Chihuahua With Skin Turning Black


Why is my chihuahua's skin turning black on her belly. It's turing black all over, what can cause this?

Sally from CT


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By Jackie from SK (Guest Post) 12/10/2006

My chihuahua's skin randomly darkens on his belly and with in a month it turns back to normal. I asked the vet and they said it was just pigment changes. It has changed back and forth about four times since I've gotten him four years ago and he hasn't had any health issues related to it.

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By Glinda (Guest Post) 12/11/2006

When my chi pups got older their bellys turned darker skinned. As puppies they were sort of pinkish, then as they grew older, they darkened to a dark brown , grayish. But, my chi's are fawn fur. I suspect if they were black fur, their bellies would even be darker.

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By Baxter (Guest Post) 12/13/2006

I have a male puggle 12 weeks old.His penis started to turn black and and then his belly all in a few days. Does anyone know what could be causing this.

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Question: Chihuahua With Black Skin on Belly

My Chihuahua's belly is black and irritated causing her to scratch until she bleeds. Does any one know about this skin problem?

By Shana

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By Joan 2 167 08/02/2011

My Cairn terrier had the blackish tummy and her hair was also falling out. Bloodwork revealed a vitamin deficiency.

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