.

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By April 187 452 03/22/2011 Flag

Often it is a sign your washer was overstuffed, and your dryer too hot.

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By Pam Griffis 10 102 03/23/2011 Flag

Along with the other suggestions, you might try spraying them with Downy Wrinkle Release after you take them out of the dryer. Just be sure to follow the directions about smoothing the item after spraying. You may have to do it more than once.

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By norma carlyon 57 03/23/2011 Flag

Return them! if you didn't take them out of the dryer and toss 'em in a corner or drawer. I never iron Levis or jeans, I just take them out of the dryer, lay them on a flat surface and 'wipe the wrinkles' out of them and then fold them without s'mushing them. Leave the folds 'rounded'. Then hang them in the closet on a pants hanger.

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By Beth 5 105 03/28/2011 Flag

My husband used to be a fanatic about creases in his jeans. His trick was to fold them with creases before he put them into the dryer. Once they were mostly dry he made sure the creases were how he wanted them and put them on a pants hanger. Good luck.

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Archive: Jeans Getting Wrinkled in the Dryer

Anytime I put my boyfriend's jeans in the dryer, no matter how small the load, the jeans always come out of the dryer horribly wrinkled. I have tried taking the jeans out and folding them slightly and putting them back in, but the wrinkles are still there. I have tried everything, the only thing that works is putting the jeans in the dryer alone, but I don't want to use the extra electric for 5 pairs of jeans. Help!

By catielady09 from OH


RE: Jeans Getting Wrinkled in the Dryer

I use pants hangers (not the ones with the rod, but the ones that would clamp shut onto the leg) and hang them upside down (waist at the bottom). The weight of the jeans pulls out the wrinkles as they dry. (05/21/2009)

By ScottishYankee

RE: Jeans Getting Wrinkled in the Dryer

I do what ScottishYankee does except sometimes I dry them for a few minutes in the dryer first. When you hang them up smooth them out with your hands to help the wrinkles out. (05/21/2009)

By Glenn'sMom

RE: Jeans Getting Wrinkled in the Dryer

Usually the only time I have a problem with this, is with new Wrangler brand jeans that my husband likes. He has just learned to deal with it, until they become more broken in.
You can always try turning them inside out after drying, and ironing, although that doesn't get out all of the wrinkles.

You could also take them once to a dry cleaner, and have them heavy starched, it will last a long time then when you wash them at home. The cost may seem high initially, but not be as much as you are doing now, drying more in the dryer. (05/22/2009)

By fatboyslimsmom

RE: Jeans Getting Wrinkled in the Dryer

Try drying them on permanent press. It's a lower temperature and keeps the woven decorative bands on my towels from shrinking. (05/26/2009)

By Frazzled Leslie

RE: Jeans Getting Wrinkled in the Dryer

It could be that the the heat from the drier is too hot. (05/26/2009)

By daff55odil

RE: Jeans Getting Wrinkled in the Dryer

I don't know the size of your dryer, but it is possible that your loads are too large. I usually will dry my husband's five pairs of medium weight jeans as one load in the dryer and we have a very large dryer. Then again not having enough clothes in the dryer can cause wrinkles. When I don't have a large enough load, I throw in a clean towel or something of that nature. When doing this, make sure that item is the same color (dark or light) as the load. Also, try not to over dry the jeans. When I remove the jeans from the dryer, the back pockets and waist bands are usually slightly damp. Lay them flat out awhile so they can completely dry before putting them away. Good luck. (05/27/2009)

By mkymlp

RE: Jeans Getting Wrinkled in the Dryer

When taking the jeans out of the washer give each of them a good shake before placing in the dryer. I also agree with the other poster that perhaps you are over drying them and the other thought that comes to mind is asking the question: "Do you take them out of the dryer and shake them again 'as soon as' the dryer stops or are you leaving all the clothes sitting in the dryer until they have already cooled down before folding?" (05/27/2009)

By Deeli

RE: Jeans Getting Wrinkled in the Dryer

You can take a little spray bottle and combine 1/2 water with 1/2 rubbing alcohol. Then lay the pants out on a flat surface and spray them lightly with the alcohol mixture, then smooth out the wrinkles with your hand. Works great! (05/27/2009)

By Oriente22

RE: Jeans Getting Wrinkled in the Dryer

Try taking them out as soon as the dryer stops, shake them and smooth the legs and hang by the waist. It works for me. (05/27/2009)

By tennesue

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