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How Much Does a Family Picture Cost?


Does anyone know how much a family portrait runs? I have 12 people and we want to do a "cousins" photo, but we want to have it done by my friend and pay him a fair fee. Not sure what the sitting fees and portrait prices are for something like that. If anyone knows, please fill me in. Thanks!

Jacqueline from Feasterville, PA



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By Lisa 75 107 12/10/2008

From my experience, the lowest sitting fee I've seen for professional portrait photographers (so not walmart or sears) was about $50 and that gives you an hour of time with them. Sometimes photographers don't charge a fee but require you to purchase prints, this is how they make their money. I'd say if your friend is just going to take the pictures than have you guys digitally fix them and print them yourselves, then $50 is a fair price for their time. (but that's just from my experience!)
Perhaps you can barter with your friend instead?

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By (Guest Post) 12/10/2008

Call Walmart, Sears or any local department store that takes pictures and ask.

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By Christie Rees 2 2 12/12/2008

I know Wal-mart has a $5 sitting fee, that is a flat fee, not per person. We just had our pics done there so I know this for a fact, in my area (CA) anyhow...... good luck..

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